One Piece Talent System Chapter 198

Chapter 198 The Darkness Of The World
Doflamingo gritted his teeth in anger and his face became extremely depressed and various thoughts flashed through his mind and he finally showed a touch of decisiveness.

Even if this island is completely destroyed and everyone is wiped out, the darkness of this country of toys cannot be exposed to the whole world!

While blocking Rosss attack, he moved his hand and lifted it toward the sky.

The earth instantly surges with a bunch of white strings and they converge toward the sky and then divides into numerous silk lines and like an umbrella, they covered the whole island!

"Doflamingo, what are you doing?!"

The Division Captains face changed. He didnt know about sugar, but he knew about the ability of birdcage because Doflamingo had used it before.

Doflamingo said coldly: "Everything here must not be exposed. You should be very clear about this. Even if you ask Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) now, you will definitely get the same answer!"


The Division Captain blinked a few times.

Thats right.

If any dark deed done by any of the Seven Warlords of the Sea is exposed then it will indeed cause huge damage to the face of the government. The Seven Warlords of the Sea has signed a treaty with the Government which means that everything done by them shows that the government is behind them.

The government will do everything in its power to stop the spread of the scandal that can harm them and cover it up. If it cant be stopped, they will definitely use Buster Call to bury all scandals on the seabed!


Ross looked up at the sky, at the birdcage that covered the entire island of Dressrosa, and a trace of light flashed through his eyes.

Everything, including this step so far, has been done in perfect accordance with his expectations. Doflamingo is just one of the purposes of this trip, and another is to let the government and Marine know.

What will it cost them to force him into becoming a pirate!

Almost immediately after the birds cage covered Dressrosa, several figures came out from a boat that had been docked on the shore somewhere in Dressrosa.

"It has finally begun."

"Captain is a genius, He even predicted this situation"

Kaku and others looked at the island, which was covered by various lines, and could not help but take a deep breath.

Its time to work!

In the next moment, several people took out the video Den Den Mushi and went to different places using Gepp (Moonwalk) and some ran along the shore of Dressrosa.

The birdcage can sever all the radio waves inside the island, which is the ultimate method for Doflamingo to cover everything, but it has a small problem, that is, it has no effect on the outside of the island!

Now, several people switched on the video Den Den Mushi to record the events, at the same time.
Sabaody Archipelago.

Kalifa opened the image Den Den Mushi

The Kingdom of Sith.

Blueno turned on the image Den Den Mushi

Fleetland island.
A Sky islander opened the image Den Den Mushi

There are seven or eight large islands surrounding Dressrosa and they are prosperous area, everything that happened in Dressrosa, it was projected there.

Even special screens were set up in some islands such as Sabaody Archipelago by Kalifa to receive the signal directly banned to show the live scenario, so anything that will happen in Dressrosa can be instantly viewed here!

"Look, what is that?"

"What a strange image, this What is this?"
Many civilians saw the image and at first, they found these images strange but they soon saw the innumerable scenes of slaughter and fighting in the streets of a birdcage-like island.

From toys turning into humans, the ordinary civilians and scouts from various forces and even members of the Revolutionary Army, Marines, and the government people fell into chaos at the moment they watched the scenes from the Den Den Mushi.

"It looks like Dressrosa!"

"That country of toys? How could it be like that?"

Countless people look at the projected pictures with stunned faces. They have seen this country countless times in the newspapers and it was full of sunshine and joy-filled the streets and now it has become such a hell.

Like a stone falling into a calm lake, stirring up a thousand waves!

In just a few minutes, these projections began to spread all over the world. This time, the scope was too wide. By the time the World Government responded, it was too late.

This is the so-called enthusiastic and passionate country? The country which is developing very fast under a perfect pirate?


"What the hell are the government and Marines doing!"

Numerous people clenched their fists, some showed anger, some showed fear, and some were at a loss. This effect was spreading to the whole world.

Marine Headquarters.

"Damn It!"

Sengoku looked at the incoming picture and punched the table in front of him causing it to crack. He shouted angrily: "Who can tell me what kind of foolish thing Doflamingo is doing?" Hasnt Kizaru arrived yet?!"

At the same time, the top level of the World Government, Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) faces also became ugly to the extreme. Such a picture is broadcast all over the world. Its like stepping on the face of the government and crushing it for a few feet!
Even if Doflamingo is destroyed and even if the Ghost Pirates become twice as powerful to any Yonk (Four Emperors) force. It is still nothing in the eyes of Gorsei (Five Elder Stars).


The impact of such an event can be described as unprecedented and it is almost the worst situation that has happened since they came to power!

The losses are not measurable in terms of combat power anymore. No one would have thought that Dressrosa was hiding such darkness in it. Whats more, the Ghost-Hand Pirates announced all this in a live broadcast to the entire world!
Rosss phrase "youre five idiots" some time ago, is just like the sole of a shoe now that is slapping their faces hard at this moment.

How can they salvage the situation?

The five people almost began to think about how to salvage the situation in the first place, but this kind of event that has spread so wide is not something they can cover up by simply arranging some lies.

"Idiots! Cut off all the signals right now!"

"Five Sir Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), this event is being broadcasted on many islands at the same time. We can not cut off all the signal at the same time!

There was an trace of anxiousness on the face of government officials.

The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) bit his teeth: "Then cut them off one by one, let the Marines also move out. Make sure that the impact is kept to a minimum range!"

At this moment.

The broadcast picture began to become more and more wicked, Doflamingo had tried to slaughter the entire island to cover up the truth. The CP0 of the government subordinates also assisted him and even the Vice-Admiral Vergo, who represents the Marine side, is assisting Doflamingo in his massacre.

"Let CP0 and Marine stop for the time being."

"No, no signal, we have no way to contact them."

Doflamingos birdcage now completely isolates the interior of Dressrosa, making the two Division Captain, and the Marines unable to hear the governments orders and signals, and they do not know that everything is being broadcast to all over the world!

They are still in a bloody massacre of unknown origin.

At that moment, an official rushed over with panic on his face and said, Not good, the broadcast was also found in Kel Island!" And Nicot Island!"


Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) faces changed again. It has been ten minutes since the incident broke out. As a result, the broadcast has not been fully disconnected and it is growing and spreading.

"Its the Revolutionary Army, That bunch of bastards!"

A curse escaped from the mouth of a high-level government official.

At this time, not only the Revolutionary Army but also those who are oppressed by the government and hate the government, are all too keen to seize this opportunity, such as this kind of thing that can cause serious damage to the government without any hard work, why not seize it?!

In a short period of time, the scope of broadcasting not only failed to be contained but grew larger and larger, spreading to the world as the more time passed!

The whole battlefield of Dressrosa is in front of the world.

Facing the world!