One Piece Talent System Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Activating Physical Enhancemen
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Bang! Bang! Bang!!

The bombardment was concentrated on the building and the terrain surrounding the building was razed.

Capone Bege knows that Rosss personal strength is not to be taken lightly, so when they have absolute military strengths advantage and to make sure that Ross died in the gunfire he still hadnt given the order to stop the bombardment. Ross couldnt be given any chance to survive.


Listening to the muffled roars that came from above, Robin looked at the Underground space that Ross had made with his ability, and was inwardly thinking.

Ross can make such an Underground space, and it doesnt look exhausting, which means that they can get out of this place at any time.

Looking at Ross, who doesnt seem to have any intention to do anything. That is to say that he doesnt want to leave like this. Sure enough, he always act like this.

"What am i looking at? Are you going to ask me why didnt I create a underground passage and directly leave?" Ross who was looking above noticed Robins gaze on him and asked her.

Robins right hand was holding the elbow of her left hand and the fingers of her left hand were resting on her chin creating a thinking pose. She shook her head when she heard Rosss question: "No, this kind of question does not need to be asked. Directly running away does not conform to Captains style."

Ross slightly smiled.

He did not respond but looked up again and quietly listening to the sound of the guns and the buildings collapsing.

Robin only guessed a little bit.

Indeed, with his style, it is impossible that he would directly escape. As for the second reason, it is not easy to create such space underground by using the power of Distortion.

Making an Underground passage would cost a lot of stamina, and the stamina that he is going to spend making that passage will be enough for him to kill hundreds of Capone Mafia members.

"The worst generation, the criminal organization godfather Capone Bege Barring any surprise, you may have to be removed from the list of eleven people of the Worst Generation."

Ross calmly muttered to himself.

He will not be merciful because the other party is a character from original work. Since he chose to be his enemy, he must bear the consequences.

In front of Ross was the translucent Talent System Interface called out by him that only he could see.

The Living Department still only has the Navigation talent.

There are five talents in the active talent branch of the Combat department.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 130

Shave(Soru) of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Among them, Distortion Fruit has an additional active branch of Light Distortion.

The General Department only has Agility Enhancement active.

Physical Enhancement belongs to the General Departments talents and requires two Free Talent Points to activate. Now Ross has the activation conditions.

In the early stage, the agility enhanced was very formidable, and it was and still is a huge advantage. After all, most of the Battles rely on the guns, so Ross had endured the pain and consume 2 points of Free Talent Points to activate Agility Enhancement in early days and put in 50 proficiency points in it.

But for current Ross, the importance of stamina has been fully manifested. Without powerful stamina, the powerful Devil Fruit ability cannot be afforded.

In the long run, whether it is for other aspects of development, or for the better development of Distortion Fruit, strengthening of stamina is very necessary for him.


Ross breathed a sigh of relief and chose to activate Physical Enhancement.


Just as the Physical Enhancement talent turned from green to gold, Ross felt a heat flow well up in his body. In a short period of time, his body and spirit has been enhanced by almost 50%!

The talents of the General Department are different from the talents of the Combat department and they are divided into five stages.

As long as it is activated, even at zero proficiency which is a Basic Level enhancement, the promotion rate is about 50%.

After each additional proficiency point added, an additional one percent increase is added.

When the proficiency reaches 50 points, it will be changed to Mid Level enhancement, and the total promotion will reach 150%.

Going up again.

Ross only knows that 100 points are for High-Level enhancement, 200 points for Top Level enhancement, and 500 points for Maximum Value. He doesnt know how much can it be enhanced after reaching these boundaries, because Agility Enhancement only has 50 proficiency points.

"Basic Level Physical Enhancement is very good, but it is not enough"

After adapting to a large amount of physical strength upgrade, Ross took a deep breath and directly put 50 proficiency points in it.
Basic Level Physical Enhancement turned into Mid Level Physical Enhancement, and Rosss physical fitness is once again promoted.

Narrow Underground space.

Robin thought about the situation outside and the situation that they might encounter next. Suddenly, she looked at Ross who was standing close and vaguely felt that something had changed in him, his muscles under the shirt seemed to slightly swell a little?


Robin doubtfully stared at Ross for a moment and finally shook her head and unconsciously averted her gaze.

She is only sixteen years old, and she is still a few months away from the age of seventeen.

"Mid Level Physical Enhancement"

Ross took half a minute to adapt to the continuous physical strength promotion.
I have to say that the upgrade of Talent System is perfect and overbearing. Even if it is continuously improved in a short period of time, there is no side effect, and it doesnt even take too long to adapt.

Under the Mid Level Enhancement, Ross clearly felt that his control over the power of Distortion Fruit was greatly enhanced.

For Ross, the Distortion Fruits power is a very heavy weapon. When he fully wields it, it will naturally put a lot of burden on the body, and it also consumes too much stamina.


If the strength of the body is greatly improved, the heavy weapon from before will become like a wooden stick in the hand of an ordinary person who is waving it around, even at a full swing, it can be easily wielded.

"There are still 85 proficiency points left."

Ross glanced at his remaining Talent Proficiency points, and after thinking about for a moment, he finally decided to not leave behind anything. So, he used them all.

After all, the current situation is not good. There are 300 people above belonging to the same organization, and more importantly, they were carrying artillery whose destructive power cannot be compared with ordinary guns.

85 proficiency points.

Rosss final choice was to put another 50 points in the Physical Enhancement bringing it to 100-point in High-Level enhancement and the remaining 35 points are put in the Distortion Fruit.

The proficiency reaches a 100 points in the Physical Enhancement which is at High-Level, which makes Rosss muscles perfectly rounded, and the body under the thin shirt becomes perfect. Perfect enough that if he was stark naked, it will cause countless girls to scream.

Of course.

Robins is a calculative and calm girl, even if she is aware of the strange changes in Ross, she will only be a little surprised and after that, she will ignore it.

Many of Talent Systems talents are not completely independent but have a number of complementary effects on each other.

Rosss Physical Enhancement reached High Level, and his physical strength increased by nearly three times. Even without the Agility Enhancement, his speed has improved.


Shave(Soru) in the Marines Rokushiki did not have any proficiency points put in it but it still improved thanks to the Physical Enhancement.

However, these talents affected by Physical Enhancement, their increased couldnt be compared to directly putting points in proficiency points.