One Piece Talent System Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Hopeless Situation
Almost instantaneously, the light crossed the Ross in the air, appeared in front of Ross after a reflection and Kizaru disappeared from the sky, suddenly coming in front of Ross and kicked him.

Rosss face remained unchanged as he punched out with his right hand.

After a short exchange with Kizaru, Ross kicked back and continued to retreat to the coast. Last time Kizaru could not block him and this time he wont be able to stop him if he is giving his all in escaping.


This time, Kizaru didnt seem to have any ideas about stooping him by himself. He was just delaying his flight to the shore, by any means, in order to slow him down.

Ross could not completely ignore Kizarus attack and involvement, and his flight did become extremely slow with Kizarus involvement.

At his speed, from the battles location to the coast, he could reach in at most a dozen seconds, but with Kizaru delaying him, it dragged on for ten minutes.

At first, Ross thought that Kizaru was not willing to let him escape. So he tried his best to stop him and tried to inflict more damage on him. But as the fight continued, he realized that he was wrong.


In a previous encounter, Kizaru had a chance to give him a hard blow on the back, or even seriously injure him, but Kizaru gave up that chance and continued to go around to his front to block his escape, preferring to give up the chance to attack him on the back to block him here.

"Kizaru this guy"

Ross noticed something was wrong. There was no point in delaying him. He would eventually walk away unless Kizaru was waiting for someone.

What kind of people can play a key role in such a situation?

Aokiji? Akainu?

However, this place is still a few days away from the Marine Headquarters. Can it be that the Marine expected this situation as early as a few days ago, sending two Marine Admirals to Dressrosa?

Its almost impossible!

Not to mention that the World Government has already sent the CP0 to ambush him here in advance, even if there were no CP0 members, dispatching an Admiral and several Headquarters Vice-Admiral to Dressrosa is already their limit.

What is Kizaru delaying and waiting for?

Ross couldnt think about it in a short time, but Kizaru wanted to stop him here, even if he gave up the chance to seriously injure him, and he could not easily break through Kizarus blockade.

One minute

Two minutes

After another five minutes, Ross finally rushed from the original battle location to the shore of Dressrosa.

By this time Laffitte and others had been sailing away from the coast for a long time, because they knew that Kizaru alone would not be able to stop Ross. If they could leave early, Ross would not have to take them with him to escape.

Seeing the ship with Laffitte and others in it, it has become a tiny shadow on the horizon, almost disappearing at the end of the line of sight, Ross slightly relaxed and after a hard fight with Kizaru, he charges towards the sea.

Already at sea, Kizaru can hardly stop Ross from drilling into the sea.


Almost as soon as Ross swooped toward the sea level, a huge and terrifying sword energy suddenly came from the distant sea far the sword cut an abyss into the sea nearly a kilometer long!

This sword energy cuts up from the sea and down to Ross!

Rosss face changed when he saw the sword energy. He thought of Golden Lion for the first time. But the feeling that the sword energy gave him was totally different from that of Golden Lion. It was a totally different style.
"Distortion Fist!"

Ross did not hesitate. He sank low and completely aroused the power of distortion. He smashed a hard punch at the incoming sword energy. After breaking the sword energy, he continued to rush to the sea.

"Theyre finally here"

The moment Kizaru saw the appearance of the sword energy, the expression on his face finally relaxed, and the face that remained depressed all this time finally showed a relaxed and indecent smile again.

After Ross blocked the sword energy, he flashed in front of Ross and continued his fight with Ross to stop him from charging into the sea again.
"Distortion, sea explosion!"

Ross took a deep breath and knew that he was in crisis. He slammed low and Gravity Distortion launched against the sea.

In an instant.

The whole sea area turned upside down, and the seawater of nearly a thousand meters was rolled up in a sultry way, flew into the sky and rushed over to Kizaru.

Kizarus face changed. He didnt expect Ross to have this kind of attacks. He was forced to avoid on one side. He was a Devil Fruit user. If he was touched by the sea, it would be a direct defeat.


Controlling the sea to push Kizaru back, Ross took advantage of his ability to push the walls of Distortion apart and continue to rush downward in the frenzied waves.

Almost as soon as he approached the sea, the sword energy that had appeared before, once again broke through the sea. This time, the distance it was sent out from was obviously much closer than before, and the power was also a lot bigger, spilling hard at the huge currents that Ross made.

"Its you."

Rosss eyes flashed as he had long anticipated that the unknown sword arts user would stop him from escaping into the sea again. Without hesitation, he turned his hands over and grabbed the front end of the sword energy as if he were holding the head of a snake.

Ross screamed and launched the power of distortion to forcibly hold the sword energy, and pushed it to the rear, where Kizaru was preparing to use his Eight-foot mirror.

Seeing that the sword energy was coming in his direction after being thrown by Ross, the wrinkles on Kizarus face became more define and he was forced to stop his attack to resist this sword energy.


Ross continues to charge into the sea.

He doesnt know who sent the sword energy, but the strength of that person is not inferior to Kizaru, and it is not nearly inferior. It is a character close to Kizarus level.

Watching Ross use his counterattack to get rid of Kizaru and the unknown sword arts strong blockade and was about to rush into the sea, a bullet burst into the sea, shooting at Ross.
The bullet wasnt very fast, but it seemed to have predicted Rosss position in advance, and it contained a very deep layer of Armament Haki!

The third person!

Ross had a cold feeling crawling up in his heart. He expected Kizaru to appear. He even expected the worst situation. Kizaru and Aokiji appearing at the same time, but did not expect that three people with similar power level would come here!

There is no doubt that this bullet was not released by the unknown sword arts user.

Faced with the bullet that broke through the sea and was very close, Ross was forced to sidestep the bullet and continue to rush into the sea.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Three bullets burst through the sea again, striking Ross in different directions.

These bullets are not very powerful, but they seem to anticipate all Rosss reactions and evasive movements in advance, and each one hits the point where Ross would find it most difficult to deal with them!

"Kenbonshoku (Observation) PinnacleFuture Prediction?!"

A single thought flashed through Rosss mind. Under the pressure of three bullets, he was unable to rush into the sea and was once again blocked by Kizaru.

When the waves finally faded, the two people who fired the sword energy attack and fired the bullets finally showed their stature.

That is a Battleship.

The flag of the chief of staff, The Crane, hangs on the Battleship.

On the deck of Battleship, The Crane stood in the center, on her left was a fair woman in a pink sleeve with slender legs and bright red lips, holding a Named Sword Konpira in her hand, looking calmly to this side.

Marine Headquarters, Admiral alternate.


Standing on the right side of the crane is a man in a tea yellow coat with his hands in his trouser pockets, a cigarette in his mouth, and a smile in the direction of Ross.

Marine Headquarters, Admiral alternate.


"It turned out to be them"

Rosss gaze calmed down. As the Admiral candidate for the Marine Headquarters, it is natural for them to have the strength that is close to Kizaru.

A current Headquarters Admiral, two Admiral candidates, and Great Staff Officer Tsuru with an unknown strength.

This is Hopeless Situation!