One Piece Talent System Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Trapped
"You almost didnt make it."

Momousagi stood beside Crane holding the Named Sword in her hand and breathed a sigh of relief.
Tokikake smiled and said: "Its not that I almost didnt make it, but your sword arts didnt do any better, you still need to train your skills."

Momousagi: ""

The Crane ignored the two. She was dressed in a justice clock of Marine. She stood on the deck wearing the justice clock of Marine, her back slightly bent. She looked at Ross from afar, her eyes slightly muddy, seemingly showing a trace of regret.

She had been chasing Doflamingo for the longest time, so after judging that Ross might have been targeting Dressrosa, she rushed here in her own Battleship.

Momousagi was like her sister. After hearing the news, she took the initiative to go with her. Tokikake heard Momousagi travel and immediately followed up. So the three started traveling with Kizaru. Kizaru took the first step in the emergency of Dressrosa. They just arrived.

"Doflamingos defeat is not unfair."

The Crane said slowly.

Rosss approach has been similar so far and he always had a plan before dealing with the pirates he killed. In her judgment, it is clear that before coming for Doflamingo, he has already made various plans and there was no luck involved in his defeat.


Ross looked at Crane and said nothing.

In fact, the arrival of Crane was slightly predicted by him, but Momousagi and Tokikake would follow her has been completely beyond his expectation.

The situation today is even worse than facing two Marine Admirals.

If Momousagi and Kizaru were the only ones, he would still be able to escape from them, but Momousagi Tokikake, plus Kizaru, were almost equivalent to three Marine Admiral standing in front of him and he is not clear about their powers.

Just like Aokiji, he can still escape from Akainu or Kizaru, who is also Marine Admiral with almost similar strength, if he faced them alone, but on one to three, he almost has no hope.

"Vice-Admiral Erman, you go after the Ghost Hand Pirates."

Instead of dividing Momousagi and Tokikake, the Crane directly allowed the accompanying fleet to divide three large Battleships and chase after Laffitte and others in the direction they left.

The intention of this arrangement is to let Laffitte and others have a chance to escape, but also to leave Ross completely alone without giving him any chance.


Kizaru did not attack directly, Momousagi and Tokikake also did not continue their attacks, but even if none of them did anything, the kind of oppression they brought was still unprecedented.

"The fact that things have developed to the present level has exceeded the initial expectations of anyone. I am no exception, but in any case, if you continue to develop like this in the future, it will surely bring an era of uncontrollable chaos This era cannot become more chaotic."

The Cranes battleship gradually approached the coast, and she slowly said those words to Ross, with a slight regret in her eyes.

No one could have imagined these consequences, turning Ross from a Pirate Hunter to a wicked criminal who is trying to subvert the government, but its no longer meaningful to think about the cause when things get to this point.

Even if she knew that Ross had no choice, that Ross was angry, and that she would have probably done the same in his place, she still could not make any concessions.
"Great Age of Pirates, it has been sixteen years, and the future is on the verge of an irreversible wave of turmoil. One day, one day, the world will be overturned. How long can you stop it?"

Ross floated on the surface of the sea, looking calmly at Crane.

The Crane looked down at the rough sea and said slowly, "What you said may come to pass in the future, but just as you refuse to yield to the power, Marine and justice will not yield to the turbulent future."

"Well, we shall see."

Rosss figure dropped as he charged into the sea surface.
Tokikake looked at the scene and gently shook his head and said, "Will you not come with us without a fight? So be it, we will not let you go."

In the face of Kizaru Momousagi and him, surrounded by the power of the three, everyone knows that Ross has no chance to escape, including Ross himself, but even if faced with a desperate situation, Ross is as Crane said, will never bow down to power!


Just as Ross swooped into the sea, Kizaru came out and his figure flashed in front of Ross, kicking at him.

Ross punched out and the power of distortion surged, triggering explosions that rang on the sea, splashing a huge wave.
"Cloud piercing!"

Momousagi gently grips the handle of her sword and used on Gepp (Moonwalk). She rushes toward the waves and the Named Swords in her hand smashes out at an incredible speed, cutting the waves into countless pieces that are still frozen. In one of the pieces, Ross was exposed.

Kizaru pointed out, and a laser burst into the air and flew toward Ross.

Ross grabbed the laser with his backhand and power of distortion erupted, causing the laser to fail to explode, he threw it back at Momousagi, who was flying over to him using Geppo and he continued charging into the sea.

In any case, even if both Momousagi and Tokikake are incompetent, they can still chase him down into the sea, but as long as he can rush into the sea, he has the possibility to escape.


Rosss goal is clear enough, and Kizaru and Momousagi are also very clear about this.


Tokikake stood on the deck sighing and he pulled out a gun and fired in the direction of Rosss dive. It was Kenbonshokus extreme prediction ability that every bullet was fired at Rosss weakest point, forcing Ross not to rush into the sea.

Blocked by Tokikake, Momousagi and Kizaru continued to rush toward Ross.

Kizaru is obviously the most powerful and Momousagis movements are a little slower. Her expression is calm, but her eyes are still a little bit complicated. As for Tokikake, he only blocks Ross when he breaks through Momousagi and Kizaru.

Even so, Ross cant get out of the encirclement.

The gap in combat power is too great.

With his current strength, even in full swing, the results of one-to-one matches with Momousagi and Tokikake are unknown, let alone one-to-three, and Kizaru is fast enough to be abnormal.

Even though Momousagi and Tokikake were not very militant, Kizarus face-to-face encounter with him still blocked all his escape possibilities.

4 Free Talent Points.
How can I use them to seize the opportunity? Ross keeps going from left to right, and his thoughts are flashing, but no matter how he uses them, it seems to be a desperate situation.

Even if his strength surges by one or two percent, as long as Momousagi is fully committed, she will be able to equalize the situation again, and even if his strength increases by two or three percent. Tokikake will try his best and still be able to suppress him.

"Give up, you cant escape."

Momousagi slightly shook her head and said to Ross as she watched the scars and bloodstains gradually appear on his body, but he still showed no signs of giving up.
Tokikake also stood in the air using Gepp (Moonwalk) and said: "There is no hope for you at all. Anymore struggle will be meaningless, give up."

"If you can still run away from the three of us, you can even come and go from the Marine Headquarters as you wish."

Kizaru formed a triangle with Tokikake and Momousagi, surrounded Ross in the middle.