One Piece Talent System Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Haoshoku Awakens

At the outskirts of Dressrosas ruins, many civilians also gathered. They could not help but clench their fists as they watched the battle not far from the shore and the siege laid by a Marine Admiral Kizaru and others on Ross.
"Three on one, its really despicable."

"This is the time to clean up the mess? We dont need the Marines!"

Marines pursuit of the Ghost Hand Pirates would have been normal if they hadnt gone through anything before, but now Ross has become the benefactor in the eyes of Dressrosas civilians and he had saved their island.

And now not only a Marine Admiral but there are also two more people besieging Ross. For them, theres a lot of irony in their hearts.

"The highest battle power and they use it to suppress someone who saved us when they didnt."

Many of their voices were muffled, but for Kizaru and others who are proficient in Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki, they clearly heard their words and their faces were not looking very good.


There are two Marine Admiral candidates and one current Admiral and they did not lose their emotional control, but Momousagi and Tokikake slowed down their attack on Ross and only stopped Ross when he was about to escape.


Momousagis sword energy was smashed by Ross but it also prevented Ross from fleeing, and Kizaru turned into a golden streamer.


Ross holds the handle of Happy Spring in both hands and charges into Kizaru.

At the moment, he has two sword marks on his body. Even with Armament Hakis defense, plus Rocks talent, his body is still bloody, which is the case when Momousagi is not fully committed in attacking him.

In addition, Kizarus light-speed kick was applied to his shoulders, his clothes were broken and half of his shoulders were scorched black.


Even though Rosss body is badly damaged, the light in his eyes never faded, and his mind never sank for a moment.

Qing! Qing!

Kizaru confronted Rosss fierce attack and continued to fight with Ama no Murakumo (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven).

Rosss offensive was still very fast, and he had to block every move, otherwise, he would give Ross a chance to escape. In order not to give Ross any chance to escape, he would be beaten back by the full-blown Ross.

Seeing that Ross did not choose to escape, but chose to compete with Kizaru, Momousagi and Tokikake stood in the air, and both of them slightly shook their heads and did not attack.

If Ross chooses to run away, they will try their best to stop him, but if Ross doesnt escape, they wont join forces with Kizaru to besiege Ross. As Admirals alternates, they all have their own will and pride and they are not doing this simply because of the words of the civilians.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every blade that Ross splits and confronts with Kizarus Ama no Murakumo triggers a violent explosion, and in the aftermath of the explosion, he does not retreat at all.

Under Rosss almost aggressive attack, Kizaru has been retreating to resist and he finally can not fully withstand it, his mouth is unconsciously overflowing with a trace of blood.


Kizaru was not happy seeing that Momousagi and Tokikake didnt come to attack Ross and left it to him, but because of his position as an Admiral, its hard to call Momousagi and Tokikake to siege Ross with him.

Whats more, with Rosss current state, he will barely have any stamina left and his injuries are quite serious, if he can not defeat Ross even now than there is no need for him to go back to the Marine Headquarters.

"Yata no Kagami(Eight Span Mirror)!"
Kizaru flickered in the golden light and arrived behind Ross at an incredible speed and kicked out with a violent kick.

Ross slammed his elbow against Kizarus foot, but Kizaru was faster, with a flash of light on his foot, he offset a little bit and kicked Ross in the upper arm.


Ross flew out and squatted on the shores of Dressrosa.

Coming to the shore, with Momousagi and Tokikake not far away, Kizaru feared that Ross would try to run away and wrinkles appeared on his face, he charged toward Ross on the shore.
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kizaru showed the fearsome strength of a Marine Admiral and suppressed Ross in the downwind with one mans strength.

Of course, Ross has been injured and his stamina is almost spent from the continuous battle, but this battle also showed him the true strength of Kizaru as a Marine Admiral!

"Give up, even if you try everything, you still wont win."

Kizaru slammed his feet and grabbed Rosss flaws. He kicked Ross back again and said with a tight voice.

Give up?

Ross rose slowly from the ruins, even though his mouth was bleeding, but his eyes remained unchanged.

Even with the presence of the Marine Admiral Kizaru, even with his almost exhausted stamina, even with Momousagi and Tokikake standing behind Kizaru, even if this is a desperate situation He will never give up!

"Distortion, Cut!"

Ross held his sword in both hands and slashed hard at Kizaru.

Kizaru saw that Rosss stamina was almost exhausted. He rushed over with a relaxed face and waved the Ama no Murakumo sword in front of him to parry the coming attack and sword in his hand and collided with the power of distortion.


The golden light would have normally disintegrated like debris, but currently, the Ama no Murakumo sword cut Rosss power of distortion bit by bit, pressing against him bit by bit.

Tokikake put his gun back to his waist, and Momousagi put away her Named Sword.

Its over.

Some of the civilians of Dressrosa closed their eyes, some clenched their teeth and clenched their fists, but they couldnt do anything. .Even if they wanted to help Ross escape, they didnt have that ability.
They could only watch as Kizarus sword began to oppress Rosss sword and reversing Ross by little.


Yes, desperate.

Is this the end?

No, it shouldnt end like this, it wont end like this!

His stamina is almost exhausted and he has almost lost the battle as Kizarus Ama no Murakumo sword inches closer and closer to Rosss body, even in this desperate situation, he will not give up, his will must remain unshakable.


A terrible power suddenly burst out of Rosss body. It was not the limit that broke through after exhausting physical strength. It was the power that was originally hidden in Rosss body. Under the pressure of this desperate situation, with his unwavering will, it was thoroughly inspired.

At the moment when this power appeared, the heavens and the earth seemed to become quiet.

The civilians of the Dressrosa in the distance, who were clenching their fists and teeth became fixed on a single spot for a moment and like dominoes, they began to fell one after another and only a few people were able to keep their consciousness.

On the gradually landing Battleship, the Marine soldiers who were about to disembark were all fixed on the spot before beginning to fell down one by one.

The faces of Momousagi and Tokikake changes seeing this scene.

Haoshoku Haki!

Kizaru bears the full brunt of this violent Haoshoku Haki, causing him to feel strong oppression on his body, he feels as if a large stone has been tied to his body and he can barely move.

As a Marine Admiral, he has experienced the Haoshoko Haki of the Yonk (Four Emperors), among which Akagami (Red Hair) is the strongest, and todays Ross broke out with Haoshoku Haki, although it is slightly inferior to a Yonk (Four Emperors), but it is like a wild adult wolf that had been set free!


Kizaru was not surprised that Ross had Haoshoku.

"Is it the first awakening? The power hidden in his body is terrible, but what if you awaken your Haoshoku? You cant use it consciously and you will still lose here"

He was not afraid, because Rosss stamina was almost exhausted, and even if he awoke this terrible power, he could not turn over any waves.