One Piece Talent System Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Detained
Thats right.

As Kizaru has judged, Rosss stamina was almost exhausted, even if he awakened Haoshoku Haki, he did not have any power left to continue the fight.
But this Haoshoku Haki is not just imposing, it also represents Rosss will.

Ross held the Happy Spring in both his hands and he erupted with Haoshoku Haki with the last of his stamina. There was no retreat in the eyes, just battle intent.

"Kizarutake this!"


The power of distortion emerged from Rosss body.

This is Rosss overdraft stamina, this is the outbreak of Haoshokus oppression, this is Ross in despair, this is the strongest blow on display!


Kizarus face changed dramatically. He didnt expect Ross to attack with such power in this situation. Because he was oppressed by Haoshoku Haki and is very close to Ross, he couldnt avoid it.

Distortion Collapse!


The power of distortion broke out like a tsunami. Its twisted into a smash, like a landslide, sweeping toward Kizaru.

Kizarus Ama no Murakumo sword completely melted into light and Kizaru was also turned into a dots of light, flying backward, running through five or six buildings in a row and finally crashing into a special building made up of Seastone.


The Ama no Murakumo Sword was completely turned into a light scatter. Kizaru was also turned into a group of light that was blown up by Rosss attack and flew out toward the rear. After running through five or six buildings, he slammed into a special building made up of Seastone.

The light instantly collapsed and returned to Kizarus form. The impact could no longer be removed and his back was hit hard causing him to spit out blood.


Kizaru fell to the ground and his clothes were broken including the Justice clock of Marines and the word Justice was destroyed.

He coughed violently, and once again, a mouthful of blood spilled out of his mouth. He barely stood up and a distortion appeared on his wrinkled face.

On the other side.

After delivering the attack, Rosss stamina was completely spent as he used all of his powers in his last attack and the last remaining stamina was squeezed out. Ross, who was seriously injured, held the somewhat broken Happy Spring in his hands and slowly inserted it into the ground in front of him.

He held his sword hilt in both hands.

Stand still!

Great Age of Pirates, 16th year in February.

Seven Warlords of the Sea Doflamingo, as well as the Donquixote Family, suffered a full-scale invasion by the Ghost Hand Pirates and they were wiped out. The Dressrosa regime returned to King Rikus family.

The Ghost Hand Pirates Captain, Ghost Hand Ross got surrounded by the Marine Headquarters Admiral Kizaru, and the Great Staff Officer Tsuru, the alternate Admiral Momousagi, the alternate Admiral Tokikake he was eventually defeated.

The news spread and the world shook.

For the captured pirate.

Marine generally has two methods of disposal, one is execution and the other is imprisonment. Generally, for Devil Fruit Users, they are eternally imprisoned in Impel Down, such as Golden Lion, World Destroyer and so on.

Their devil fruit powers are too uncontrollable. After killing them, the devil fruit will regenerate on the sea after some time. If they are obtained by other pirates, there will be another fierce wicked existence.

On the other hand, for the fierce wicked pirate, Eternal imprisonment in Impel down is even more fearsome than the threat of death, Each layer of the prison is specially designed to look and feel like hell so that even if prisoners cant die, they can never get rid of the hell-like fear until their natural death.

If the person caught is the cadre of the subordinates of any Yonko pirate group or the cadre of the Whitebeard pirate group, they will most likely be directly executed, lest Yonk (Four Emperors) run to invade the Impel down.

For the Captain of the Ghost Hand Pirates, Ghost Hand Ross, Marines and the government finally made a decision.

To Impression him in Impel Down.


Yonk (Four Emperors) territory.

Red Hair Shanks drank the wine and took a copy of the latest newspaper that had just been sent.

"So, he was defeated."

He was stunned as he looked at the newspaper. It was a completely unexpected result. For someone like Ross who was wild and dared to face the government and Marines. He was defeated by Marine.

The newspaper article, without accident, pushed all the bad events of Dressrosa onto Doflamingo, pointing out that Ross was one of the culprits of Dressrosas destruction and was routed and arrested by Headquarters Admiral Kizaru who arrived in time.

"In Sabaody Archipelago, he ran away from Kizaru after killing a tenryubito ran and that same person got defeated and captured by Kizaru? The government is reporting some messy things."

Beckman sat next to him, holding a newspaper and smoking a cigar.

There are no mentions of the Crane, Momousagi, and others in the newspapers, but anyone can guess that Rosss captured wasnt as easy as it was reported in the newspaper.


Akagami (Red Hair) was silent for a moment and threw away the newspaper.

No matter how it happened, Ross was arrested and according to the newspaper, he will be detained in Impel Down for the rest of his life.
That is to say, his premonition seems to be a failure.

Whitebeard territory.

"Bullshit News."

After reading the newspaper, Fourth Division Captain Thatch threw the newspaper aside.

First Division Captain Marco looked at the newspaper for a long time. Rosss uproar over Dressrosa was still evident. They also saw the content of the broadcast at that time. Finally, they saw Kizaru arriving, but Rosss response was obviously calm.

How did it suddenly got turned around, why did the news say that Ross got defeated and captured by Kizaru?

Judging from Rosss tremendous momentum in the Dressrosa incident, both his strategy and strength are extraordinary. He should not be a person who is easily captured by Marine.

"Father, what do you think?"

Marco was silent for a moment and turned to look at Whitebeard.

Whitebear took a huge glass and took a murmuring breath. "What the government said was all bullshit, but it should be true that the kid was caught."

He shook his head, Ross was defeated by the Marines. It was beyond his expectation. When Ross stepped into the New World with a bounty of a billion berries on his head. He thought that he could turn the sea upside down and even walk up to him. He didnt expect that everything would stop here.

Being imprisoned in Impel Down, no matter how prestigious and honorable he was before, everything will become history and eventually, he will be forgotten and buried by time.

As for the jailbreak or something.

The only person in history who has escaped from Impel Down is the Golden Lion, who lost two legs in the process and has not been seen for more than a decade.

Hundred Beast Kaido was slightly annoyed and shattered the newspaper.

"How did that kid got caught by Marine, such waste!"

He still wanted to see what kind of guy Ross was who dared to provoke him. Even if he didnt think that Ross would be his opponent, Ross was already captured before he can start looking for him.

"Its a pity that I couldnt take that guys head with my own hands, but even when I was locked in Impel Down, I couldnt get out. Lets just forget it."

One of the Three Disasters sitting next to Kaido said.

Kaido poured a mouthful of wine and said, "Thats it. After being caught and pushed in Impel down, I am too lazy to go and look for him there. No one needs to mention that name anymore."