One Piece Talent System Chapter 207

Chapter 207 This Is Fate
On some island.

Two hours after the Dressrosa incident, CP0 Chief arrived and boarded the island to search for tenryubito Mjosgards location across the island.
With the efficient action of CP0 and the collaboration of a large number of government elites, tenryubito Mjosgard was quickly found in a low house.

Mjosgard was tied to a bomb. He was not dead yet, but he could not bear the psychological pressure and was in a coma.

"Get out of the way."

CP0 Chief spoke quietly, letting the crowd get away, he took down the bomb at a very fast speed and threw it out.

The bomb slammed outside and exploded.

After saving Mjosgard, the government members behind him rushed quickly and put him on a stretcher. The accompanying medical team immediately set out to check the situation of Mjosgard.

Seeing the result, everyones faces changed.

They saw that Mjosgard was still alive, but there was a hole in his chest and his heart was missing. He was still breathing normally without his heart.

"It is the ability of Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit."

CP0 Chiefs face became very depressed and the people around him were afraid to even breath out loud, they were played by Ross from the beginning to end.

They have successfully saved Mjosgard, but his heart is missing from his body, what is the meaning of this rescue, the life of Mjosgard is still in the hands of Ghost Hand Pirates!

"Den Den Mushi."

CP0 Chief took a deep breath and took the Den Den Mushi from his subordinates and dialed Five Elder Stars, he suppressed his anger and reported the matter.

Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) were also silent. It was unexpected that Ross had been caught by the Marines, but now there is such a problem.

"Mjosgards heart was not in the hands of Ghost Hand Ross. It seems that it must be with his crew. Did the Marines caught them?!"

"I am terribly sorry, Lord Gorssei (Five Elder Stars), Marines said that they were still chasing them."


The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) showed a little annoyance on his face.

"That group of people will definitely make a fuss about the heart, maybe we have to let go of Ghost Hand Ross."

"Absolutely Impossible!"

One of them said with a serious tone.

Someone sighed: "If they ask for that kind of request, maybe we can agree to it, and arrange a heavy force when releasing Ross, capturing them all."

"It wont be that easy."
A Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), wearing a white robe, shook his head and said, "What if Ross escaped even with all of our preparation? What would we do then?"

"In general, the requirements of ransom can be promised but it is absolutely impossible to release Ghost Hand Ross. As long as Ross is not there, the Ghost Hand Pirates will amount to nothing. Sooner or later, they will be arrested one by one."

The last Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) words were conclusive.

Somewhere on the sea.
A Pirate Ship is anchored at sea. On the deck of the ship, Laffitte and Law are surrounding a table with a beating heart.

"They didnt agree to let go of Captain directly. They have to get the heart first and trade at the same time. This is no doubt a trap." Laffitte said helplessly.

Law calmly said: "The structure of Impel Down. I have studied it according to intelligence. With a few of us alone, there is basically no possibility of intrusion"


Robin is silent.
Recalling the memories of the moments when Ross has shown confident eyes in front of impossible odds, she could not believe that Ross was caught by Marine.

When he was still weak, Aokiji struck and Ross escaped from him, but he fell in Dressrosa.

Cant you come out?

Is this really over?

Marine Headquarters.

In a closed room, Headquarters Vice-Admiral Doberman is holding a copy of intelligence, the latest intelligence about Ross. The report says that Marines had completed the delivery and transferred Ross to Impel Down Prison.

"Its over."

Doberman put down the intelligence and lay down in the reclining chair. His gloomy-depressed face finally showed an expression that could not be described in words.

Being detained in Impel Down Prison on the deepest level 6 Eternal Hell. Ross can now only wait for his death in silence and his name will be slowly swallowed by time, no one in the sea will remember Ross.


After all, Doberman snorted, and a fulfilled smile slowly appeared on his face. The smile revealed a little slyness and a little happiness.

He has never had such pleasure since the accident with Ross started.

Although he can no longer fight, he is still a Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral, who approves documents every day and can play chess and chat at other times.

And Ross.

He wont be able to walk free anymore, He is imprisoned in Impel Down and the darkness will be his only companion.
This is the end of the violation of justice, this is the end of him as a pirate, this is the end of his fight against Marine and the government!

A white city.

The Revolutionary Army Leader Dragon, wearing a green cloak, was sitting on a stool, holding a newspaper in his hands, looking at the contents of the newspaper with a depressed look on his face.

During this period, the Revolutionary Army has developed rapidly, and the reason is that Ross had severely torn apart the dark side of the government and severely damaged the prestige of the government and Marine.


Ross was arrested.

Despite the battle of Dressrosa before the arrest, the prestige of the government in the world has been hit hard by an unprecedented degree, but this will be the last time that something like that would happen.

He sent his intelligence personnel to inquire about the intelligence of Rosss escorting ship, trying to block halfway, but the intelligence content he heard was that Crane, Momousagi, and Tokikake were escorting Ross to Impel Down.

Even if he sent all of his men, it is impossible to break through this level of defense and if he went out personally, the situation will be even worse, because the entire route of the Marine escort ship is very close to the Marine Headquarters.


Dragon finally put down the newspaper and sighed.

But even if Rosss era is over and the Ghost Hand Pirates will soon become history, the aftermath of the Dressrosa incident is still slowly expanding and their Revolutionary Army can quickly develop the forces with this help.

We can only do this.

In the world, all the forces were still reeling from the aftereffects of the Dressrosa incident, for the defeat of Ghost Hand Ross, for him being captured by Marine, and for him being imprisoned. Ross was handed over by Marines, with Seastone shackles on both his hands and feet, he entered the Impel Down.

Pushing forward into the prison, the interior is dark, full of frightening atmosphere, from the depths, he can occasionally hear a roar and a sad scream, which makes people shudder.


Rosss eyes remained calm.


The doors of Impel Down slowly closed and the last rays of light disappeared, the darkness eventually enveloped everything.