One Piece Talent System Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Could Not Hi
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After selecting a series of talents, Rosss talent skills tree was changed beyond recognition.

Combat Department.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 165
Marine Rokushiki Soru: 0

Marine Rokushiki Kami-e (Paper Drawing): 0

General department.

Agility Enhancement: 50

Physical Enhancement: 100

With the High-level physical Enhancement and the 165 proficiency in the Distortion Fruit ability, various aspects of his have been greatly enhanced.

His physical strength has strengthened by three times which allowed him to withstand the further improvement of the Distortion Fruit ability.

Now the range of Distortion Fruit should reach nearly 15 meters, which means from where he is standing he can completely distort the area of 15 meters around him.

This power of distortion is enough to withstand normal guns bullets, and even against those portable cannons.

After all the upgrades were completed, Ross adapted to his enhanced strength while waiting quietly for the bombardment to end.

On the ground.

The continuous bombardment continued on for less than two minutes and the broken building could no longer withstand it. Amidst the smoke and fire, the building collapsed.

The stones that splashed around also bruised several criminal organization members who were too close.

"Tell the guns teams to stop and cannoneer to continued the bombardment."

Capone Bege had a cigar in his mouth as he calmly stood at the front of the crowd. He was facing the collapsing buildings without retreating while giving orders in a deep voice.


The members of the criminal organization members armed with guns ceased firing. As the buildings had fully collapsed, their guns did not have much effect.

The remaining cannoneers are still firing cannonballs continuously and bombarding the wreckage of the collapsed buildings, and there is not a single part of the building which was not broken as a result.

Bang! Bang!

After another ten minutes, the walls of the building could not be seen as they were all broken to pieces, which were mixed with countless iron filings and debris.

"Godfather, the cannonballs are all used up. Its about time to stop."

"This level of concentrated firepower is enough to kill anyone and even if Ghost Hand Ross is an iron man he would have been broken into pieces."

A captain who led many gunners went to Capone Bege and reported.

Capone Bege stared at the broken ruins and finally nodded and spit out a ring of smoke. "Almost, let the gunners keep two cannonballs while fired everything else.

It will be regarded as a salute to the funeral."


The captain responded and quickly conveyed the order.

Listening to the sounds of gunfire that was slowly weakening, many Capone Mafia members looked at the wreckage of the building with an evil smile on their faces.

"To dare provoke Capone Mafia, this is the end for him!"

"Did he think we are powerless because he is a pirate? Pirates always have to come ashore."

In the middle of ridicule and evil laughter of the many Capone Mafia members, the sound of gunfire has finally stopped completely, and the wreckage has become almost flat, leaving only smoke and weak flames.

Capone Bege walked next to a member of the criminal organization holding the camera.

"Is it all recorded?"

"No problem boss the entire process was recorded."

"Thats good, we can take this recording to the Marines for the bounty"

Capone Bege smiled a little, he is not very interested in money, but to have strong firepower, money is essential.

After all, Ghost Hand Rosss has a bounty of 40 million Berries. If it is coupled with the Pirate Captain White Blade, it is 75 million Berries, enough to purchase a large number of weapons for his troops.


Just as Capone Bege commanded his men and planned to evacuate, he heard few voices from the piece of ruins that had turned into debris.

Hearing the sounds, the members of the Mafia were first stunned for a moment. They thought that a cannonball that did not exploded had blown up at this time, but soon they found that their conclusion was wrong.


Following countless debris and iron pieces splashing out, a figure drilled out from the ruins filled with smoke. His body was completely clean, and not only his shirt was not the slightest bit tattered, but there wasnt even a little bit traces of burns.

Ross patted the burnt black dust stuck on his shoulders, as he slowly stepped out of the smoke-filled ruins.

"Did you really thought that it is finished?"

"Capone Bege."

Ross calmly looked at Capone Bege in the crowd.


Capone Beges face looked a bit ugly and his teeth put force almost biting the cigar in the mouth, but he still coldly said:

"I didnt expect you to be still alivebut if you had escaped the mass bombardment, you should have kept hiding and not come out like this. Do you think that with your strength you can reverse this huge disparity in power?"

"If I dont try it, how would I know?"

Ross glanced at the guns and the cannons that aimed at him and his eyes calmly returned to Capone Bege.

After his voice fell, he did not move forward to fight but took a gentle step forward and walked out of the ruins and toward Capone Bege step by step.

The atmosphere is very strange.

Being pointed out at by the countless guns, Ross did not seem to see the guns and cannons that were aimed at him at all. He was very calm as he slowly stepped forward.

"Kill him!"

Capone Bege stared at Ross, who was walking towards him step by step, for two seconds. His eyes flashed with murderous intent and he shouted loudly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

Suddenly, countless guns aiming at him fired at the same time. Bullets and artillery all hit Ross, but they strangely penetrate passed through Ross.

Ross was still slowly moving forward step by step. He completely ignored the gunfire as if it had never happened.

"Thiswhat is going on?!"

The ferocious faces of Capone Mafia members couldnt help but turn dumbfounded. They helplessly looked at guns spitting fire, but they couldnt cause Ross, who was slowly moving forward, to stop the slightest bit.

Capone Bege was also slightly shocked, but soon he recalled all the information about Ross. There seems to be a piece of information about him that shows his ability to create illusions.

"Is that illusory image? Where is his main body?"

Capone Bege had a grave expression and he didnt dare to show slightest bit carelessness. He raised his concentration to the max, intending to respond to Ross surprise attack that may appear at any time, and looking for Ross real position.

Ross could only use distort light and couldnt distort the sound, but because of the violent gunfire in all directions, it has overshadowed the sound of his slow footsteps, so that Capone Bege couldnt detect it. The situation on the ground was just an effect similar to the refraction of light in water.

But, after learning that Ross seen by his eyes is a illusory image, Capone Bege quickly responded, and ordered his subordinates:

"Dont aim, and just randomly shoot at the central area.

The mafia members who were shocked by Rosss ability, after hearing Capone Beges command were slightly shocked but they quickly executed the command and began to shoot at the ground, firing 360 degrees around them without leaving a blind corner.

This attack has had some effect. Some of the bullets in the field showed a strange distorted scene in the void after the shot, as if space was folded and the shooting route changed into an arc.

Even if it was just a simple visual distortion, it looks very shocking.
"There is no effect at all!"

"Damn, what is this ability?"

The members of the mafia finally revealed panic on their face.