One Piece Talent System Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Shiliew Of The Rain
Eat and drink.

The meals delivered in Eternal Hell are made of the Sea King-like meat captured by the blue-gorillas. They have very high calories and energy. Although the total amount is not much, it still makes Rosss body gradually improve and his body gradually heals.
As time went by, his body recovered day by day. Occasionally, he looked at the prisoners in the prison around him and showed his hunger for the points.

Half a month later.

The sixth floor of Impel Down welcomes a newcomer from the New World with a bounty of 330 million Berries berries. After being imprisoned, it was not calm and it took some time and external help for him to calm down.

This prisoner was not as difficult to communicate as Ross and soon chatted with people in the same cell. In the process of chatting, he also talked about Ross.

Killing tenryubito!

Killing Shichibukai Doflamingo!

Broadcasting the dark side of the government in Dressrosa to the world!

One after another thing has been said from his mouth, and the prisoners in Eternal Hell have also been amazed by the deeds of Ross.

"Its not easy and damn near impossible to kill a tenryubito and then escape Sabaody Archipelago, how did he do it?!"

Almost all of the pirates present had experienced Sabaody Archipelago and tenryubito, but most of them chose to be patient. Nobody wanted to play against Sabaody Archipelago and Marine Admiral.

"His journey was really dazzling."

Someone listened to the story with a surge of emotions, he clenched his fist and said, "I would have also killed a tenryubito if I was out, the waste was not good enough."

One of the people next to him scoffed mercilessly and said, "Cut the crap, depending on your skill, after killing a tenryubito, you would have been beaten to death by an Admiral."


Someone looked at Rosss cage and shook his head. "Its dazzling enough, but it also attracted too much hatred from the government and Marine too early. No wonder it wasnt a long journey. If he would have crossed through it, he may have been able to replace one of the Four Emperors."

The people next to him heard it and they all sighed.

That pirate spoke again: "Thats not to say. If I hadnt been caught, I would probably have killed one of the Yonk (Four Emperors) by now."

The people next to him laughed and mocked and said, "Save it. Im afraid you wouldnt even be able to see Four Emperors in front of you.

Its just out of a bit of boredom that they can have fun with each other.

On the other side.

In a separate cell, Ross sat quietly, his injuries had completely recovered, but since a small portion of food and freshwater was rarely supplied each time, his physical energy was not recovered.

His whole body is sore and weak after wearing Seastone, Ross can still judge that his physical fitness should be restored to about 60% or 70%. At this level, the next recovery will slow down because of the supply of food and freshwater. Its only enough to sustain life.

"Hold on"
Ross is not in a hurry.

Here he does not need to consider all kinds of dangerous things. This so-called prison is like a place where he can really rest. It is like going home here. The prisoners around are all talents. They can always be there to get some fun out of boredom.

Once he acts, he will need to finish it all the way, so he must ensure that everything is perfect, he would rather wait for a while, wait for his body to become better.

Ten days later.

On the sixth floor of Impel Down, a special prisoner was sent here.
"Magellan, you bastard!"

Warden Shiliew of the Rain, wearing heavy Seastone shackles, was pushed by Magellan into a separate cell and copied onto the Seastone wall, which was integrated with the cage.

His face was so depressed that he seemed to have been poisoned by Magellan and it had not yet been completely alleviated.

"This is Eternal hell, I just killed some trash, Are you going to lock me up here? Magellan!"

Shiliew of the Rain looked at Magellan with a depressed face. At the moment, his toxin had not completely disappeared, and the seastone shackles were so heavy that even those who were capable could not escape.
Magellan pushed Shiliew of the Rain on the wall, exhaled a poisonous mist, and said indifferently, "I am the Chief of Impel Down. The lives of all prisoners are decided by me, not by you who kills them for pleasure. You will stay here and reflect on it."


Shiliew of the Rain stared at Magellan and finally vomited out two words, "Very good."

"Remember, youre a capital offender now."

Magellan stepped out of the cage of Shiliew of the Rain.

Giving unlimited detention on the sixth level of Impel Down is actually one of the death penalties, because there is no big difference between unlimited detention and direct execution, and the former is even more torturous.

Shiliew of the Rain stopped talking and looked coldly at Magellan closing the prison door, closing his eyes and sitting in the darkness.


Almost all the prisoners who were pushed in Impel Down prison looked at this side in amazement.

Someone wants to say something, but because of Magellans suffocating poison suffocation, he swallowed it, and it was not until Magellan left the sixth floor that there was an uproar.

"Hey! Its Shiliew of the Rain!"

"The Warden of Impel Down is now the same as us, prisoners of Eternal Hell? Hahahaha, interesting!"

A lot of people grinned and looked at Shiliew of the Rains cell with a mockery on their faces. This man was still outside looking at them like they were insect some days ago.

For them, its interesting if a new person comes in. But now that new person is the Warden of Impel Down. Although its not clear what exactly happened, its only necessary to know that Shiliew of the Rain has become a prisoner like them.


Sitting in the dark, Shiliew of the Rain looks cold and doesnt say anything.
No one knows who was the first to erupt a Haoshoku Haki, and then, like the storm Rainstorm, seven or eight Haoshoku Haki emerged and stormed away towards Shiliew of the Rain.

Shiliew of the Rain is a master of sword arts. He is also affected by his body condition as he still has toxin residues in his body, he has not recovered. Under the impact of the violent Haoshoku, there is still a vague pressure. The feeling of sinking into the sea.

Depressed, depressed.

Although these did not cause any substantial harm to him, but it made him extremely uncomfortable. He was angry when he suddenly turned from Warden into a prisoner. Now he is ridiculed and oppressed by the prisoners on the sixth floor. It is like suppressing a volcano.
And at this time, a voice was sent from the prison opposite him.


The voice was very cold. At the moment of the launch, a strong Haoshoku Haki broke out, and the combination of the seven or eight Haoshoku was destroyed for a moment, and the air was humming.

Shiliew of the Rain slightly glanced up and looked up at the opposite cell.

Ross, who is tied to the heavy Seastone chain, is sitting there, and Haoshoku Haki gradually converges from his body. He looks at Shiliew of the Rain and said slowly:

"If you can go out, what do you want to do?"