One Piece Talent System Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Exit?
Going out?

Shiliew of the Rain hasnt thought about it yet, but Ross reminds him that he is aware of his situation and is likely to never get out.
Since Magellan has imprisoned him in Eternal Hell, it was obviously not a joke. This time it was a real thing, I am afraid there will be no chance of being released.


Shiliew of the Rain lowered his head and said nothing.

At this time, the aftermath of the Haoshoku conflict also slowly dissipated. The people in the nearby prisons first wondered why Ross would actually favor Shiliew of the Rain and then they heard Rosss words.

"Go out? If I go out, I must destroy the Marine Headquarters!"

"I want to kill Whitebeard!"

The prisoners around them began to bite their teeth and open their mouths, but soon some of them sat back down and said, "Dont dream. Its impossible to get out of here."

"The only case of escaping from here is Golden Lion, who lost two legs more than a decade ago, and after Golden Lion escaped from prison, the defense here became tighter."

Many people shook their heads and sighed.

For a time, the atmosphere in the whole Eternal hell became depressed and no one came to laugh at Shiliew of the Rain and dreaming to escape from Ross.


Ross did not care about the reactions of many prisoners.

In fact.

Most of the prisoners on the sixth floor were extremely fiercely wicked, slaughtering civilians and destroying Citytown on the island, killing a city full of people just because they could not find alcohol.

In comparison, Shiliew of the Rain is also addicted to killing, but as he said, he is killing the garbage of the sea. As for the subsequent killing of Warden Jailer

Anyone who was a Warden and was imprisoned in the Eternal Hell for several years, Im afraid he will have to carry a knife to kill after coming out. The anger and hatred in his heart cant be erased by three or two strokes.

"Its totally meaningless to say what you can do after getting out, it will never happen." Shiliew of the Rain was silent for a moment, then said slowly.

He knows Ross, and although he has no friendship with Ross, Ross just helped him out of the siege and he got a head start and one day to recover.

Rosss faint smile: "What if I could really go out?"

Really go out

Shiliew of the Rain fell into silence again. If he could go out, he would make Magellan look good. This ragged Warden job was too long for him. He will go to the sea to kill happily.

"Dont be crazy about it."

"Wait a few more years, you wont have this idea, newcomer."
Some people in the nearby prisons heard Rosss words. Some people spoke with a hint of sarcasm. "Even if Golden Lion escaped, he lost two legs. You are far worse than him."

Every person who is imprisoned had the idea of breaking out of prison, but with the passage of events, it is a little bit of despair, a little bit of elimination of this idea.

Because its impossible.

Now even if Golden Lion is here, he cant reproduce the escape, because the guard is much tighter than before, and Magellan is a monster himself.

Ignoring the words of many prisoners, seeing Shiliew of the Rain not talking, Ross can roughly guess the fluctuations in his heart, so he slowly said:
"If I can go out, I can let you go out, how about coming aboard my ship?"


Shiliew of the Rain looked up and slightly grinned and heed. Although Ross was looking for little hope, his eyes sparkled. "I know everything about you. It would be nice to go out and stir the world upside down with you."

This time, the prisoners in the adjacent prison did not make any ironic sounds. They just glanced at them and then ignored them. They dont want to talk about it now.

Ross slightly smiles and then he closed his eyes and stopped talking.
Shiliew of the Rain slightly shook his head and thought of it as a meaningless agreement. He threw it directly behind his head, closed his eyes, adjusted his breathing and rested.

With the participation of Shiliew of the Rain, not only will it be easier for Ross to escape from prison, but after that, the Ghost-Hand Pirate regiment will also have a change in strength.

Shiliew of the Rain and Magellan, known as Iron Wall of Impel Down, he is rumored to be equal to Magellan in strength, but to see him defeated by Magellan and locked up in Eternal hell, he should be a little inferior to Magellan, but not by much.

In Rosss opinion.

Magellans strength is basically the same as that of a Marine Admiral. Once he was destroyed by the Black beard pirates, most of his banned poisonous soldiers were the awakening of poisonous fruits.

Shiliew of the Rain, as a strong sword arts expert, should be no less aggressive, His Haki speed and other aspects should be close to Admiral, the gap should be in the "resistance" aspect.

Marine Admiral was very resistant.

Akainu was attacked by Whitebeard in anger. He hammered his waist. Even then, he still jumped out and chase Luffy. He dealt with many Division Captains of Whitebeard pirates. Even after the event, he and Aokiji fought in Punk Hazard for ten days and ten nights.

From those ten days and ten nights of the fight, It can also be seen that Aokiji and Akainus physique is not much different.

If Shiliew of the Rain was attacked by Whitebeard, he would not be able to sustain serious injuries and will lose his battles ability even if he did not die on the spot.


Even if the strength of Shiliew of the Rain is second only to Admiral, the gap is not very big.

But it is only him now. After going out from here, if he meets Kizaru again, he promises to pay a big payback to Kizaru.

One day

Two days

Three days
Time continues to flow through. As time goes by, even though the food and freshwater sent every time are only able to sustain their life, Ross gradually regains his full potential and strength with the talent Tenacious.

The residual toxins in the body of Shiliew of the Rain have long since faded away. As a Warden, his food is better than Ross, and he is basically completely recovered.


On that day Ross opened his eyes and his eyes glittered slightly.
The world has forgotten him for some time, and its time Its time for the world to remember him again!

He turned his head and looked at Shiliew of the Rain, who was sitting in the dark.

"Hey, are you ready to go out?"


Shiliew of the Rain slightly looked up at Ross and didnt understand the meaning of Rosss words. Listening to Ross. Is there a chance to go out now? !

But he and Ross were bound in heavy Seastone shackles, and even a non-devil fruit user could not get rid of them, let alone Ross. As for the keys, they were all in Megallans place, and no one else could touch them.

After a while, Shiliew of the Rain asked with a stunned tone: "You mean you can go out now? How to get out?"

Even though he talked with Ross frequently these days and knew that Ross was an extremely cool person, he was shocked to think that Ross was joking.

Going out?

How to get out? !