One Piece Talent System Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Strength Rising
Using the ability of the Distortion space to take Magellan out of the way, Ross finally had the time to call out the Talent System Interface and digest the rewards he just got.

265 Talent Proficiency Points.
For Ross, this will lead to a great promotion. Without any hesitation, he took the lead in putting 25 points of proficiency on Kenbunshoku and 100 points of proficiency on Armament Haki.

With these two increases, his Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki both reached 150 points, 50 points short of Maximum Value, and it had completely reached the level of a Marine Admiral Aokiji.

After filling up all the shortcomings with Marine Admiral, 140 proficiency points remained, Ross decisively assigned them to Tenacious talent and the power of distortion.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 680

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) by Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki: 150

Armament Haki: 150

Haoshoku Haki: 0

The power of distortion has been continuously filled with 80 proficiency points, reaching 680 points, which has brought about an increase in Rosss attack power. As for the specific effect, it should be exerted in detail in Battle.

The remaining 60 points of proficiency, in order to balance the problems caused by the surge in power of distortion, was completely filled by Ross into the Tenacious talent.

Agility Enhancement: 300 (Top Level Strengthening)

Physical Enhancement: 500 (Maximum Value)

Spirit Heart: 0(Basic Level Strengthening)

Tenacious: 160 (High-Level Strengthening)

Rock: 50 (Mid Level Strengthening)

Tenacious is only 40 points short of Maximum Value in proficiency, and for Ross, follow-up improvements are basically unimpeded.

After consuming 265 Talent Proficiency Points, Rosss strength has already changed dramatically. Before, in a one-on-one confrontation with a Marine Admiral, the odds of him winning were only one or two percent. Now, even if he cant crush them, his odds of winning are at least 70% or above!

In the face of a Marine Admiral, his odds of winning are more than 70%, which is already a very high level!

"The next step, its time for the world to really turn upside down."
Ross took a deep breath and sensed that the staggering heat in his body was gradually dissipating. He shook his fist and looked at the rushing venom, and his eyes flashed smoothly.

Now that his strength has been enhanced, he can test it here on a suitable sandbag in front of him!


He rushed up and fought with Magellan.

Impel Down Prison, Storage room.

This is where the prisoners weapons and special items, such as antidotes for Magellans various poisonous gases and poisons, are placed.

Shiliew of the Rain killed the gatekeeper Warden and kicked the main entrance and went to the storage room. He almost didnt have to look for it. Instinctively, he walked in one direction and saw a sword that had been placed on a shelf and had been stained with some dust.

The second generation of the 21 O Wazamono grade sword.

"They dont even know how to give it good maintenance?"
He took off the second generation O Wazamono grade sword. He pulled out a handkerchief from the cabinet, wiped the dust off the handle and sheath of the sword, and pulled out the blade in half. After nodding in satisfaction, he hung it at his waist.

After retrieving his sword, he turned his head and glanced at the storage room. He skillfully opened a cupboard, took out a cigar and a box of matches, lit a cigar and took a puff.


After spitting out a puff of smoke, he went deep into the storage room.

After crossing several cabinets, a closed-door appeared in front of him. Shiliew of the Rain came to the door, pushed it open and entered.

The room was very small and empty. The only thing that was left was a devilish sword in the middle of the room.

12 Saijo O Wazamono grade sword.

Cursed Blade Murasame.

Because of the evil spirits contained in it are too strong, it is easy for ordinary people to be affected by it and even their temperament changed and they get more and more crazy, losing any and all reasoning. Therefore, this sword is not with the government and Marine but sealed in the Impel Down prison.

A Warden once opened the room because of his curiosity, but he was affected by the aura of the Cursed Blade Murasame. When he came out with it, he cut himself down. After that, the room was strictly forbidden to approach.

"I dont know if that guy can use it."

Looking at the sword that was inserted on the ground without a scabbard, Shiliew of the Rain puffed out a puff of smoke.

He was not afraid of the evil and cursing breath carried by the Cursed Blade Murasame, but this sword was not compatible with him. He was not used to it and it will affect his sword arts, so it was useless.

"Hey, its already fighting."

After pulling out the Cursed Blade Murasame, Shiliew of the Rain sensed the fierce battle that is going on the sixth floor of Impel Down, he stopped staying and walked out of the storage room and headed straight for the Eternal Hell.

Deputy Director Hannibal did not dare to stop Shiliew of the Rain. As for the other Warden, they all shivered in front of Shiliew of the Rain, and they do not have any will to stop him.

Marine Headquarters.

Doberman is sitting in the office, listening to reports from his subordinates about the Ghost Hand pirates.

"They escaped again?"
He frowned slightly and said, "Without Ghost Hand Ross, the rest of the miscellaneous fish shouldnt be so difficult to deal with. What is Vice-Admiral Erman doing?"

After Ross was detained in Impel Down, Marines and the government have been chasing after the remaining Ghost Hand Pirates, but because Laffitte had Mjosgards heart in his hand, the government and Marine were afraid to go too hard to deal with it.

A Headquarters Rear Admiral standing next to him said: "The governments request is to recapture the heart of Mjosgard, and then start with them. This is too difficult."


Doberman meditated for a while, putting down the papers in his hand and saying, "They cant take advantage of Mjosgards heart every time, tell the vice-admiral that if he sees a chance, he must wipe them out."

"Without Ghost Hand Ross, they are nothing."

Next to him, the Rear Admiral nodded and said: "Its impossible for the government to release Ghost Hand Ross. Its impossible for them to sneak into Impel Down. Sooner or later, the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment will be completely eradicated."

Doberman smiled slightly at that.

And just as he was about to say something, a Captain suddenly burst in from outside, saluted him, and said in a tense and hurried tone, "Vice-Admiral! Emergency meeting!"


Doberman stood up, his face unchanged as he went through an emergency meeting once or twice every week. He walked outside the door and asked the Captain casually, "What happened?"

"An accident in Impel Down!"

The Captain, with a trace of cold sweat on his forehead, was walking along with him and said: "I heard that Warden Chief Shiliew of the Rain betrayed the Marines and tried to escape from prison with Ghost Hand Ross. The situation is critical."

Dobermans footsteps instantly stopped.