One Piece Talent System Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Cursed Blade Murasame
Marine Headquarters, emergency meeting room.

"Damn it, Shiliew, that guy"
Sengoku stood there with one hand on the table and the other on his forehead, showing a very painful and angry expression.

The consequences of the betrayal of Shiliew of the Rain were extremely serious. He is someone originally standing on the side of the government and he suddenly stood on the opposite side of the government.

And most importantly, if only Ross alone tried to escape from Impel down then Magellan and Shiliew would have been enough to suppress him, but now there is another one who is trying to escape and that someone is Shiliew of the Rain with the same strength as Magellan. The problem is big!

Magellan alone cant resist it!

In the unlikely event that Ross releases a few sixth-level eternal hell prisoners, the great confusion and chaos that they will cause is definitely not something that can be suppressed by Magellan alone, and it is likely that they will overturn the entire prison.

"Aokiji hasnt returned yet?!"

Sengoku looked to the side, towards a Rear Admiral and asked, The Rear Admiral shook his head with cold sweat on his forehead.

In the emergency meeting room, the Vice-Admirals had already come up with dozens of plans in a matter of minutes and Battleships are already ready to head towards Impel Down.

"Id better go first, Mr. Sengoku."

Kizaru took a cup of tea and stood up after a few seconds of silence.

In any case, Ross can never escape from Impel Down. Although there are other pirates in the Eternal Hell, most of them have been weakened by time. Only Ross is still the youngest and with most of his strength and no one knows how far he can go.


Sengoku nodded in silence.

Nowadays, it is not the time of war. They dont need to face the pressure from Yonk (Four Emperors). For the turmoil in Impel Down, it is natural to send a powerful force to subdue the situation and not give the other party any chance.

"Notify Aokiji, tell him to go to Impel Down as soon as possible and not come to the Headquarters."

As Kizaru walked out of the meeting room, Sengoku spoke again to the men beside him, then slowly sat down in his seat and breathed.

I hope that there will be no big problems.

Impel Down.

Eternal Hell.

Ross and Magellan are fighting each other, after his strength has skyrocketed, Magellan has been completely suppressed by Ross alone in the Eternal Hell, even with Megallan using the poisonous giant, he is still being suppressed by Ross and he can barely support himself.

At this time, Ross could leave at any time if he wanted to, but his purpose was not limited to that. He was also looking for an opportunity to continue killing the pirates when he fought with Magellan.

Watching many prisoners die at Rosss hands, Magellan roared and manipulated the poisonous giant to rush up, trying to stop Ross, but because the poisonous giant would destroy the Eternal Hell, his movements were somewhat shrunk, which made it more difficult to block Ross.


Rosss wrist flipped, and the poison was directly deflected, not by Distortion, but by the power of distortion bending the space in front of him!

Magellans poisonous giant is something that he developed after the awakening of his poisonous devil fruit. It can erode all the surrounding materials and make all the stone and steel become highly toxic. It also has the characteristics of infiltration and erosion that will work on other devil fruit users.

This kind of erosion is limited to the substance and it can not erode distortion caused by space!

Rosss figure flashed as if he had pulled through space. He came to Magellans side and punched Magellan. The Power of distortion erupted violently.


Under the power of distortion, the poisonous giant bursts out with countless poisonous liquid in an instant and scatters in all directions, as if it had turned into a whirlpool.

Magellan, who is hiding in the poisonous giant, tried his best to resist the attack but still could not completely block it. He was still hit by the power of distortion.
The poison splashed and flew backward.

"Troublesome ability."

Ross could not help shaking his wrist as Magellans poison seeped through many cages and poisoned many prisoners half to death.

He had just grasped the ability of the Distortion space, he is not used to this ability and he is still a little afraid of Magellans poison and does not want to be touched by it.

At this time.

Shiliew of the Rain returned to the Eternal Hell and stared at the scene in front of him.

"Venom Demon: Jigoku no Shinpan(Poisonous Giant Soldier: Hells Judgment)!"

No prisoners were released, but Ross seemed to have been slaughtered a large group of them. More importantly, Magellan actually used the poisonous giant in Eternal Hell!

It is almost impossible that Magellan will release this ability in Eternal Hell because once released, it can easily erode the surroundings and poison a large number of prisoners, which is difficult to control.


Magellan had already used this taboo ability. Theres no doubt that Ross brought him extreme oppression, even a threat to his life before he was forced to use it!

"He is too strong"

Shiliew of the Rain looked at Ross, who was suspended in midair, and his eyes flashed slightly. Although he originally planned to team up with Ross, he still had a plan to compete for Captaincy.

This is a world where strong ruled, the Captain will obviously be the one who is strongest.

It seems that Rosss strength is much stronger than he imagined. At least he himself is unable to pressure Magellan in the Eternal Hell to the point where he is forced to display poisonous giant.

"Have you brought it?"
Rosss voice passed over to Shiliew of the Rain.

Shiliew of the Rain converges and throws the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand at Ross. He said, "This is no scabbard, you can use it directly."


Ross raised his hand and caught the Cursed Blade Murasame.
Almost as soon as he held the hilt, a vaguely mad will burst out from the sword edge, rushing toward his body, resembling an imposing momentum.

Killing, tyranny, madness, despair, death

The chaotic atmosphere interweaves and tries to invade Rosss mind.


Ross didnt even think about it. His Haoshoku Haki fired up and wrapped itself all over the sword edge of Cursed Blade Murasame, like a grinding wheel.

Cursed Blade Murasame emitted a chaotic breath for a while. Although it is a demon blade, it is only a weapon. It is impossible for it to confront an existence like Ross who has an extremely strong will. The breath quickly regains the edge of the knife.


Its sword edge is still full of chaos and arrogance and there is a faint feeling of it wanting to break free from Rosss hand and it is not easy to it in the palm of his hand.

"Its really hard to use, no wonder you didnt use it."

Rosss eyebrows wrinkled slightly as he said calmly.

A top swordsman like Shiliew of the Rain has not been able to make the demon blade obedient, it seems that in order to make it obedient, its necessary to use his power of Distortion along with his strong will.

"Cursed Blade Murasame Bastard! Shiliew, do you even know what you are doing?!"

Magellan emerged again from the venom and saw the sword in Rosss hand. He stares at it and then looked at Shiliew of the Rain.

Shiliew of the Rain took a cigar and took a puff. The smoke-filled his mouth.

"Thanks to you, Ive stayed long enough in prison. Now, as you can see, Im working with him, and then Do give me more advice on how to get out."