One Piece Talent System Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Routing
"The sword of Distortion."

Ross holds the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand and ignores its failure. For him, the sword is just a tool to condense the power of distortion, not use sword arts to launch attacks.

With a swing of his sword, he seemed to cut a gap in space, and the power of distortion flew abruptly in Magellans direction.

Magellan and Ross have been fighting each other for some time now and Magellan had already had a certain understanding of Rosss ability. At this moment, without taking this attack head-on, he decisively turned around and avoided it and once again condensed the poisonous giant, while manipulating the two poisonous streams, one left and one right to the Ross.


Shiliew of the Rain decisively stepped back. He knew the power of the poisonous giant and he did not intend to touch the venoms at all.

"Well, do you want to release some of the prisoners here?"

After withdrawing a distance, Shiliew of the Rain pulled out a half-sword and asked Ross.

Ross asked: "With you and me, cant we leave this hell without outsiders help?"

Shiliew of the Rain grinned, swung a sword and killed a prisoner who was swearing loudly in the cell. With him and Ross, they could naturally go out even if there was another Admiral in their path.

"Venom Road(Poisonous Path)!"

Magellan tried to control the venom to not spreading too much and he slipped silently into the venom from the poisonous giant. As the venom slipped, he came directly in front of Ross and punched at him.

The poisonous giant grabbed Ross, and he put his hand on Rosss back.

"You can move quickly with poison"

Ross had already seen Magellans speedy movement in the poison. His eyes remained unchanged. His left hand suddenly made a motion to grab the air in front of him. It is clearly caught in the air, but it seems to have grasped something substantial and slammed it.

A weird scene appeared.

Magellans poisonous palm clearly attacked Ross from behind and formed a pincer attack with the poisonous giant, but strangely the back attack hit the poisonous giant instead of Ross.

Looking in the other direction, Rosss position hasnt changed, it was as if space overlaps here.

"Void Puncture!"

Rosss eyes flashed with light as he pulled the space to let Magellans attack fall on the giant, while Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand suddenly stabbed Magellan.

Magellan did not hesitate to dodge backward.


At the moment when he stepped back, space showed a strange change again. The sword that was clearly going to fall was suddenly elongated from his perspective, ignoring the distance, and continued to stab him.

Magellans pupil shrank sharply, an attack with a distance that he should have been able to avoid, but his Kenbonshokus perception was telling him that the sword appeared on his chest in some strange way through a distance that it should not be able to reach.

In dismay, Magellan couldnt avoid it, only waving his arms.


Rosss Sword Pierced Magellans arm, penetrating his opponents Armament Haki and piercing Magellans arm.

"What is that ability?"
Not far away, Shiliew of the Rain watched this scene, and his pupils shrank slightly.

In his view, Rosss sword was suddenly stretched, reaching a distance of thirty to forty meters, and piercing Magellans body. But with his Kenbonshokus perception, Rosss sword was still the original length, not stretched, but it was strangely close to Magellan even with that large distance.

Its like the distance between Ross and Magellan, which should have been at least thirty or forty meters was forcibly contracted by some kind of power and became less than one or two meters.

"Damn it!"

Magellans arm was injured by Rosss sword and he retraced backward in the venom, and the venom spread along the sword edge to Ross. Ross waved his backhand and the space of distortion was restored. The sword that looked like a strangely elongated sword also recovered to its original size.
Looking at the poison on the sword edge and the wound on Magellans arm, Rosss eyes flashed slightly. "Its still not skilled enough."


The venom tried to erode the Cursed Blade Murasame, but the Cursed Blade Murasame was a Supreme Grade sword. Even with Magellans poisoning awaken ability, it cant be easily destroyed, otherwise, it would not be a Supreme Grade Level sword.

Rosss power of distortion poured into the Cursed Blade Murasame and the venom that made the noise peeled off the blade and dripped onto the ground, dyeing the ground with a sultry color.

"Ghost hand, we should go."

Shiliew of the Rain watched this scene, gradually regaining his dignity and murmuring to Ross, "Magellans poison fog has eroded this Eternal Hell, we could be poisoned if we stay here any longer"

At this time.

Eternal Hell is already full of poisonous fog, Ross has been holding up the wall of Distortion to repel the poisonous fog, plus his body can resist a little poison, so it is not a big problem for him.

However, as the ability of the poisonous awakening fruit gradually penetrates into the poisonous mist as the Battle progresses, the horrible toxicity contained in it will be able to seriously damage even Ross, so he does not want to touch any of that.

In this confined room, Magellans poisonous fruit is extremely terrifying, which is one of the reasons why he can compete with Ross until now. He always has to keep a little strength to deal with the poisons coming from the cracks.

"Wait a minute, I need to try two more tricks."

Ross floated in the air and a sword breaks through the thick poison fog and rushes towards Magellans body. The Power of distortion is fully aroused and the sword is aiming to kill.

This time, instead of using the Distortion Space, he actually boosted the power of distortion from the front, making everything in front of him show the shape of Distortion.


Magellan manipulated the poisonous giant and it waved its huge fists that collided with Ross. The poisonous giants collapsed from the top under the power of distortion.

Magellan was once again flown out.
Ross stepped out, followed Magellan, and punched with his left hand. With this punch, he gave up the defense of the Distortion Wall. It was an all-out blow after breaking through Magellans poisonous giant.


Magellan used his arms to block the coming punch, but the power of distortion still hit him hard. The venom was splashed and his armored Armament Haki was also smashed.

A mouthful of blood flew out and he fell deeper into the prison.

When Ross punched Magellan, the poisonous mist also touched his shoulder. He immediately used the wall of Distortion and repelled the poisonous mist.

But there was still a little swelling and ulceration on the shoulders. Fortunately, his Tenacious talent has been raised to a certain extent and it can resist the slight toxicity of erosion and let the skin slowly recovers.

"Lets go."

Ross rushed out of the poisonous mist and came to the entrance to the Eternal Hell. Shiliew of the Rain had already been waiting here and the poisonous fog of the ink green color was everywhere in the Eternal Hell.

Although Magellan tried to control the poison mist and did not flood it into those cages, this kind of thing could not be done very well. Most of the cages were eroded by the poisonous fog.

"It seems that Magellan cant be the Director anymore."

Shiliew of the Rain looked at the tragedy in Eternal Hell and grinned and rushed up with Ross.

"Dont try to escape!"

Magellans roar came from the poisonous mist, accompanied by a lot of venoms, coming to the entrance, trying to chase Ross and Shiliew of the Rain.

Ross and Shiliew of the Rains eyes twinkled, they turn around almost at the same time, waving their swords.


Sword energy and the power of distortion were poured into the venom.

Rosss power of distortion opened the venom and landed on Magellans body, while Shiliew of the Rains sword cut Magellans chest at the same time, leaving a terrible scar.

Magellan flew out again and fell into the depths of Eternal Hell.

"He should not be dead yet."

"Who cares."

Ross and Shiliew of the Rain looked back at the poisonous mist that pervaded the Eternal Hell and regained their gaze.

They turned around at the same time, leaving behind two shameful impressions in the history of Impel Down.