One Piece Talent System Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Kicking Kizaru
At the entrance between the sixth and fifth floors of Impel Down, Vice Administrator Hannibal led a large group of Jailers and guards to guard the entrance and saw Ross and Shiliew appear. Everyone was breathing heavily and showing a little fear.

"Warden Shiliew No, criminal Shiliew, and criminal Ghost Hand Ross, what have you done to the Director?!"
Hannibal held the weapon in her arms but her voice was trembling. This fear did not come from Ross, but from Shiliew of the Rain, he was a Warden here for a long time and everyone is aware of his strength.

Shiliew of the Rain gave a hello and a strange expression appeared on his depressed face.

"Who knows?"

He turned to look at Ross and found that Ross also had the same expression on his face and the meaning was basically the same, so at the next moment, the two men rushed forward at the same time.

Killing without amnesty!

Screams and panic swirled here in an instant.

Faced with Ross and Shiliew of the Rain, even if many Wardens took out their weapons such as the special Seastone net, they could not put up any resistance and were destroyed by the general slaughter.

The two started from the fifth floor and pushed all the way up. No one could stop them even for a moment and the blood that flowed created a small stream and turned the Impel Down into a real hell.

"40 Talent Proficiency Points, not bad."

At the bottom of Eternal Hell, he couldnt get any rewards out of the pirates with 200 million bounties. In the process of killing from the fifth floor till here, Ross harvested 40 points of Talent Proficiency.

Without any hesitation, he directly put the 40-talent proficiency points into the Tenacious talent, so Tenacious talent jumped from 160 to 200, and it finally acquired Maximum Value.


After reaching the Maximum Value, the slow-recovering poisonous wound on his shoulders got recovered in an instant, the healing effect of the Tenacious talent has reached a point where it can instantly heal such wounds.

In addition, after reaching the Maximum Value, Tenacious talent also got a special final ability, that is, everything can be regenerated except the head and heart.

In other words.

Whether his arm is severed, or other organs are broken, or the neck is severed, they can be regenerated under the Maximum Values Tenacious talent, he just doesnt know how long it would take to regenerate.

"I should be able to resist Magellans poison and kill him."

Ross looked at the depths of Impel Down, showing a hint of speculation, wondering if he could kill Magellan before he left, he may be able to get some rewards.

However, at this time, a golden light flashed from the entrance to Impel Down and rushed in and turned a figure.

Kizaru arrived!

"Its Admiral Kizaru."

Shiliew of the Rain pulled out his half blade without showing any fear. He had long ago dealt with Kizaru and others when they had not yet become Admiral.

Although he hasnt fought against him for many years, he doesnt have any fears. Even if he cant beat him, it will not be so easy for Kizaru to stop him, not to mention Ross.
"You arrived at a perfect time."

Ross took back his eyes on looked towards the depths of Impel Down and again turned towards Kizaru. "How about I go and kill Magellan and you block Kizaru for a while?."

Shiliew of the Rain: ""

He found out that Ross is a more dangerous person than him. Whether it is his mentality or character. He had just killed various prisoners and other Wardens and he still wants to kill Megallen.

Kizaru has already perceived the horrible situation Of Impel Down. He only felt a headache coming in. At this moment, when he heard Ross, his wrinkled face was pulled down completely.
"Ohh, talking about killing the Director of Impel Down while I am standing in front of you, where do you think you are standing right now? This is not a place where you can do whatever do you want."

In Kizarus view, Ross should have joined hands with Shiliew of the Rain to injure Magellan this badly. Now he has arrived, although Magellan is badly injured, as long as he comes up in time and works with him, there is a great possibility that Ross and Shiliew of the Rain will be caught again.

Ross looked at Kizaru and said in a low voice:

"This is the third time Ive met you, Kizaru. Do you remember what I said in Dressrosa, I said that I would hurt you more if I met you again."

Kizaru squinted slightly and stared at Ross.


In the next moment, Ross suddenly lifted his leg at Kizaru from a distance of about ten meters and kicked it out.

Kizaru thought it was a long-range attack and was ready to dodge, but almost at the moment he was about to dodge, the distance between the two men was suddenly narrowed.


Ross kicked Kizaru on his stomach.

Blood flew out of Kizarus mouth and his face was distorted in the pain. He flew back toward the rear. He was smashed and pushed against the wall of Impel Down creating a big hole in the said wall, his figure disappeared and people inside could see blue sky and clouds through the hole he created.

Shiliew of the Rain: ""

"What do you think of the previous proposal?"

Ross turned to look at Shiliew of the Rain.

Shiliew of the Rain mouth twitched slightly as he wanted to say something. However, at this moment, a cold chill suddenly came from outside the main entrance, freezing the sea outside the Impel Down instantly into ice, the frost spread through the main entrance and came towards Ross and Shiliew of the Rain.


Shiliew of the Rain and Ross leaped at the same time and rushed out of the Impel Down.

When they came outside, Aokiji was standing not far away, half of the body was turned into ice and he is breathing out a white mist.


The golden light flickered from the sky and fell not far from the ice. It condensed into Kizarus shape. There was still blood spilling from the corners of his mouth and his face was still distorted from pain.
Aokiji looked at Kizaru and frowned before asking, "What the hell happened to you?"


Kizarus mouth twitched slightly and the wrinkles on his face squeezed a little tighter.

I think I knew Rosss attack methods very well so I got careless and was kicked by Ross as a result How could he say that to Aokiji without his pride being trampled?
This is shameful!

Whats more, hes still a little confused, not by the kick, but just what happened to that foot he was kicked with, he has not yet figured it out.

Magellan had never fought against Ross, so he kept his vigilance against Ross, but Kizaru had fought against Ross many times and he had never saw Ross use this method so he wasnt able to figure out what had happened and how he was kicked.

"Lets go."

Ross took a look at Aokiji and Kizaru. Two-to-two will soon turn into two-to-three. There was no point in continuing this play.

As for the ability of Distortion Space, he is not familiar with it. The only thing he knows is that Distorting the Space requires a lot of power of distortion. Otherwise, Magellan will not only be pierced by his arm and Kizaru would not be simply kicked away.