One Piece Talent System Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Depressed Kizaru
"Lets go."

Shiliew of the Rain also didnt want to face two Admirals plus Magellan. He and Ross instantly turned into two black shadows and flew away towards the frozen ice.
"After we have exhausted so much effort to get you in, how can we let you go so easily, stay here."

At the moment when Aokijis voice came out, he rushed out from the flank position.

His impression of Ross still stays with the Florian Triangle sea. Although he is wary of Ross, his vigilance is not great. Most of his attention is focused on Shiliew of the Rain.



The ice spread out of Aokijis arms and approached Ross and Shiliew of the Rain from the air at an extremely fast speed, trying to freeze the two.

Ross raised his hand and grabbed the frozen ice directly. The power of distortion rushed out and the icicles burst open instantly, turning into countless ice cubes.

On the other side.

Shiliew of the Rain drew his sword from the sheath. Instead of chopping off the ice attack, he flashed across the air and appeared behind Aokiji.

"Ah ah"

Aokijis body had a crack in its waist and he was chopped into two segments, but it seemed that his Kenbonshoku had captured Shiliew of the Rains action and he had elementarized ahead of time to avoid being chopped in two.

At that moment, Kizaru turned into a golden light and he suddenly flashing in front of Ross, with one foot twinkling and kicking at Ross.

Bang Long!

The foot pierced through Rosss body in an eerie way. A laser burst from Kizarus foot, and hit the ice below, causing a violent explosion.


Kizarus eyes flashed with amazement.


No! My Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki captured his real body!

Just when Kizaru was stunned, Rosss body which was like a phantom, moved sideways, It appears as if Kizarus legs had passed through his body.


Ross punched out and the power of distortions erupted in the front.

Kizarus face changed and he quickly used Armament Haki for defense. His arms were stacked in front of him, but the strength of Rosss punch was beyond his expectations. It was completely unstoppable and he was directly pushed down and broke into the ice.

"Hey, what are you doing?"
Aokiji was trying to suppress Shiliew of the Rain and suddenly, he saw Kizaru being suppressed by Ross in a single move. His face changed and he was annoyed.

Kizaru usually acts like a fool, but why is he doing that now, he is not serious at all, cant he see the seriousness of the matter?!

"Go down!"

Ross punched towards Aokiji, cooperating with Shiliew of the Rain.

Aokiji was unable to face the attacks of Ross and Shiliew of the Rain. While resisting briefly with the ice wall, Aokiji retreated downward and avoided the pincer attack.

Just as Ross and Shiliew of the Rain got rid of Aokiji and Kizaru for the moment, Magellan finally burst out of the Impel Down. The wound cut by Shiliew of the Rain in his chest and abdomen area was wounded by straw bandaging, but the blood was still oozing out.

"Poisonous flow!"

Magellan exhaled and the venom rushed up towards Ross and Shiliew of the Rain.

Aokiji saw Magellans injuries and his eyes showed a little sadness. The wound was obviously cut by Shiliew of the Rain. It seems that Shiliew of the Rain has improved a lot over the years.
"Magellan, how are you?"

"I can still fight."

Magellans face was repressed as he looked at Ross and Shiliew of the Rain. He said: "Its my responsibility as the Warden to guard Impel Down and to not let the prisoners escape, I cant let them escape."

Aokiji jumped up and made a huge ball of ice in the air, smashing Ross and Shiliew of the Rain and headed towards Kizaru, who had also rushed out of the ice:

"Borsalino, Ghost Hand Ross is handed over to you first."


Kizaru opened his mouth. He is already thinking that Aokiji seemed to be doing something wrong. What is it with the Ghost Hand Ross is handed over to you first, dont say it so easily, okay?

There was hardly much time to talk in Battle, especially when Ross and Shiliew of the Rain were withdrawing together. The ice ball was just broken. Aokiji joined Magellan and charged towards Shiliew of the Rain, leaving Kizaru alone to face Ross.

"Get Lost!"

Ross looked at Kizaru with a blank face. His Haoshoku Haki burst out and suppressed Kizaru in an instant and then he stepped out of Distortion Space. After that, he came directly to Kizarus left side and swept towards him.

Kizaru now has enough vigilance against Ross, but Rosss sudden appearance next to him still shocked him as Ross was not so fast!


How did Ross come over at once, even his Observation Haki couldnt understand it. In short, it was like Whoosh and then he flashed on his side.


Faced with Rosss weird ways and speed, Kizaru did not know how to deal with him for a while and was forced to fight a defensive battle again. Faced with Rosss enhanced power of distortion, he could hardly resist it. Once again, he was flown out by his attack, this time directly into Impel Down.

Aokiji: "%#*#"
Magellan, who was seriously injured, had just made a few moves when he saw Kizaru flying out again.

One time maybe from his carelessness, but the second time. Can he still be playing around?!

Kizaru crashed into the Impel Down City, leaving Aokiji and the seriously injured Magellan apparently unable to stop Ross, they were simply shaken off by Ross and Shiliew of the Rain.

Because Magellan was seriously injured, he was unable to catch up and the ability of poisonous fruit is great within the closed environment of Impel Down is much worse in the outside world.

Aokiji could only watch Ross and Shiliew of the Rain join hands, drop him and Megallan on the ground at the same time, and then sweep to the distant horizon, turning into two shadows.

A golden light flashed out of the Impel Down and it condensed into Kizarus form, Kizaru saw Magellan lying there and Aokiji standing there and for a while, no one spoke.

What about those two? Did they run?

Aokiji looked at Kizaru, his face darkened and asked him, "Hey I say, "What are you doing? You couldnt stop him and was kicked twice?"


Kizarus throat moved a bit as if it was stuck in something. He actually wanted to say that it was three times, but he couldnt say anything when he looked at Aokijis face.

A bitter expression appeared on his face as he said: "How can you say that the strength of that fellow has changed a little bit more than before, it was as if he was stronger than me!" You can ask Magellan.

Aokiji looks at Magellan with a blank expression.

However, Magellan was dragging his badly injured body in Battle, when Ross and Shiliew of the Rain were completely gone, he was extremely angry and he fell directly in a coma.

Kizaru looked down at Magellan, who was in a coma, and his mouth twitched slightly. He looked up again to see Aokijis gaze, revealing an innocent expression.

"Then report it like that."

Aokiji sighed, he is too lazy to argue with Kizaru and he rushed to some of the Marines: "The medical team, hurry to save some people!"

Looking at Aokiji, Kizaru felt that his chest was blocked and he couldnt spit out. He could only wrinkle a bitter melon face and say nothing.

What the hell is going on here?!