One Piece Talent System Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Eternal Pose
Seeing that Aokiji and others did not catch up, Ross slowed down after flying for a while.

He didnt cover Shiliew of the Rain with his Gravity Distortion. Anyway, the other party had already used Gepp (Moonwalk) and Shiliew wasnt a girl. Ross liked him as a general potential teammate but not to the point where he would take him flying with him.

"Where to go next."

Shiliew of the Rain looks at Ross.

From the previous battle, he has judged that he is not Rosss opponent, the gap between their strength is clear. Rosss strength is mostly higher than Aokiji or Kizaru. Since Ross is better than him, he doesnt mind being ranked second.

"What Log Pose did you find back there?"

Ross asked Shiliew of the Rain when Shiliew of the Rain went to take the sword, he brought a Log Pose with him.

Shiliew of the Rain heard the words and took out a Log Pose from his pocket and threw it at Ross.

"Single arrow? Eternal Pose?"

Ross looked at the Log Pose and his expression changed slightly. He looked at the direction Pose was pointing to and then combined with the position of Impel Down, his face suddenly turned a little black.

Thats not really an Eternal Pose for the Marine Headquarters, is it?.

"Do you still have other Log Pose?"

Ross looked at Shiliew of the Rain with a frown on his face.

Shiliew of the Rain shook his head and said: "I only took this one, what happened? Cant we use it?"

Rosss mouth twitched and he said: "It works, but this Log Pose points to Marine Headquarters."


Shiliew of the Rains face suddenly stiffened.

He didnt know anything about sailing and Log Pose. This Log Pose is also a handy one. The problem seems to be a bit serious.

"How about going back and taking another one?"

After a little hesitation, Shiliew of the Rain asked Ross.

Ross said: "We can take it, but if we go back, we wont necessarily be able to get out again. I dont care much, but you may get hurt."


Its totally different to want to go back and take something. After all, they are only two people. No matter how strong Ross is, its impossible for him to block two Marine Admiral. Any flaw in it will lead to very dangerous consequences.

"In my opinion, lets go to Marine Headquarters."
Ross took the Log Pose and after a little thought, his eyes flashed slightly.

Shiliew of the Rains face changed suddenly as he said: "Stop kidding me, Marine Headquarters is not someplace where we can just go because we want to. Us going there is equal to going to our death"


Rosss eyes sparkled. "Theres been such a big thing going on in Impel Down, Magellan has been seriously injured and Aokiji and Kizaru are mostly going to help deal with it for a day and a half, they wont be able to get back in a short time."

Shiliew of the Rain retorted: "Marine Headquarters is not as simple as you think. There are other forces besides them. Sengoku, Garp, and Akainu are not simple characters."

"So what?"

Ross shrugged at Shiliew of the Rain and said, "Were just going to rob a Battleship. Were not going to destroy Marine Headquarters. We just need to rob a Battleship when they arent paying attention to it."


Listening to Ross, Shiliew of the Rain almost believed it.

He thought for a moment and murmured, "But in our condition, its too much of a risk, we will lose most of our stamina by the time we reach the Marine Headquarter. In short, its too dangerous."
Ross laughed. "Thats easy."

Not far away is Aokijis frozen ice. They havent flown far yet. Ross comes over the ice and breaks it down with his sword.

Shiliew of the Rain had just wanted to say that it was too slow to float this ice cube on the sea, and in the next moment, the ice flew straight up and instantly came into mid-air, to Rosss feet.

"This ability does not consume too much stamina."

After Shiliew of the Rain started a little, he flew over with Gepp (Moonwalk) and landed on the ice. This time, his expression was uncertain. Finally, he made a decision, he said:

"In that case, its up to you. Dont put us both in jail again Oh, if you are caught again, youll probably be executed directly."

"That kind of thing only happens once."

Ross faintly smiled, he flew in the direction of the Marine Headquarters by controlling the ice.

Marine Headquarters.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku stood in his office, listening to intelligence coming from Impel Down. His face grew darker and darker and he rested his hand on the table.

After a few seconds of silence, he slowly left the office and came to the other side of the United Front office where Vice-Admiral had gathered.

The whole United Front office was silent, and the Marine Vice-Admirals could roughly guess the result from Sengokus expression, but no one spoke and they were looking at Sengoku.

Doberman stood in the corner, he would like to hear better news.

When he arrived at the United Front Office, Sengoku laid his hands on the table and, after a few seconds of silence, raised his head slowly and looked at the numerous Vice-Admiral in the office.

"Ghost Hand Ross and Shiliew of the Rain Escaped."
"Impel Downs Eternal hell was severely damaged. The prisoners on the upper floors and Wardens were also slaughtered. Chief Magellan was seriously injured and is receiving urgent treatment"

Sengoku slowly stated the report he received from Den Den Mushi.

There was silence in the entire office.

Great Staff Officer Tsuru, sitting next to him, put her hands on the table and put her chin on her hands. She sighed, "I didnt expect this would be the result. Our efforts are ruined."
Admiral cant stop him.

Impel Down couldnt contain him.

And this time theres Shiliew of the Rain with him. It looks like hes mostly going to work with Ross. What will the Ghost Pirate regiment look like?


Nobody dares to think about it.

The atmosphere of the entire United Front Office was low.

"The Ghost Hand Ross should have been executed from the beginning."

Vice-Admiral said in a low voice.

"No, they should have been defeated earlier, before they could pose a threat."

"Before Ghost Hand Ross stepped into the Grand Line, he should have been executed."

The Vice-Admirals in the office said one after another, but the atmosphere in the office remained depressed, they were not eased by their words.

At this point, who should take responsibility?

No one knows who does it first. They looked at a figure in the corner. Although they immediately withdrew their gazes, the people next to him looked at that figure one after another, consciously looking at the past.

The person in that corner is Headquarters Vice-Admiral Doberman.

Faced with the peoples eyes from time to time, he lowered his head and pinched his fists, his nails almost embedded into his flesh, and his face became terrible at this time.


Why is it that you were able to get out of Impel Down safely!

What the hell was Magellan doing, what are the two Admirals Kizaru and Aokiji doing?

Why continue to torture him?