One Piece Talent System Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Seastone Weapon

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Compared to the panic of his subordinates, Capone Bege was extremely calm. After he sensed that Rosss main body was really somewhere here, he decisively gave an order in a low voice.


"Give it to me."

A strange lanky young man grinned and pulled out two delicate and bizarre guns from his waist and continues to fire bullets towards Ross.

These singular bullets scatter around, and one of them happens to be at the position where the Ross body is located.


Ross instinctively perceived the threat. He did not have the ability to withstand the bullets of the thin young man and quickly dodged.

The bizarre bullet was able to rub against Rosss waist, although it was only a moment, Ross was still keenly aware that his Devil Fruit could hardly destroy the bullet.

Without a doubt, they were Seastone bullets!

In this sea for the things that can restrict the Devil Fruit ability, Seastone is undoubtedly the most restrictive thing, even more than the sea water!

Many of Paramecias Devil Fruit abilities, such as Strawhat Luffy rubber ability become soft and weak when he falls into the sea but the body still remains in the rubber form, but Seastone can turn the Devil Fruit ability back into the original form and flesh and blood become completely ordinary that can be hurt.

For Ross.

His Distortion Fruit is more inclined to twist something when it is launched. In addition to Light Distortion, the body needs to touch the substance to take effect. Any bullet that touches his body will be affected by the power of distortion at the moment of touching.

But the Seastone bullets are different as the moment they touch his body, they will make his body unable to use the ability.

On the field.

Although the light is still distorted which greatly interferes with everyones vision, Rosss body dodged and the illusion of light refraction is naturally completely synchronized.

Ross can control the phantom and his bodys movements at the same time but it will not have any meaning and it will take a lot of energy and stamina.

Capone Bege perceived that Ross evaded the Seastone bullets, he once again revealed a confident look.

"When I know that you are a Devil Fruit user, do you think I will not prepare anything for you and just act rashly?"

"Seastone weapon, you really are well prepared, but" Ross calmly listened to Capone Beges words, but did not do anything instead he responded calmly:

"So what?"

Even if you have a Seastone weapon, you have to be able to hit me first!

Whiz! Whiz!

Almost at the moment when Ross voice fell, the illusion in the field suddenly stepped forward, and he rushed to the crowd at a very fast speed.

Seastone weapon restrained Devil Fruit ability, but it cant restraints other abilities and for Ross, in addition to Devil Fruit ability, his physical strength is also three times stronger!

Originally, his physical strength was already much stronger than that of ordinary people and he was three times more powerful than any ordinary person but now with the physical enhancement, his already strong body became a lot stronger and the effects are extremely terrifying.

Even the effect of Soru of Marines Rokushiki is increased, even if there is no extra proficiency in it, his current speed is comparable to those that have been training in it for many years.

Scoff! Scoff!

Rosss figure swiftly passed through the crowd. Wherever he went, flesh, blood, and bones burst and the scene looked like a grand feast from hell.

Originally his speed was extremely fast and with the visual interference produced by Light Distortion, no one could capture his silhouette and launch an attack.


Capone Bege didnt expect Ross speed to be so terrifying, and his ability to use illusion became even more troublesome when his speed was already so fast.

Even though his subordinates have some extraordinary powers but even if they try to fight him they will lose as they are no match for Ross.

Seeing that in a short amount of time his subordinates suffered dozens of casualties, and they are still increasing as the time passed on. Capone Bege has no choice but to order his subordinates to evacuate.

"Everyone, stop firing."

"Victor, Leckie, stop him!"

The way the Ross slaughter his men is way too horrible. Almost everywhere you can see a piece of flesh and blood and in some parts, there are people who had been twisted into dough twist.

Those members of the criminal organization who held the guns and firearms did not know how to attack and had long been become fearful and resigned. They heard their Bosss orders and retreated.

At the same time.

Two of Capone Bege subordinates, Victor and Leckie, pulled out a few poles of different colors which seems like they were made of steel and ran towards Ross.

Seastone weapons are difficult to make into the shape of a sword. Poles are the easiest to make. It is much easier to make than handcuffs. It can also be used as a sword when facing a Devil fruit ability users because they only need to hit hard and the seastone will be able to damage any Devil fruit user.

"Dont resist and allow us to capture you!"

"You are not the first Devil Fruit user that we have killed!"

Victor and Leckies faces were ferocious and after judging the real position of Rosss body they separated to left and to the right to intercepted Ross in the center.

Although the illusion produced by Light Distortion still causes great interference towards guns and cannons, you can still rely on sound in the battle.

Ross looked at Victor and Leckie who were surrounding him and glanced at the Seastone weapon in their hands, saying:

"Seastone weapon This is a real limitation on my ability, but you have made a big mistake?"

"What?" Victor and Leckie were slightly stunned by Rosss tone.

"Seastone restricting ability is not your ability, it is just a tool, for the real battle you have to look at the persons own ability."

After saying that, Ross suddenly pulled out the Named Sword Happy Spring from his waist, and clashed with the two approaching men.


Under Rosss wave, Invisible sword energy rushed out from the sword and swept directly toward Victor and Leckie.

Although Ross does not have any sword arts talent, Close-Combat Fighting also contains a small part of the sword arts like slash, cuts, and stabs, etc. In many cases, it can also be used as a brute force Like Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) of Marines Rokushiki.

And his present physical ability has met the standard by which it has become possible for him to activate Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), and in this case, he is holding a Named Sword so it is easy for him to produce sword energy from a simple cut.

Victor and Leckie couldnt see the invisible sword energy cuts, but they suddenly felt fear, they instinctively became aware of the coming danger and subconsciously placed the Seastone poles in front of them.


Almost at the moment when the sword energy was in contact with the Seastone poles, a terrifying giant force spread through the Seastone poles and came towards them.

Seastone can withstand the Devil Fruit ability, and can even block many top swordsmans cuts, but they can not completely neutralize the violent energy cuts.

"This is badAhhh!"

"The power of this guy"

This attack directly pushed them back three or four meters. Although they were able to stop themselves, their entire arms were numb, as they looked at each other in horror.

They completely lost.

They are not afraid of any simple swordsmen or Body Technique experts, who can be killed with large-scale intensive firepower.

They are not afraid of Devil fruit ability. With Seastone poles and Seastone bullets, it is enough to deal with them.


A person who can almost crush their existence in terms of body and sword arts, but at the same time is a Devil Fruit user who can ignore the guns artillery.

He is a big trouble!

People at this level of existence will be able to acquire a place for them even in the Grand Line, his reward of 40 million Berries is way too low when compared to his strength!

In a distant place.

Seeing Ross hit the Seastone weapons of Victor and Leckie, forcing them back three or four meters, Capone Bege could no longer remain calm. He clearly didnt expect Rosss Body Technique and sword arts to be so terrifying such that Ross could easily run amock in the West Blue.