One Piece Talent System Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Noisy Headquarter
Twenty minutes later.

Under the control of Ross, The ice approached the Marine Headquarters at an extremely fast rate.
"Are you going to fly like this?"

Shiliew of the Rain seemed to have a black line on his forehead, suppressing the strange feelings in his heart, because he found that Ross had no signs of slowing down, but seemed to plan to rush.

Ross didnt answer Shiliew of the Rains question, but instead asked an irrelevant question: "Would you use your Observation Haki whenever you are free?"

"Of course I wont."

Shiliew of the Rain answered without thinking about it. He would not use his Observation Haki anytime and anywhere and what does that have to do with the current situation.

Ross calmly said, "Then no one will find us."


The Light Distortion and Sound Distortion are activated simultaneously and the traces of the ice block were instantly retracted from the sky. Unless someone carefully perceived them by using Observation Haki, the Marines will not notice any abnormalities.

Looking at the Marine Headquarters getting closer, Shiliew of the Rain knows that Ross has his reason to do so, but he still shows a trace of fear on his face, but when the two fell to a corner of the Marine Headquarters port, the fear on Shiliew of the Rains face became strange.

No one found them out.

No, it shouldnt be said that no one found them, but they seemed to be invisible. It was obvious that others had looked in their direction but they couldnt see them.

"I can use my ability to manipulate light to become invisible, I can also conceal sound and make it silent," Ross explained this to Shiliew of the Rain calmly.

For people like Shiliew of the Rain, Ross never expected to be able to make the other person submit from the heart at once, but he didnt need the other person submit, he just needs him to obey him first.

And the combination of absolute power and infinite mystery, Shiliew of the Rain will not be able to raise any anti-oriented ideas and will behave as his second in command.


Maybe even the second in command will not be able to sit down in the future.


Shiliew of the Rain has already roughly guessed this but when listening to Ross, his eyes still flashed with a hint of fear, but Ross is now his own Captain. The stronger and more mysterious he is, the better it is and he does not want to follow a useless Captain.

Shiliew of the Rain looked at the Battleship in the port and said, "Are we going to take the ship now? You can sneak into the building with your ability. It should be a lot easier to get a Log Pose."

"Thats right."

Ross nodded with a light in his eyes that made Shiliew of the Rain a little scared and said, "But since Marine Headquarters is here, I cant just go. Let me go and explore first."


This is the Marine Headquarters. You just got out of Impel Down and now you want to explore the Marine Headquarters. What are you going to do after your little exploration, destroy it?

Shiliew of the Rains forehead overflowed with a cold sweat, already feeling that his Captain was a little crazy, the performance put on by him in Impel Down was completely different.

Sure enough, is this a kind of guy that will live safest in prison?


Its not in prison.

"You hide here first and try not to expose yourself. Ill go in and have a look."
Ross gave a command to Shiliew of the Rain, hid Shiliew of the Rain in a corner, took the broken ice quietly into the sea and then walked towards the Marine Headquarters.

Shiliew of the Rain looked at Rosss back with a complicated look and a trace of sweat on his forehead, muttering: "Its really bad for you to mess with this guy, Marines"


Here is the Marine Headquarters, also known as the worlds strongest fortress. The huge harbor is like two round arms hugging each other, surrounded by the round sea, once frozen into ice, it can form a platform huge enough to accommodate 100,000 people.

Further up the front square of the Marine Headquarters fortress, Rosss impression of the Marine Headquarters is limited to his memory, this is the first time he had seen the grandeur of the Marine Headquarters.

Along the way, there were Marine lieutenant and even officers who appeared and passed by him but they were not able to detect his presence, as long as someone does not use Observation Haki, they will not find Ross.

Except for someone who is blind, no one will be bored enough to use Kenbonshoku (Observation).


Ross would not choose to go head-on which is a highly exposed method, but he will fly in mid-air, just to skim over Marine Headquarters.

The battlefield of the War Of The Best is presented itself to Rosss eyes.

"Very good base."

Rosss eyes twinkled with an inexplicable light, which seemed to others to be vague and crazy.

What does the Great Sage Equal to Heaven wanted to do most when he jumped out of the Eight Diagrams Stove?

Create Havoc in heaven!

What does he want to do the most after coming out of Impel Down?

Destroy Marine Headquarters!

Quietly covering his traces, Ross fell to the corner of the fortress, found a single Marine Captain in a secluded corner and grabbed his neck from behind.


After killing the Captain, Ross put on the others clothes, using Light Distortion to make his face look slightly deformed, and at the same time, his cap is slightly lowered as he goes inside the Marine Fortress.

The inside of the fortress was quiet, with a repressed atmosphere, and occasionally a little voice was heard about the event in Impel Down.
"Rear Admiral, where is Vice-Admiral Garp?"

Ross quickened his pace a little and went to the high floor. When he saw a Rear Admiral, he took the initiative and greeted him as if he was looking for someone.

The Rear Admiral was holding a stack of documents and heard a few words from Ross: "Vice-Admiral Garp does not seem to be in the Marine Headquarters."

Ross stare is in place.

The Rear Admiral seemed to be in a hurry. After responding, he hurried away. Although he vaguely felt that Rosss face was a bit strange, he did not really think about it.

Here is the Marine Headquarters, the worlds strongest and most fortified fortress and because of this, the vigilance of the many Marines within it has also dropped a lot because who would dare to come to the Marine Headquarters to cause trouble.

"Garp is not there, very good."

The expression of Ross stare turned into a sneer and he then went upstairs to the floor where Marine Admiral was.

The atmosphere here is solemn, as the true core of Marines, or the highest level of Marines, both in the facilities and rooms, it is extremely spacious and bright.

Ross did not release his Observation Haki to judge the existence of Admiral and Sengoku, because when he perceives them, they will also be able to perceived him and this time he needs to be quiet.


He came to Akainus door, knocked on it and went in.

The room was large, but Akainu wasnt there. Only one Rear Admiral seemed to be working on something. He saw Ross pushing the door in, and Rear Admiral raised his head subconsciously.