One Piece Talent System Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Being Furious
"Hasnt Admiral Sakazuki returned yet?

Ross asked the Rear Admiral.
The Rear Admiral shook his head and said, "Not yet."

Ross oohed and left the room without a trace and closed the door.

Then he ventured to investigate Kizarus and Aokijis rooms, confirming that neither Kizaru nor Aokiji had returned and they were still in Impel Down or halfway on their way.

Aokiji, Kizaru, Akainu, all three Admirals are not there!

Marine Hero Garp is not there either.

That is to say, the only remaining powerful forces in Marine Headquarters are Fleet Admiral Sengoku and alternate Admirals Momousagi and Tokikake, plus a retired Admiral Black Wrist Zephyr.

"This is not enough staff"

Ross showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth. After a cold light flashed in his eyes, he came quietly to the bottom of the Marine Headquarters fortress. After hiding his traces, he took out the Cursed Blade Murasame from his waist and gently inserted it into the base of the Marine Headquarters fortress.

The Toughness level of Marine Headquarters is beyond question.

Even Whitebeard was only able to shatter its top and middle structure with his powerful attack and failed to completely blast the entire fortress and completely collapse the fortress.


This Tough defensive power was easily penetrated by Rosss sword wrapped in the power of distortion like tofu.

Although there is Seastone in the internal structure of the base, it can still be destroyed in front of current Ross.

He holds the Cursed Blade Murasame, and after concealing his traces, he inserts the blade into the bottom of the fortress. The more obvious traces of the stones are connected along the trail.

Its like taking a chainsaw and turning it around a very thick tree.

At last.

Leaving only a small portion of the connection, Ross stopped and calmly returned the Cursed Blade Murasame to its sheath and turned to the port.

"Youre back."

Shiliew of the Rain hides in the darkness. He has been quietly releasing his Kenbonshoku (Observation), but he only released it in a radius of ten meters around him. When Ross came back, he noticed it in advance.

When he saw Ross holding the handle of the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand, Shiliew of the Rains face changed slightly, with a vague idea that was not very good, and he couldnt help asking, "What have you done?"

"Nothing, I got the Log Pose we needed, and by the way, I processed the Marine Fortress a little for the next Big scene I will make in the Marine Headquarters!"

Ross grinned, revealing his white teeth and smiling in the sunshine.

The next moment, Ross swung his sword at the harbor.

A large Battleship in the harbor, under Rosss sword attack was crushed. It broke from the mast inch by inch, spreading all the way down and finally, it was completely broken into pieces!

Shiliew of the Rain: ""

His eyes widened almost instantaneously and he lost his voice.

Hey Buddy!
This is the Marine Headquarters!

It was already a mad plan to sneak in here to steal a Log Pose, shouldnt we just run away now?

Suddenly, the whole harbor was blown up in an instant by sudden changes. Many Marines first stared, then all showed their horror.

A large Battleship was destroyed!

It was the Battleship docked in the Headquarters Harbor. It was destroyed by some kind of power. Who did it? Who is so courageous that he dared to destroy a Battleship in the Marine Headquarters?
"Damn it! Save those people!"

"Someone invaded the Marine Headquarters, sound a level one alert!"

After the Captains in the harbor reacted, they screamed, and several Rear Admiral and Vice-Admiral almost immediately pulled out their swords and looked vigilantly around the large Battleship.

At this time, Ross no longer hides his traces, so his body shape was revealed and he walks to the front of the harbor. Shiliew of the Rain shook his head a few times before following Ross.

"It seems that the main force of Headquarters is not there, but it will still be very dangerous to do this."

He guessed Ross might have found out that Aokiji, Kizaru, and the other main players were not there, but as Fleet Admiral, Sengoku must be in the Marine Headquarters, plus there could be some other existence, and the risk of their capture was great.

"Isnt it dangerous to compete with Yonk (Four Emperors)?"

Ross asked a question, slanting his sword across the harbor and sweeping away.


The harbor made of one of the worlds strongest minerals, under Rosss sword, was instantly cut open with crack thousands of meters in length.

The outer side of the ring wall is cut in an instant!

"You are Captain, Ill just follow you."

Shiliew of the Rain saw that the situation had already become like this. Now he stopped thinking about everything else. His eyes showed a cold shimmer. He also shot a sword attack at Battleship inside the harbor.

Sii! Sii!

The sword directly cut the two large Battleships from the center, as if cutting the model of the two ships but also opened an abyssal crack in the sea below.

"That that is"
"Ghost Hand Ross! andShiliew of the Rain!"

The Marines on the harbor finally saw the figure of Ross and Shiliew of the Rain. After seeing them, almost everyone was stunned.

Didnt these two people just escape from Impel Down?

How come they suddenly appeared in the Marine Headquarters!

Ross and Shiliew of the Rain didnt give them any time to think. The two seemed to be in the contest, and they shot their sword attacks in succession. The sword light and the power of distortion interlaced with each other and destroyed them.

Even the strongest marine fortress harbor was like a piece of bread under their swords. It was continuously cut apart and various large Battleships were constantly being destroyed.

"Damn! Stop it!"

A headquarters Vice-Admiral, furious, snarled at Ross and attacked him with his sword arts from far away, but his sword energy was weaker then Shiliew of the Rain and it couldnt do anything to him, not to mention Ross.

Ross lifted his left hand in the air and pressed it. The sword energy was like a snake, and it was contained in midair. Then Ross grabbed and pinched it with his left hand.


The sword energy instantly collapsed.

Once upon a time, a Headquarters Vice-Admiral can pose a great threat to him, but now those same Headquarters Vice-Admirals, except for Garp, Momousagi, and others at their level, are almost powerless against him.


Just as Ross and Shiliew of the Rain destroyed the harbor in less than half a minute, an angry roar came from the Marine Fortress.

"Stop this madness for me!"

Fleet Admiral Sengoku rushed out of the top office and was in mid-air, giving off a golden glow and displaying his devil fruit power.

Zoan Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu!

Sengoku, transformed into a golden Buddha. He didnt expect Ross to join hands with Shiliew of the Rain to escape from prison. Whats more, Ross and Shiliew of the Rain were so bold that they would attack Marine Headquarters after escaping from prison!


Absolutely lawless!