One Piece Talent System Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Fierce Struggle
"Its completely blocked"

Shiliew of the Rains clenched the hilt of his sword and converges a little. He originally planned to fight Sengoku with Ross if Ross could not resist him alone.
After all, now he and Ross are like a grasshopper on a rope. There is no other way. Its unrealistic to turn around and run away. If Ross falls, he cant escape alone.


Sengokus expression is slightly repressed. The first hit was out of aggression, while the second hit detected Rosss physique and Armament Haki, both of which had no weaknesses.

If you cant find a weakness for a person of Rosss level, it will be extremely difficult to deal with him. Once you find a weakness, its easier to win using that weakness.


The next moment Sengoku shot out again, his huge body shape did not affect his speed as he jumped and came in front of Ross, a palm pressing towards him.

This time, instead of an intense explosion, he abandoned some of his offensive power and tried to find Rosss flaws with speed and defeat Ross with a consistent strike.


Just as he rushed to Ross, Rosss Observation Haki had already captured his movements and he took a step toward the left. The whole person suddenly crossed a large distance and appeared on the right-wing of Sengoku and swept his foot towards Sengokus back.


Sengokus pupils shrank. Although his Observation Haki was strong, it was not up to the level of Future Prediction. Rosss trajectory in his perception was very weird as if he had done something he should not have done.

In the face of Rosss unexpected move, Sengoku could not cope with it. He could only upgrade his defense to the highest level. His waist was also directly attached to a deep layer of Armament Haki, turning it into a dark golden color.


When Ross kicked, Sengokus body seemed to be a huge golden ball, slamming toward the ruins on one side, slamming and smashing a watchtower.

All of Marine, who looked far away from this site didnt expect this scene to appear, showing a look of horror.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku was kicked by Ross!

Bang Long!

The stone watchtower was broken and Sengoku re-appeared in the ruins. He was not injured, but his face looked very unsightly. Ross had just moved and he couldnt figure out what was going on.

Ross has shown great strength in attack, speed, defense, physique, and Haki, almost without any shortcomings. Such strength has far exceeded the analysis and judgment of Ross in Intelligence.


Sengoku could not help grinding his teeth at the thought that Ross might have joined Marines in the beginning. But because of the garbage on the bottom of Marines, Ross now stands on the opposite side of Marine, and Sengoku couldnt help but hate it.

But at this point, there is no use thinking about it at all. This thought is only flashing in Sengokus mind for a moment, and he once again rushed towards Ross.

No way out.
I have to fight.

Even if he knows that he cant do anything to Ross alone, he has to stop Ross from destroying the Marine Headquarters. Otherwise, once he gets out of here, Marines face will be completely stepped on by Ross alone and they will become a laughing stock to the entire world.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sengoku and Ross continued to fight, with Distortion and shocks erupting, the whole port shaking, and waves surging from time to time.

Shiliew of the Rain on the other side saw Ross completely blocking Sengoku and he looks at the Vice-Admirals and Rear Admiral nearby with a grin on his face and attacked them with his sword.

At this moment, a cold and low voice came from the distance and a figure rushed over, holding a sword, and shattering Shiliew of the Rains sword energy.

Seeing someone coming towards him, Shiliew of the Rains snorted, he and Momousagi go way back.

"I havent seen you for many years, and your sword arts have grown a lot."

"Shiliew Are you serious? Attacking the Marine Headquarters with a pirate"
Momousagi took a deep breath and shouted at Shiliew of the Rain. She used to talk to Shiliew of the Rain many times about sword arts. She didnt expect Shiliew of the Rain to join the pirate camp.

Shiliew of the Rain took his cigar and said, "Yeah, so whats next, can you stop me, it depends on how your sword arts have developed."


Shiliew of the Rain didnt show any mercy. The sword fell and the sword edge showed a bloody and suffocating rush as it fell toward Momousagi.

Momousagi, as a top swordsman, naturally would not show any carelessness in this battle, she also immediately entered the battle state, glaring at the coming swing of the sword and planning to counterattack.


The light of the sword was staggered and the figures of the two men fought here.

"Ah how did it become like this."

Tokikake came late, looking at the harbor and covering his forehead with a headache. He first looked in the direction of Momousagi and said:

"Thats a swordsmans fight, I cant participate in it, otherwise, shell annoy me afterward."

Turning his head to look in the direction of Ross and Sengokus fight, Tokikake showed a trace of surprise in his eyes.

He had seen Ross fight a few months ago and he was sure that he had seen all of Ross power in that battle. Ross did not possess this level of strength at that time and now he can go against Sengoku without losing any ground and he may be able to win this one on one fight.

But now.

In just a few months, Ross already has the strength to confront Sengoku and he is almost his equal in battle, this growth rate is almost incredible!

He knew that Ross had been detained in Eternal Hell for a few months, is it possible for someone to explode with so much strength while being detained in prison?

Did Ross deliberately locked himself in Impel Down?

Either way, Tokikake felt terrible. After his face changed, he rushed towards Ross and joined forces with Sengoku to press Ross.

Shiliew of the Rain is all right. Everyone already knows him and his strength well, but Ross is someone who he couldnt understand it at all. Now he came to the Marine Headquarters. If they let him go. Maybe hell attack the Holy Land Mariejois someday!

Faced with Tokikake, who was attacked him from the flank side, Rosss eyes flashed and he launched the Distortion Space and punched directly at Tokikake in an attempt to repel him back directly.

However, Tokikake is better than others. His Observation Haki has reached the pinnacle level and he has received the ability to predict the future. He already saw the scene of Rosss fist crossing the space. Immediately afterward, his face changed and he made an action to avoid it.

"Sengoku, this guys attack seems to ignore the spatial distance!"

"I know."

Sengoku responded with a deep voice, he has already understood this after fighting him for such a long time. If he still couldnt detect the ability of Ross, he would not be a Marine Fleet Admiral. However, he was aware that this method could not be solved in a short time. He could only use his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki to response in time.

Its like everyone knows Kizaru is the fastest in the world, but no one can find any way to deal with Kizaru in this aspect.