One Piece Talent System Chapter 224

Chapter 224 5th Emperor

Sengoku rushed to the front of Ross and slammed him out.
Ross dodged Sengokus attack and appeared behind Sengokus back and stepped down and trampled Sengoku down from the sky.

At the same time, Tokikakes attack came from behind.

Ross backhandedly resisted Tokikakes attack and caused Tokikake to flew out. Just then, a shock came from below and flew Ross out.

With Sengoku alone, it was hard to win or lose in a short time, but with Tokikake present in the battle and his ability of future prediction, Ross gradually lost interest in Battle.

"After all, its Marine Fleet Admiral. One-on-two is still too hard."

Ross wiped a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a gentle tone while being suspended in the air.

"Dont make unnecessary struggles, Ghost Hand Ross, We wont let you run away after you destroyed the Marine Headquarters in this way, I must use your life to defend the majesty of Marines!"

Sengoku looked sternly at Ross.

He was not confident in blocking Ross in one-on-one confrontation but with Tokikake and his Future prediction ability, it would be difficult for Ross to escape. He was confident that he can hold Ross here.


At this time, Ross suddenly showed a strange expression, saying: "Destroying this way Do you think it is just like this?"

When he heard Ross, Sengoku started a little and did not understand what Ross meant.

But at that moment, Tokikake on the other side seemed to see something. There was an expression of horror on his face and he stood with his mouth open.

"Bad Thats terrible!"

The next moment, he saw Ross stepping out to the right, and the whole person had already arrived in front of the Marine Fortress, punching a punch and slamming into the Marine Fortress.

Sengoku didnt know what Ross was going to do, but he was instinctively aware that he should stop this, but he couldnt match the movement of the Rosss Distortion space, and it was too late to do anything.

"What is he trying to do?"

Many Marine recruits in the Marine Headquarters also saw Ross, who appeared in front of the huge fortress, and saw Rosss punching action.

Destroying the Marine Fortress?

This huge Marine fortress, standing in Marinford, is made from one of the worlds toughest ores. It is also filled with Seastone and has a unique design. It is not so weak as to be shaken by one blow.

Rosss fist fell silently as countless people watched, the power of distortion swung open and hammered into the Marine fortress.


In the next moment.
Everyones face changed and their mouths widened little by little, whether it was a Rear Admiral or a Vice-Admiral, or even Fleet Admiral Sengoku, they all stared dead and stared incredibly.

Only to see!

After Rosss fist fell, it was like the space in front of him became empty. His attack hit and ripples spread out and the layers swayed. His punch hit the center of the fortress, in the middle of the two characters of Marine. The seagull-shaped one represents the flag of Marine.

The logo representing Marines, under this punch, showed signs of fragmentation, like a whirlpool of Distortion has collapsed on it.

This is not the real scene that shocked and horrified the people.

What really shocked everyone is that the Marine Fortress which gives them an indestructible, strong and ultimate feeling, broke off from the bottom and collapsed towards the Citytown behind the Marine Headquarters under Rosss fist.

One punch!

The Marine fortress collapsed!

"Quick Quick, theres Citytown behind, you cant let it fall down!"
Tokikake saw this scene in advance with his Future Prediction and took the lead and responded with horror, rushing toward the collapsed Headquarters fortress.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku also woke up from his dream state and his face changed dramatically, he ignored Ross and followed Tokikake and rushed toward the collapsed Headquarters Fortress.

At the rear of the Headquarters Fortress is the Citytown where the family of Marine lives!

No matter who it is, their relatives live there and even Sengokus relatives live there. If the fortress collapses, the consequences will be unimaginable!

"Block it!"

Sengoku tried his best to rush to the bottom of the collapsed fortress when the fortress collapsed nearly two-thirds and tried to prop up the collapsed fortress.

However, the weight of this fortress is terrifying. It is almost impossible for human beings to support such a terrifying fortress weight with their bodies. Sengoku can break this fortress, but it is not so easy to carry it up!

"Quick Come and help!!!

Tokikake is also holding on to the collapsed Marine Fortress while screaming at the Venice-Admirals and Rear Admirals who are still watching in the horror.

Ordinary people simply cant resist this, even Rear Admirals has little effect, only those Vice-Admirals can be used to support the collapsed fortress.

Because the fortress is too big, except for Sengoku, who is in the form of a big Buddha, no one else has any foothold at all. They can only tread on the Geppo (Moonwalk) to fight hard. Its like a mayfly shaking a tree!


Momousagi, who is confronting Shiliew of the Rain, is also stunned seeing this scene. She didnt expect to see such a scene. Under the shock, she couldnt compete with Shiliew of the Rain and charged towards the collapsing Marine Fortress.

The entire Headquarter is in a mess right now.

Screaming and shouting came and went like a fire at home. Everyone rushed to fight the fire. But they could not save nither could they put out the fire.

Shiliew of the Rain looked at the collapsed Marine Headquarters and stared at it for a long time until Ross walked over to him, he put his sword in its scabbard.
"Sure enough, joining him was the correct decision."

When Sengoku and others rushed to pick up the collapsed Headquarters, Ross flew back to the ruined port and waved at Shiliew of the Rain. The two grabbed a Battleship and Ross used Gravity Distortion to fly it in the sky to go away.

"This bastard"

Sengoku screamed while he was carrying the collapsing Marine Headquarters. He had already noticed that the base of the Marine Headquarters had been broken, but there was no way he could give up and he could not free his hand to stop Ross.
Even if his heart is roaring and even if he cant wait to kill Ross 10,000 times. At this time, he can only let Ross and Shiliew of the Rain fly away.

Great Age of Pirates, 16th year.

Ghost Hand Ross teamed up with Shiliew of the Rain and seriously injured Impel Down Chief Magellan, They escaped from Impel Down and created a legend of them being the second one to escape in the history of Impel Down and almost completely destroyed the entire Impel Down Prison.

Half an hour later, Ghost Hand Ross and Shiliew of the Rain hit the Marine Headquarters, destroying the Gulf of Marinford and the fortress of the Marine Headquarters, making a horrible situation and leaving, The Marines failed to stop them.

Three days later.

Ghost Hand Rosss hanging bounty was raised to 1.7 Billion Berries, Shiliew of the Rains bounty was posted at 1.1 billion Berries and the news spread throughout the sea.

Thats what its said in the last two paragraphs of a news report.

When we all thought that he became a history, he escaped from Impel Down and rushed into the Marine Headquarters, destroying the Marine Fortress and leaving.

There is no doubt that the Grand Line finally ushered in the fifth Emperor that ruled it

And that Emperor is Ghost Hand Ross!