One Piece Talent System Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Final Form
New World.

Somewhere in the sea, a Marine Battleship is sailing on the sea.
This Battleship is the Battleship that Ross and Shiliew of the Rain robbed from the Marine Headquarters and Ross took the opportunity to take it directly across the Red Line to the New World.

"Then Ill go there and settle down first."

Ross stood on the deck, looking at an island shadow at the end of the horizon and looking down at Log Pose on his wrist.

Shiliew of the Rain stood beside him and saw the far island.

"In that case, will your men be able to catch up? Maybe Marine and the government will come sooner."

"Rest assured."

Ross said plainly, "Although they cant get in touch for the time being, they have my Vivre Card in their hands, and the news of our escape must have spread all over the world by now."

"Thats good."

Shiliew of the Rain took out a box of matches, lighted a fire and lit a cigar and took a sip, and asked, "What are you going to do next?"

"I havent decided yet."

Ross turned and paced to a chair on the deck and sat on it.

After the addition of the Shiliew of the Rain, the Ghost Hand Pirates force has grown directly, but there is still a certain gap compared to the Yonk (Four Emperors) forces.

Shiliew of the Rain has an advantage over people under Four Emperors, whether they are Three Disasters or General Stars, but apart from Shiliew, only Hajrudin can reach the level of Three Disasters or General Star, he lacks high-level people.

He would be able to stop Yonk (Four Emperors), but Shiliew of the Rain and others cant beat Yonk (Four Emperors) subordinates.

If he can recruit a third Disasters-level force in his regiment, even if they wont reach the level of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, they wont be far from it. Except for Whitebeard, they would be able to face any other Yonk (Four Emperors).

After destroying the Marine Headquarters fortress and leaving the Marine Headquarters, Ross received an unexpected reward, 100 Talent Proficiency Points.

Although he did not defeat any Admiral and did not defeat the Fleet Admiral Sengoku, destroying the Marine Headquarters seems to be an event recognized by the Talent System.

100 Talent Proficiency Points.

Ross thought about it a little and put 20 points of proficiency to Distortion Fruit so that Distortion Fruits proficiency jumped over 700 points.

After crossing the 700-point proficiency barrier, Rosss power of distortions did not show any dramatic increase. Since Distortion Fruits proficiency reached more than 600, the increase has not doubled as before but slowed down.

From 500 points of proficiency to 600 points of proficiency, his power of distortion has increased by almost three times, but from 600 to 700, the improvement is less than doubled.


Based on Rosss current strength, even if it is upgraded once, it is extremely terrifying, just like raising the envelope from five kilometers to six kilometers, compared with raising the envelope from one hundred meters to three hundred meters, even if the former only increases by 10%, it is several times more than the latter.

For the remaining 80 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross hesitated for a moment and tried to fill in Agility Enhancement and perceived its own changes.

Not surprisingly.

In addition to the most direct increase in his speed, the improvement of agility also increases the speed of power of distortion cohesion and launch, and even the speed of Distortion space.

Ross is now in a very strange field in terms of speed.

Depending on the ability of Distortion Space, he can be faster than Kizaru under certain circumstances, but if its pure positive close combat, hes still slower than Garp and Kaido, who are at the peak of physical skills, let alone comparing with Kizaru.
In addition.

The launch of the Distortion space also takes time. Although his opponents did not grasp this point well in the confrontation with Kizaru, Sengoku, and others but this weakness will be grasped sooner rather then later if he continues to fight.

Therefore, the speed of his body and the speed of the distortion space are still the most important to him.

After perceiving the improvement of Agility Enhancement and the speed of the Distortion space, Ross slightly thought about the 80 Talent Proficiency Points to Agility Enhancement.

Agility Enhancement: 380 (Top Level Strengthening)
Physical Enhancement: 500 (Maximum Value)

Spirit Heart: 0(Basic Level Strengthening)

Tenacious: 200 (Maximum Value)

Rock: 50 (Mid Level Strengthening)

The Agility Enhancement reached 380 points and there was only a gap of 120 points from the Maximum Value.

According to Rosss judgment, when his Agility Enhancement gets to the Maximum Value, his nerve reaction speed should exceed that of Kizarus and with the ability of Distortion space, his speed will completely exceed Kizaru.

If the talent Rock is completely full and Armament Haki is also full, the Tenacious degree of his body will not be much different from Kaido, maybe there is a similar possibility.

If the Distortion Fruit is full, even if Time Distortion is not activated, it will definitely surpass the peak of Whitebeards shock power in the pure power of distortion.

His speed will surpass Kizaru, his power will surpass Whitebeard, His body will surpass Kaido, His Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki will reach the level of Future Prediction This will be his final form!

Not far away.

Shiliew of the Rain was standing on the outer edge of the deck and looking at the sea. A news bird suddenly flew over.

"Hey, the newspaper is coming."

He grinned at the news bird with a cigar in his mouth, pulled a coin out of his pocket, popped it into the pocket around the news bird neck and took a newspaper in his hand.

The news bird humanized a salute to Shiliew of the Rain, flapping its wings and flying away.

"Where did you steal the coin from?"

Ross put away the Talent System and looked down at Shiliew of the Rain. He had planned to mourn for the news bird but it seems that Shiliew of the Rain had no desire to kill anything but human beings.

Shiliew of the Rain opened the newspaper and looked at it as he said, "I found it in Battleship and grabbed a little Well, sure enough, the news of the destruction of Marine Headquarters cant be covered up."

He grinned with pleasure.

Destroying the Marine Headquarters Fortress!

In a sense, this is even more of a big event than the invasion of the territory of the Yonk (Four Emperors), enough to make an uproar in the world.
Although the destruction of the fortress was entirely a matter for Ross alone, he did not have any credit for him, but he had some light and was painted with a little ink on the report in this newspaper. His bounty directly reached Billion Berries.

It can be said that his reputation has changed overnight, from being second to Magellan, he suddenly became a terrifying existence in the Grand Line

"Its no accident that his bounty is 1.7 billion Berries."

Ross glanced at the newspaper in his hand and his face showed a hint of laughter.