One Piece Talent System Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Governments Actions
Shiliew of the Rain continued to see the bottom of the page and saw the depiction of the so-called Fifth Emperor. He couldnt help but grin and said: "Maybe the whole world has been turned upside down by now. Then, if you develop with peace of mind for a while, stabilize the position of the "Fifth emperor."

"Im afraid it would be difficult to develop with peace."
Ross shrugged, saw Shiliew of the Rains eyes, and said, "I have killed one of Hundred Beast Kaidos men before, it wont be long before that fellow will come knocking on my door."

Shiliew of the Rain: ""

However, after witnessing the madness at the Marine Headquarters, he has adapted to Rosss behavior, Ross has the guts to destroy the Marine Fortress, Compared to that, Hundred Beast Kaido is not so terrible.

As a top swordsman, despite choosing to follow Ross, Shiliew of the Rains goal is not reaching the level of just one of Four Emperors. At this level, people naturally look higher.

Above Yonk (Four Emperors) is the King!

Only by surpassing Yonk (Four Emperors) can you really reach the top of this Grand Line. No matter whether Ross and Kaido have a fight now or later, this confrontation is something that will definitely happen, its just a matter of time.

"Lets go."

Ross took the newspaper from Shiliew of the Rain. After carefully reading it, he threw the newspaper aside and stood up, looking at the island that was approaching in the distance.


He lifted his foot and gently stepped on it. The entire Battleship began to break down bit by bit from his position. Eventually, the entire Battleship was so broken and completely destroyed.

Ross raised his hand and waved, the power of distortion sprung, sweeping the current below, charging the broken pieces of the battleship into the distance, and he glided with Shiliew of the Rain to the distant island.


The two came to the shore of the island and boarded the island.

This is a large island, and there is nothing on the edge, but the architecture inside the island is very prosperous, its either a country or one of the territories of a Yonk (Four Emperors).

Ross and Shiliew of the Rain are not afraid of exposing themselves. If someone wants to catch them both, they would need at least three Admiral-level fighters. Obviously, three Admiral-level fighters cant be easily deployed. Besides, the Marine Headquarters is in a mess right now. Its necessary to urgently repair the Impel Down and the Marine Headquarters and they cant afford to deploy all of their top-level fighters.

"Wherever you go, the law of the jungle will never change."

In the slum on the outskirts of the island, Ross and Shiliew of the Rain watched a shabby poor man surrounded by a group of people getting beaten and spitting blood on the ground.

The group eventually left and the poor man who was beaten lay there, not knowing whether hes alive or not. Other people in the neighborhood did not know what the reason was and did not go to rescue him.

"So you have to be strong."

Shiliew of the Rains gentle said and followed Ross through the street.

Although the poor people on the street and the gang of former assailants failed to recognize Ross and Shiliew of the Rain immediately, they instinctively perceived that Ross and Shiliew of the Rain were not easy to mess with and they all gave a wide berth to let them pass, showing completely different attitudes.

"Yes, thats why we should be strong."

Ross smiled faintly, he did not see the murderers or the poor, so he crossed the street with Shiliew of the Rain and disappeared at the end of the slum.
After passing through the slums, what appeared in front was the gradually prosperous area.

"Ill get some money and change my clothes by the way."

When he escaped from prison, Ross dressed in a few clothes that fitted him, but he still looked very different. He walked with Shiliew of the Rain and looked like a valet.

Shiliew of the Rain didnt care about his clothes. When he was put into Eternal Hell, he was not changed into prison clothes. He was wearing his own clothes, and when he came out, he was still wearing his own clothes.

Shiliew nodded, approaching a restaurant.

Ross walked down the street, glanced around, looking for someone who didnt look good, and then calmly educated him and took the tuition.

After a while.

Ross returned to the restaurant, completely replaced with his nondescript clothes, dressed in a very elaborate shirt and a dark trench coat.

The Cursed Blade Murasame was wrapped in black strips and hung around his waist, hiding in the dark windbreaker.
This blade was very uncomfortable to use at first, but after several days of training, it has been much easier to use.

"Oh, it looks much better."

Shiliew of the Rain cut off a bloody cow and put it into his mouth.

Ross ordered a nine-point steak and said, "Never make me look like a follower Next, Ill stay in this island for a while, but I didnt realize that the world-famous Happy Street is right here. Ill look at it later.

Now that Robin is not around, there isnt even a capable person who can collect and categorized intelligence.

"Oh, do you like that kind of place?"

Shiliew of the Rain said in a less enthusiastic way, "Whats the meaning of that place? Its all about women who are powerless. Its better to look for places like arenas or something similar."


Ross looked at Shiliew of the Rain in a weird look.

Shiliew of the Rain said strangely: "Whats wrong? Is it anything I said?"

"No, its nothing."

Ross shook his head and said, "Lets split up then."

Happy Street.

This is one of the most famous entertainment blocks in the world. The whole street is full of places like casinos and bars. Every now and then, a nobleman passes by with one or two beautiful women in his arms.

If he remembers it correctly, the ruler here should be one of the secret undercover agents of the World Government subordinates CP0, Stussy, Queen of the Pleasure District.

Killing a normal CP0 member will produce no rewards for him at all so Ross isnt interested in her at all. To come here is simply to enjoy and see if he can bump into luck and meet Fujitora again. If he can get Fujitora aboard, it will be much less difficult to fight against the Yonko(Four Emperors) pirate regiment.

When Ross stepped into Happy Street, in a luxury building in the middle of Happy Street, a beautiful figure was standing at the window with Den Den Mushi in her hand.

"Ghost Hand Ross and Shiliew of the Rain are here, do you want to take action."
" They need to be dealt with in the long run.

On the other side of Den Den Mushi came the voice of one of the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) and he said in a low voice: "But you can try it, any means can be done."


Stussy nodded gently and hung up the Den Den Mushi.

On the other side.

One of the Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) was sitting in his office of the highest level of the World Government. He thought that Ross was able to get out of Impel Down. He didnt expect his strength to increase to this level, he even destroyed the Marine Headquarters fortress.

Although Rosss power is not enough to compete with Yonk (Four Emperors), whether its his current strength or his name at the sea, it is no exaggeration to call him the Fifth Emperor.

This is the situation that Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) didnt want to see at first.

"Marin Fort and Impel Down are rebuilding. If we want to deal with Ghost Hand Ross and Shiliew, we have to mobilize at least two Battle forces above the Admiral level. Can we even do that right now, is it even appropriate?"

"No matter whether we can or cant, we have to do this."

A Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) squinted and said: "Compared with Whitebear and Hundred Beast Kaido, Ghost Hand Ross pose a greater threat to us. They would rather let other Yonko(Four Emperor) exist than let Ross develop."

Whether it is Whitebeard or Hundred Beast Kaido, they generally dont take the initiative to find trouble with the government, nor will they take the initiative to attack the Marines.

But Ross is different.

Whether it is the Dressrosa incident or the Impel Down escape or the attack on the Marine Headquarters, it proves that Ross is a threat to the government, both in strength and in thought!

"Ghost Hand Ross and Shiliew of the Rain will not be so easy to annihilate but they have provoked Hundred Beast Kaido before, and with Kaidos character, he will not let them go easily."

"If thats the case, maybe you can pass the message to Kaido."

"We cant put all of our hopes entirely on Kaido. We must also send troops out"

The Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) talked to each other and eventually turned the plan into a single order and gave it out.