One Piece Talent System Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Meeting Again
Just when Ross was going to do something.

Suddenly a shock came from the window on one side. A man in yellow leather appeared at the window. Instead of looking at Stussy, he stared at Ross in suspicion.
"Ghost Hand Ross? Werent you being held in Impel Down?!"

Wings Of Sky, Ficheux Erman!

He met Ross once in the Sabaody Archipelago and later heard that Ross killed a tenryubito. He was amazed at Rosss boldness. Then came the Dressrosa incident and the news that Ross was defeated by Marine and imprisoned in Impel Down, Eternal Hell.

Unexpectedly, nearly a year later, he met Ross in Happy Street!

"I was getting bored, so I came out."

Ross turned his head and looked at the Ficheux Erman, who appeared in the window and faintly said: "I havent seen you for a long time, but I didnt expect you to be here."

"There was a burst of Haoshoku Haki and I thought it was someone strong here, I didnt expect it to beIts amazing to be able to come out of Impel Down. Well, am I bothering you?"


Ross pushed his palm forward forcefully and the wall pressed by Stussy instantly showed dense cracks. Then the whole person ran through the wall and disappeared.

Ficheux Erman frowned, and his mouth shook slightly. Its a merciless start. You really are a dangerous person.

Ross shook his head. "No, she would have probably caused some trouble for me down the line and she will attract the influence of the mysterious forces of the government, so it is almost here."

Ficheux Erman: "???"

Ross took back his fingers and turned to look at him. "It seems that you didnt read todays newspaper, but it doesnt .matter I am missing a sniper on board."

"Here we go again"

Ficheux Erman rolled his eyes and said, "Look at what youre doing, everything about you is so dangerous. If I get on your ship, wont I be chased and beaten by Marine Admiral every day?"

Ross smiled faintly.

"If youre talking about a team of Marine Admiral, thats about the same, but if its just a Marine Admiral who leads the team, I dont think hes going to chase after me."

"Well, your tone has certainly got bigger after escaping from Impel Down."

Ficheux Ermans mouth twitched slightly and after looking at Ross, they moved almost at the same time. He made a sharp leap in the rear, crossed an arc and landed on the far roof, while Ross smashed through the window and ran after him.

Seeing Ross coming after him, Ficheux Erman grounded his teeth and took out a handful of peanuts from his pocket and shot them at Ross.

"I remember that your bounty is one billion. I havent got such a high reward before. Its good. If you can win then Ill go with you on your ship. If you cant win then I will accept the reward of one billion."


Ross looked calmly and waved his hand. The peanuts that suddenly flew over were all fixed in the air. They turned into a whirlpool of Distortion and were finally kneaded into a ball.

Seeing this scene, Ficheux Ermans eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he is vaguely aware that Rosss strength was much stronger than the last time he met him, with a serious look in his eyes, he took out a coin from his pocket.

"Destruction artillery!"

The coin was attached with Dark Armament Haki as it ejected toward Ross.

At the moment of its pop-up, the coin accelerated wildly under the power of Speed Fruit and like a thunderbolt arc in the air, it broke through the speed of sound in an instant and headed for Ross.

"How can it be!"

Ficheux Erman looked at the scene in front of him, his pupils shrank sharply, and he couldnt help but make an incredible sound.

In front of him, Ross was suspended in midair, his body motionless, he just extended his palm and caught his destruction artillery with his open palm!

"Good ability."

After Ross commented, he pinched the coin and immediately attached it to the power of distortions. The air distorted around the coin as it rotated as if it was an invisible whirlpool.

Ross tossed the coin back.

Feeling the power of the blow, Ficheux Ermans face changed dramatically. He dared not give a second thought to it. His wrist shook and a golden gun was in his hand.


He pulled the trigger at the incoming coin, and a bullet with golden light burst out, shooting precisely into the center of the coin.

The bullet accelerated abruptly under Speed Fruit, wrapped in a strong impact force, crashed into the power of distortion, and eventually burst into the air with both bullets.

"Cant win"

Ficheux Ermans eyes showed a dignified look at the result of the collision. He had just basically done his best, while Ross looked understated, but the result of the confrontation was evenly divided.

In other words, the current possibility of him winning over Ross is extremely low!

It slipped away.

Sensing that it was difficult to outdo Ross, Ficheux Erman was amazed at Rosss change in strength, and at the same time, he decisively inspired Speed Fruit. The whole person suddenly accelerated and disappeared into a shadow.

However, just as he retired, Ross moved and stepped forward in Void.


The strange power swayed and space was layered with Distortion.

The whole person seemed to accelerate in time. In the blink of an eye, he jumped seven or eight times in a row. Ficheux Erman, who came to a faraway place, looked at Ross with amazement. After he took a step, he caught up with him and appeared on his side.

Ross sweeps at Ficheux Ermans leg.

Ficheux Erman did not hesitate to avoid it and under Speed Fruit, his movements are still much faster than Ross.

Ross stimulated the power of distortion, sweeping directly to the front.

Although Ficheux Erman avoided the front leg sweep, he was still flying backward by the power of distortion, smashing three or four buildings in an instant, and smashing into the street.

"Cough! Cough!"

"How could this be"

Ficheux Erman coughed violently and his mouth was filled with blood. He stood up with the rubble and looked at Ross floating in the air in the distance. He had some doubts about life.

When he met Ross in the Sabaody Archipelago, he thought he had a sure chance of winning, but it was difficult to kill Ross and it was in the Sabaody Archipelago, so he gave up.


In just one year, he met Ross again and he couldnt even beat him!

No, its not that he cant fight, but that hes almost crushed. Unknowingly, theres already a huge gap of strength between Ross and him.

It was at this time that a newspaper was blown by the wind and just fell in front of him.

Glancing carelessly through the newspaper, his eyes were instantly fixed.

Escaping from Impel Down!

Destroying the Marine Fortress!

New Worlds fifth emperor!

The lines written in the newspaper made Ficheux Ermans heart vibrate and when he looked at Ross again, he had an incredible look on his face.