One Piece Talent System Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Status Dispute
Ross did not attack again, looking down calmly at Wings Of Sky Ficheux Erman.

In the Sabaody Archipelago, he did not really have a good chance to win against Ficheux Erman, but now he has overtaken Ficheux Erman in all aspects except for speed.
Although his speed is a bit slower, it can also be compensated by other aspects. It is difficult for Fitchux Erman to escape from his hand when it is a one-on-one fight.


The confrontation between Ross and Ficheux Erman continued for a short time, but it was very big. It had already alarmed Shiliew of the Rain on another street, and he heard the news.

Seeing Ross in the air and Ficheux Erman below, Shiliew of the Rain squinted slightly and said, "Whos this guy?"

Shiliew of the Rain has some concerns about the various types of pirate prisoners, but he has little knowledge or interest in Pirate Hunter.


Shiliew of the Rain doesnt know Ficheux Erman BUT Ficheux Erman has heard of Shiliew of the Rain, there are some descriptions of Shiliew of the Rain in the newspaper.

Looking at Ross and Shiliew of the Rain, Ficheux Erman knew that he couldnt escape. He looked up at Ross and finally showed a bitter smile.

"You win."

"I am willing to join."

If it was the former Ross, he would not easily bow his head even when facing the other side and Shiliew of the Rain, but now Ross is not like his old self. He escaped from Impel Down and created chaos in the Marine Headquarters and is regarded as the fifth emperor!

As one of the emperors of the sea, in this situation, he can lay down his pride, because the other side is already above him in both strength and fame, besides, Shiliew of the Rain is also a follower of the other party.


Ross smiled and fell from the sky.

Shiliew of the Rain pushed back his blade into its scabbard. He stared at Ficheux Erman with a little momentum.

Ficheux Erman is willing to join Ross and is willing to become Rosss subordinates, but his attitude towards Shiliew of the Rain is different. In the face of Shiliew of the Rain, he is not afraid.

"You must be strong if you caused the Captain to invite you."

Shiliew of the Rain does not hide his own intentions. In the pirate group, Rosss status is definitely unshakable, but the people under Ross are going to have a difference.

Now that he has identified his position as No. 2 in the Ghost Hand Pirate Regiment, he naturally wants to establish his position in front of the newly joined Ficheux Erman.

"So do you. How about a contest sometime?"

Ficheux Erman narrowed his eyes and stared at Shiliew of the Rain.

He said before that he joined the team after losing. He fled immediately after finding that he might not win. As a result, Ross cut him off. He was also a face-saving person. He had already made decisions and choices.

But joining the Ghost Hand Pirates, he could not be the cadre at the end of the ranking, how to compete for the highest position under Ross, in addition to Ross, other people who also want him to obey, but it is not so easy.

"Okay, lets get out of here first."

Ross doesnt mind Ficheux Erman fighting against Shiliew to determine their position, but this is not the place for two of them to fight and Ficheux Erman was hurt a little so its not fair.

After Rosss voice fell, Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman both converged. Whether it is Shiliew of the Rain or Ficheux Erman, they all have to listen to Ross.

The authority of the Captain is unquestionable.

After a few hours of rest.

Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman are still in conflict with each other. After all, it is necessary to use a Battle to determine the status of both sides. Ross did not forcefully stop it. Because this kind of thing prevents meaningless quarrels later, the three people came to the island on the east coast.

"With the strength of both of you, it may take serious injuries to distinguish the victory from the defeat. This is not the case at this time."

Ross stopped and yelled at Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman.

Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman looked at each other and they did not intend to fight for life, just to test who is strongest among them.
Shiliew of the Rain murmured, "Then use injury for the win or lose. Whoever gets hurt first loses."

Ficheux Erman shook his head and said, "No, its too hasty. Its better to base it on three times. Whoever has minor or major injuries three times loses."


Shiliew of the Rain nodded.

They retreated to stand face to face at a distance of ten meters, while Ross came to a reef and looked at the battlefield with his hands on his back.


As Rosss voice fell, Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman moved at the same time.


Shiliew of the Rain crossed a blood-red arc and the second generation demon blade in his hands cut across the battlefield instantaneously, directly spanning more than ten meters.

Ficheux Erman evaded Shiliew in an instant, pulled out two golden guns and fired at Shiliew.


Shiliew swung his sword and the bullet collided with the blade and was cut in half by his sword edge, but it also made his blade Buzz!

"Blood Cross Sword!"

The blade flips, sweeps, splits and cuts the bullet. At the same time, it triggers a cross stars bloody chop and sweeps toward Ficheux Erman.

Ficheux Erman dodged.

Shiliew of the Rain stepped out one step and followed him sharply, he swung his sword across and waved a hollow Blood Sword energy, Ficheux Erman leaned back and bent into a huge curve, avoiding Shiliew of the Rains chopping and pulling the trigger at him continuously.

Bullets burst out of his gun chambers, carrying golden sparks, and attacked Shiliew of the Rain at the speed of breaking through the sound barrier. Each bullet was wrapped in a tremendous impact.

"One Sword Flow, snake belly sword!"

Shiliew of the Rains second-generation demon sword turned into a blood-stained shadow, sweeping in all directions, cutting the flying bullets and enveloped Ficheux Erman in the attack area.
Ficheux Ermans body, under the influence of Speed Fruit, is like pressing the fast-forward button, twisting sideways and so on. Every action is fast and out of line. He has more than enough edge in his attack power like Shiliew of the Rain and he occasionally fires his gun to fight back.


Ficheux Erman was the first to be injured after dozens of consecutive battles. His sideburns were brushed by a sword edge, which belonged to Shiliew of the Rain and could not be completely avoided.

At the same time, however, a bullet grazed Shiliew of the Rains shoulder, leaving a scar on Shiliew of the Rains shoulder.


Shiliew of the Rains glare is cold, holding the second generation demon sword, he suddenly split out one after another blood-colored sword energy, like the wind Rainstorm generally that shrouded Ficheux Erman, trying to block all of his escape directions.