One Piece Talent System Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Rear Admiral Bastille

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After determining that his battle plan has failed, Capone Bege put away his guns without any hesitation and turned to leave.

"Dont you think its too late to leave now?"

Of course, Ross wouldnt easily let Capone Bege go. He calmly spoke and at the same time stepped forward, rushing towards Capone Bege.

Capone Bege, the character who stirred up a lot of trouble in the original work is indeed not an ordinary man. He could still respond to his Soru.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly when Ross started pursuing him, he resolutely turned around, jumped back, pulled the trigger and fired a series of Seastone bullets towards Ross.

Ross can easily ignore any ordinary bullet, and even if it is a high-standard large lead bullet, it can be blocked by his current Distortion Fruit ability, but he still needs to be a little respectful to the Seastone bullets.

Ross leaned to the side to avoid the bullets, and at that moment Victor and Leckie, who were repelled by him earlier, clenched their teeth and rushed towards him.

If Capone Bege is killed by Ross, they will definitely die too. As long as they can block Ross, there is still a chance for them.

"Are you willing to die for him?"

Ross looked calmly and indifferently at Victor and Leckie, who rushed to block him and gently adjusted the sword in his hand. "Then, I will fulfill your wish."


Although Rosss sword arts cant be called anything special but with his strong physical strength and speed, his cuts are still extremely powerful.

The sword fell and although it was not wrapped in sword energy, it created heavy wind pressure. It seems to have mountain cleaving and splitting earth might, making peoples breath stagnate.

"We need to block this!"

Victor and Leckies hearts jumped fiercely but at this time they could only clench their teeth, held the Seastone poles in their hands and cooperate to block Ross sword.


The sword and the seastone poles intersected and the sparks flew out in all directions due to the collision.

Seastones texture is extremely hard, even Happy Spring, one of the 21 Great Grade swords(O Wazamono grade swords) cannot cut that no matter how much power Ross applies.

But Ross sword has a very strong and violent power contained in it and it pressed against Victor and Leckie who were holding the Seastone pole.

Kch! Kch!

Ross double-handed sword with his power alone put Victor and Leckie under tremendous pressure and even the ground under their feet showed signs of cracking.

Although Victor and Leckie were barely able to resist, both of their faces flushed red and their arms trembled, clearly suffering from overexertion.

Ross was disinclined to fight them any longer and his hands holding the sword pushed down hard.


Sword energy with a brute force rushed out and cut the ground in front of Ross, forming a crack of about three feet, and Victor and Leckie were naturally directly defeated.

Ross didnt pause and his face was calm and indifferent as he ran the sword through Victors heart.


Leckie screamed, he spared no effort and smashed the Seastone pole towards Ross, but both his arms had already lost their strength. Where would he still have the energy?

Ross backhanded his sword and sent Leckies seastone pole flying, he shook his wrist, and then a head followed by blood flew into the sky.

Killing Victor and Leckie seemed to be a trivial matter for Ross. He didnt gave them another glance. He turned around the sword and looked at Capone Bege who had escaped towards a street.


Ross stepped on the ground and cracks like a spider web appeared on the ground. He was like an arrow fired from a bow as he sped forward, sticking close to the ground.

Almost instantaneously, Ross has crossed the street and caught up with Capone Bege in the middle of the second street.

Bang! Bang!

Capone Bege heard the movement behind him, and without even seeing he fired a row of bullets towards Ross and forced him to evade as Bege continued to escape.

Even though the distance was very close, Ross, who was focused, easily avoided the Seastone bullets.

"Seven, Five. Now you should not have any more bullets."

Ross calmly says and in one step came behind Capone Bege with Happy Spring in his hands waving out mercilessly.

And just as Capone Bege was about to lose his head, a figure wearing a coat with justice written on it suddenly came in between them.


Ross sword stopped at a half-foot distance from Capone Beges head. What prevented him from this was enormous shark sword!

The enormous shark sword covered the back of Capone Beges head and occupied all the space between Happy Spring and Capone Beges head.

The atmosphere solidified.

Ross slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Marine who had suddenly emerged. His insignias were different from the colonel he had seen before. It was the insignia of the higher rank and he also found the person in front of him very familiar.

"I finally found you, Ghost Hand Ross."

The tall Marine holding the shark sword and wearing a strange bull-head mask said indifferently, as he blocked Ross Happy Spring in midair:

"I am from the West Blue T4 branch base. You can call me the Bastille or call me Rear Admiral Bastille."


Ross thought and remembered who this person was. He was a Vice Admiral who, in the original work, had followed Admiral Fujitora to Dressrosa to carry out a mission, but right now he is only a Rear Admiral in West Blue.

There are not many Marine bases in West Blue, and most of them are on islands. The highest officer is only a Marine Captain in them. But, now to capture Ross, if you look in the whole West Blue, there are only a few Rear Admiral bases.

The cigar was still in Capone Bege mouth.


The operation to annihilate Ghost Hand Ross was planned by him for many days and even if he failed by some unexpected circumstances. He still has a plan ready for that.

This information of retreat path, he had received two hours ago, and that also happened to be the time when marines arrived and landed on the ground.

He turned to look at Ross, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, like a winner ridiculing a loser, saying: "Before taking any action, you must consider the risk of failure and thoroughly plan your evacuation."


Ross took back Happy Spring, Happy Spring, and the Shark Cutter scraped and a few sparks flew, but there was no damage on the sword.

"Is the West Blue Marine already degraded to the extent of being commanded by a criminal organization?" Ross looked calmly at the Marine Rear Admiral.

Bastille snorted and put the enormous Shark Cutter on his shoulder. He said: "Its just a report from the public So are you going to surrender, or are you going to wait for me to beat you half to death before taking you?"

He didnt like the criminal organization and he was even more disgusted with receiving assistance from the criminal organization but the Marine Headquarters had issued the order to capture Ghost Hand Ross no matter what and that order has been on his desk for a few months already.

The scene was quiet.

Ross calmly glanced behind Bastilles shoulders at Capone Bege, who stood a few meters away.

He suddenly laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" Bastille asked with a frown.

Ross slowly raised his head, revealing an expression that he had never revealed before. It was hard to tell this expression as a smile but it was really a smile, only it was cruel and bloodthirsty and also a little bit cheerful.

"Marine Rear Admiral."
"Its really..not a bad Marine rank."