One Piece Talent System Chapter 230

Chapter 230 The Crew Gets Back Together
Ficheux Erman twisted his body and kept dodging among the sword energy, but some

At this point in the battle, both of them generally know each others strengths.of the blades of the sword energy attack were too strong to penetrate through the crack, so he fired a bullet, which instantly shattered the sword energy.
Shiliew of the Rain keeps pushing forward, trying to fight Ficheux Erman in a close-range battle. As a swordsman, he is naturally strongest in close combat, while Ficheux Erman keeps his distance from Shiliew of the Rain as he is naturally good at long-range attacks.

Zi Zi!

From time to time, bullets and sword energy fly uncontrollably in the direction of Ross, but both bullets and sword energy slowed down sharply within three feet of Ross as if they were eroded by some force, one by one they are contained and eventually annihilated.

Shiliew of the Rain is very close to Ficheux Erman in terms of strength. The difference between them is that one is a swordsman and the other is a gunner.

The two continued to confront each other.

Ficheux Erman took advantage of his Speed Fruits ability to kick Shiliew in the lower abdomen when he was close to him, but at the same time, he was also affected by Shiliews sword energy that left a bloodstain on his back.

Both sides have been injured twice, and both their attack and defense have become extremely cautious.


Even if their strength is closer to each other and they are more cautious, the passage of time will eventually be able to divide the winners and losers. Ficheux Erman was the first to be injured for the third time, and a blood mark was drawn on his temples.

"You win."

Ficheux Erman stopped and muffled at Shiliew, not very happy with the results, but in a life and death battle, he was not sure who would win. It was hard to say who would live or die.


Shiliew returned the second generation demon sword into the scabbard at his waist after consolidating his position of the number two. His expression is much better than that of the Ficheux Erman.

In any case, the battle between the two men had been done. After looking at each other, Ficheux Erman was a little dissatisfied, but he said nothing. They both turned to look at Ross.


When they turned their heads, they found that Ross wasnt looking at them. Instead, he was standing on the huge reef, standing with his hands on his back and looking at the distant sea.

Looking in the direction where Ross was looking, they saw a black shadow at the end of the sea. Looking closely, it was faintly recognizable that it was a ship.

"Are they your subordinates?"

Shiliew came over and asked.

Ross didnt answer but continued to stare at the black shadow, until the shadow got closer and closer and it became clear and clear:

"Here they are."

The ship was a huge ship and the entire hull was extremely large. It was not a large sailing ship, but a giant ship that Hajrudin and others took.

For them to come here so quickly, it seems that Laffitte and others were in this sea area and after discovering that he has come out of Impel Down, they come all the way to here.
Ficheux Erman also came over and stood on the other side of Ross.

If Ross can stabilize his position as the Fifth Emperor, then the Ghost Hand Pirates will become one of the five emperor pirate group, this ship is the foundation of the future.


As the ship approached the shore, a figure had already flashed towards the shore, wrapped in a thundering arc and it appeared almost instantaneously on the shore.

"Youre back."
Hajrudin looked at Ross with a hint of excitement. He had planned to break into Impel Down to rescue Ross several times before, but he was stopped by Law and Laffitte, who calculated that he would have almost no chance of success.

As a militant giant, he will not give up because of the extremely low success rate. He even nearly fell out with Laffitte, Trafalgar Law, and others and almost directly led other giants to charge into Impel Down.

"Well, I am back."

Ross nodded back at Hajrudin.

Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman looked at Hajrudin with a slightly surprising eye. From their perspective, it was easy to see that Hajrudin had the power to control thunder and lightning.
A Giant ate the Rumble-Rumble Fruit?

Rosss ship is filled with Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragon, just the Thunder Giant of Hajrudin. If they fight, they will not have absolute certainty to win.

After all, Rumble-Rumble Fruit is one of the closest invincible fruits in the legend.


The ship gradually come ashore and the people on board began to jump one by one to the shore.

"Welcome back, Captain."

Laffitte put his hand on his hat, took it down using his fingers and put in on his chest and welcomed Ross by bowing to him with a weird smile on his face.

Trafalgar Law was carrying the demon sword on his back and did not speak, but he also had a cold and resolute smile on his face.

"Captain Ross!"

The giant ship doctor Gerth rushed over. She wanted to embrace Ross, but she couldnt do it because of her figure. So she grasped Ross in the palm with both hands.

The five giants came ashore one after another. The last to come was Robin. Like Law, she hid her emotions best and one could hardly see her inner feelings.

She walked over to Ross and came next to Ross.

Gerth suppressed the emotions in her heart and put Ross down. She apologized: "No Sorry, Captain, I was a little excited."

"Its Nothing, dont mind."

Ross smiled at her, he may have to been seriously injured just now if he was an ordinary person, but he is not an ordinary person, even if Gerth uses all of her strength, she wouldnt be able to deal any damage to him.

Rosss gaze swept through Laffitte and others, and finally fell to the nearest Robin and he looked at her for half a second before smiling.

Just as Ross was walking towards Robin, Robins nose moved slightly, and her smiling expression fluctuated slightly, staring at Ross with a mirth of laughter.

"What did Captain do before? The smell of perfume is quite heavy."

Rosss movements were slightly stiff, and he glared at Gerth.

Without waiting for him to speak, Robin smiled and said: "Gerth never used perfume."

Laffitte and Law and others saw this scene, they all looked over and saw it as if they didnt see it, and Shiliew of the Rain ignored it and went to Laffitte and others.

As for Figuex Erman, he blinked and thought of something, and a little smirk was present on his mouth.

"Dont mind the small details."

Ross took his eyes back from Gerth and responded to Robin without changing his tone, and walked forward, passing by her side.

As he walked past Robin, Ross used the ability of Distortion to send a message in her ear: "Something small has happened. Ill talk to you in the evening."


Robins face remained unchanged, with a faint smile, and she did not respond until Ross walked past her.

Ha ha.