One Piece Talent System Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Pursuit Of Marine
"Two new cadres will be added to the ship in the future."

Ross saw everyones emotions calm down and came to the front of everyone. He said in a calm tone. First, he introduced Shiliew of the Rain and said, "Combatant, Shiliew of the Rain."
"Another person who makes the Iron Wall of Impel Down together with Chief Magellan, he has long been famous, oh" Laffitte picked his ceremonial hat and said to Shiliew of the Rain.

Trafalgar Law stood there calmly.

Robin stood quietly on the side of Rosss side and glanced at Shiliew, and she regained her gaze and did not speak.

As for the giants, they all stood there and did not speak. Ross is their Captain, the decision was made by Captain. Even if he recruited a hundred people, they would not speak.

"So, please take care of it later."

Shiliew of the Rain doesnt mind. Its impossible to integrate instantly into a new group that has already been formed. He doesnt mind if he does integrate or not. He only recognizes strength.

After introducing Shiliew of the Rain, Ross pointed to the Facheux Erman not far away.

"Sniper, Ficheux Erman, Pirate Hunter ranked first, the Wings Of Sky, but from today on he is not Pirate Hunter, but the pirate that fell to the sewer."


Ficheux Erman is speechless, his introduction is a little more than the introduction of Shiliew of the Rain, but what the hell is that?

Just because I didnt join when I was first invited?

"After all, You still couldnt escape from Captains offer."

Robin stood at Rosss side. She has been with Ross from the very beginning and she had met Fuceux Erman in the Sabaody Archipelago, but the Ghost Hand Pirates at that time was far from being comparable to the present. Ficheux Ermans strength was very threatening at that time to them.

Ficheux Erman had no choice but to spread his hand and said: "Who wouldve thought that your Captains strength would increase this much in such a short time, I can only join now that I have lost."

Robin smiled.

"Navigator, Demon Sherrif Laffitte."

After introducing Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman, Ross turned around and introduced the Ghost Hand Pirates cadres.

"Ship doctor, Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law."

"Intelligence, Nico Robin, part-time Captain Secretary."

For others, Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman looked at them and nodded slightly, It was slightly different for Robin, whose position on the ship was obviously very special.

"Ghost Hand Pirates, Giant Warrior Pirates Captain, The Thunder Giant Hajrudin."

"The Giant of sand, Road."

"Metal Giant, Stansen."
"The other two are the chef Goldberg and the ships doctor Gerth."

Ross briefly introduced Hajrudin and others, but after he introduced them, he thought of something and asked Goldberg: "Did you use the Barrier-Barrier Fruit?"


Goldberg shook his head, after the Dressrosa event, they got the Barrier-Barrier Fruit but because Ross was not there, the fruit was left unused and kept there.

Ross thought a little. The Barrier-Barrier Fruit is a good fit for Gerth, but he preferred to find the Heal-Heal Fruit in the Tontatta Kingdom of Dressrosa, which was more in line with Gerths ship doctor status.
If Trafalgar Law is the worlds top surgeon, then she can eat the Heal-Heal Fruit and become the top physician with the fruits ability.

Even Fire Fist Ace, whose chest was penetrated, there was a possibility of treatment if a top internal and external surgeon was there.

After thinking for a while.

Ross took the Barrier-Barrier Fruit handed over by Laffitte and placed it in front of Goldberg. "Use this fruit. You dont have to worry about kitchen utensils in the future."

It is obviously just a joke to use the power of Barrier-Barrier Fruit to make kitchen utensils. The real power of this fruit is also very strong as it can almost ignore most types of attacks.
A simple physical attack, that contained the power to destroy an entire town cant shake the barrier created by the Barrier-Barrier Fruit unless it has the special ability or Armament Haki attached to it to a certain extent, Only then can the barrier be destroyed and even then it would be quite difficult.

After giving the Barrier-Barrier Fruit to Goldberg, Ross turned his head towards Shiliew of the Rain and said, "If I remember correctly, you are not a Devil Fruit user. Do you have a specific type of Devil Fruit in your mind?"

Shiliew of the Rain grabbed his cigar and said, "Not yet."

As a top swordsman, he doesnt care much about Devil Fruit, but he doesnt directly say that he doesnt want to be a Devil Fruit user. Devil Fruits ability is so varied that he may have a favorite type in the future.

After the introduction of each other is over, everyone returned to the ship.

Chef Goldberg quickly brought out a portion of meat and wine and put it on the deck. The people sat down on the deck one by one. After Ross had a bowl of wine, all the people except Robin, who was sitting next to Ross, took up the bowl and poured it in one gulp.

"What happened during the time I was gone?"

Ross asked Laffitte and others, who seemed to be all right, but after he was imprisoned in the Eternal Hell, the government and Marine were sure to pursue Laffitte and Robin.

Robin was eating and telling Ross what had happened during that time. It was roughly the CP0 of the government subordinates that were after them, but because Mjosgards heart was still in their hands, they dared not be too hard.

They tried to divide the Ghost Hand Pirates, call Laffitte and others in the distance and then steal the heart, but Laffitte and others are smart people. It is clear that the intention of CP0 is not so small. As for the slightly dull giants, they are completely loyal to Ross. It is difficult to shake them.

As for Marines.

Also because of the heart of Mjosgard, they were just chasing after them for appearance and didnt dare to push too hard.

Making use of Laws Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit capability to take Mjosgards heart seems to be the most correct decision now, otherwise, even if Laffitte and others have some strength and ingenuity, it would not have been easy for them to avoid CP0 assassination and Marines pursuit.

"When did you find me coming out and coming over here?"

After listening to Robins statement, Ross vaguely thought of something and asked.

Robins eyes flickered slightly, and she said, "When you came out of Impel Down and rushed into Marine Headquarters, we saw a change in the direction of Vivre Card, but we were not sure what was going on. We thought you were taken to Marine Headquarters for execution."
"And then?"

Ross ate a piece of meat and continued to ask.

Robin stated: "From the Vivre Card, we decided that you shouldnt be in a very dangerous situation, so we eventually rejected the possibility of you being sentenced and speculated that maybe you have broken out, so we drove the ship into the sea near Red Line."

"After that, the Vivre Cards direction changed again and we came here directly."
Ross swallowed the meat, and his eyes flashed slightly. "Theres no need to mention the Marine for the moment but the CP0 people have been following you for all this time to steal or take the heart back. That is to say, people with CP0 may have gathered on this island."

As soon as she heard Ross, Robin immediately understood it and said with a serious look: "But they didnt do it, obviously they didnt have enough power to deal with us, that is to say"

"No need to guess."

Laffitte got to the side of the ship, looking at the distant sea, interrupted the words of Robin, and turned and smiled: "Marines are here."

Not far on the sea.

Five Marine Battleships are coming towards them!