One Piece Talent System Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Decisive Battle
Five large Battleships!

As Battleship approached, two tall figures, one of them wearing a yellow striped shirt, were visible on the front deck of the two Battleship in the middle.
As for the other one, he was wearing a dark red suit and white Marine Justice Cloak. It was Marine Headquarters Admiral Akainu!

"Marine Admiral Akainu."

"And Kizaru."

The people on the ship stood up and looked far away at the five Battleships.

Laffitte looked carefully with a telescope and found that Aokiji was not there. He turned to look at Ross and said: "Aokiji is not there, are we leaving? Captain."

Without Aokiji, it means that the sea will not be frozen, and the ship will not be restricted.

Almost as soon as the five Battleships appeared and approached, on the far side of the coast, six figures emerged, all wearing white cloaks, which were the CP0s Chief and members!

Two Marine Admiral, plus CP0 Chief, the government and Marines annihilation of the Ghost Hand Pirates, is clearly undiminished.

"CP0 Chief and there are two Admiral, they really did unleash a terrible force in order to deal with us."

Law stood on the outer edge of the deck, carrying the demon blade on his shoulder. There was no overly worried expression on his face as he turned towards Ross.

Todays Ghost-Hand Pirate regiment has the ability to retreat before such a lineup.


Looking at the approaching Marine Battleship and the surroundings CP0 Chief and others, Ross stood there calmly, with no change in expression.

"If we ran away every time we meet an Admiral than how can we call ourself the Fifth Emperor and rule the New World!"

Rosss words swung calmly on the ship and changed the look on Laffitte and others faces. They were shocked at first than each of them showed a trace of bloody excitement.

No one showed any fear.


The days of running away after seeing a Marine Admiral have long since ended.

Now the Ghost Hand Ross is the Fifth Emperor of the New World, and they are already the crew members of the Fifth Emperor. How can they retreat in front of a mere Admiral!

Now that they have caught up with them, lets have a fight!

"Sure enough."

Shiliew of the Rain holds a cigar and grins. He knows that with Rosss personality, its impossible for him to retreat directly from a Marine Admiral.

Since being locked into Eternal Hell, Shiliew of the Rain has been trying to vent his anger and frustration, jailbreaking and destroying the Marine Fortress was although a lot comfortable, but it did not seriously scratched that particular itch.
He was in a disadvantageous situation in Impel Down and later in the Marine Headquarters, the situation was not good from the start as there were just two of them, but now, all the crew has gathered, and now facing the Marines is completely different!


Without Ficheux Erman, the situation on their side would be a little weaker, but with the addition of Ficheux Erman, the situation on their side would not be much worse than that on the other side.

"I knew it would be like this."

Compared to Shiliew of the Rain, Ficheux Erman had some headaches and he put his hand on his forehead, revealing a bitter smile, but since Ross is going to fight, then he will fight with his Captain Against that Marine Admiral!
Stansen grounded the ship completely on the beach.

Everyone looked at the coming Battleship, and the CP0 members on the other side, all clasping their weapons or fists, and the mood and the emotions were generally surging, which were of the intense warfare and boiling blood.


They have come to this point.

They have become the Fifth Emperor of the New World and now they will defend their position!
This time is the current crew, all of their fighting forces are gathered together, even in the face of CP0 Chief and two Marine Admiral, there is nothing to fear, the next big step is to fight!

On the Battleship.

Many Marines had been ready to intercept but they found that the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment did not mean to escape, but they put their ship ashore and stranded it, putting on a decisive position.


Akainu stood in front of a Battleship, his Marines cap was slightly lowered and he said in a slightly sneering voice, "Did he really become this overconfident after coming out of Impel Down that he would confront us head-on, or is he betting that the Headquarters will not give them much trouble because of our shortage of hands, Is he really that much of an fool?"

"Dont underestimate them, Sakazuki."

Kizaru and Ross have fought against each other many times, he knew that Ross is not an idiot person and he must have a reason for doing this, so he warned Akainu.


For Ross and Shiliew of the Rain alone, even with other crew members, wanting to deal with their joint action with the World Government secret agency CP0, it is indeed too arrogant.

"I wont let them escape."

Akainu stood there, looking coldly at the coast, his right arm emitting a hot temperature, faintly turning into the bright red color of magma, which belonged to the power of a Marine Admiral so that all around Marine showed the color of awe.

This time, the Ghost-Hand Pirate regiment will obviously not fight a fleeing battle, but they will confront them head-on, and the tactics and strategies formulated before will naturally change immediately.

"Report! The enemy has enters the shelling range!"

After judging the distance, a Marine soldier reported to Kizaru. At this moment, all the Marines on the Battleship could hardly suppress the tension in their hearts. Many people had sweat running on their foreheads.

If they were facing an ordinary small pirate group, even without a Marine Admiral leading them like Kizaru and Akainu, they will not be too nervous.

The group in front of them is already the almost recognized Fifth Emperor Of the New World, and not long ago, their captain broke into the Marine Headquarters and completely destroyed the Headquarters fortress!

Most of the Marines on the Battleship have witnessed the scene of Ross destroying the Marine Fortress. Even with two Admirals with them, it is difficult to suppress the tension in their hearts.

This will definitely be a hard battle!

Looking at the current situation, it seems that the Marines are going against a Yonk (Four Emperors)!
"Full-scale shelling."

Kizaru stood on the deck and ordered the shelling to start.

The command went on instantaneously, and numerous Marines passed orders in succession. The sound of full-scale shelling echoed over five Battleships and various heavy cannons had been filled with cannonballs and set on fire.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The heavy cannons on the large Battleship instantly ejected a huge cannonball and the cannonball slammed toward Ross and other people on the shoreline.

This kind of giant cannon is far beyond that of ordinary portable artillery. Even if it is a strong one, Armament Haki will be able to sway in the explosion.

Seeing that the dense first round of shelling is about to fall.

Shiliew of the Rain reacted.

"Rain Falls!"

Almost instantly, he pulled his sword out of its sheath and a blood sword energy cut through the void and swept across the sky, going towards the giant cannonballs, all of them were fixed in mid-air.

Half a second later, cracks began to appear on the cannonballs from the middle in front of many stunned Marines. After splitting into two, they exploded in the air.

"Impel Down City WardenShiliew of the Rain!"

In the smoke, I dont know who spoke in a slightly trembling tone, and countless Captain Marines forehead was dripping with sweat, showing a trace of fear.