One Piece Talent System Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Gets Rid One After Another
"He is already a traitor!"

"Dont be afraid, we have the Marine Headquarters highest Battle force Admiral standing here with us, continue to fire, kill the Ghost Hand Pirates!"
Some of the Vice-Admiral and Rear Admiral, who can keep the things settled, immediately shouted at their subordinates after they have restrained the shock in their hearts, and instantly suppress the diffuse fear.

Seeing the two Admiral Akainu and Kizaru standing in front of the Battleship, the numerous Marines swallowed and the fear in their eyes subsided.

"Yes, we have Admiral here!"

"Dont be afraid of these pirates!"

Marine Lieutenants raised their swords and shouted and refilled the cannonballs, ready to launch the second round of volleys on the coastline.


Almost at this moment, Shiliew, who blocked the Cannonballs, moved. With a sneer on his face, he jumped up into the air, and his sword attack fell on a Battleship.

"A group of garbage, die!"


The blood-red sword energy tore the sky apart and swept down toward the Battleship below. The length of the swords energy was more than hundreds of meters. At a glance, many Marines showed horror and fear.

At this time, a golden light suddenly ushered in.

"I cant let you destroy a Battleship as soon as you come up."

The golden light converged into Kizarus form, holding a brilliant cloud sword in his hand and sweeping it down, exploding Shiliew of the Rains bloody sword energy.

Immediately afterward.

Kizaru turned into a golden flash as he charged towards Shiliew in the air, he abruptly came in front of Shiliew and kicked him hard with a swing leg.

Shiliew was prepared with his right leg was raised and Armament Haki was attached to it and the light speed kick from Kizaru was blocked, the momentum was surging.

"What is worth protecting a group of garbage, Kizaru."

"Its absolutely ruthless, Shiliew of the Rain. After joining the pirates, you immediately changed your methods to that of a pirate."

Kizaru squinted at Shiliew of the Rain and said, "Theres nothing I can do about it. I can only take you back as a prisoner and put you in Impel Down again."


At the moment his voice fell, Kizarus foot and the part touched by Shiliew of the Rain blasted open, like a heavy artillery explosion, swaying a terrifying wave in the air.

Shiliews withdrew from the aftermath. His face was cold, his body was bloody, and he faced Kizaru fearlessly with a sword.

Ding-Ding Dong!
So they fought in the air for a time.

"Blocking Admiral Kizaru, so thats the power of one of the Iron Walls of Impel Down"

Many Marine looked up at the fierce battle between Kizaru and Shiliew of the Rain and felt dry-mouthed. Even a few Headquarters Vice-Admiral looked shocked by the terrifying momentum.


"Continue bombing!"
As Shiliew of the Rain confronted Kizaru, Marine Battleships second round of cannon fire began, not only from heavy cannons but also from small and medium cannons.

For a time, the cannonballs seemed to be like Rainstorm, and they fell on the shoreline with a loud crack, as if they intend to break the entire coastline.

At that moment, thunder exploded in the field.

"Thunders Net!"

The Marines saw the thunder interweaving convergence in the sky and in the blink of an eye, half of the sky seemed to be converted into a lightning arc. The intertwined Thunder wrapped all the cannonballs in it, letting all the cannonballs be in the air, and then one after another they burst apart.

In the intertwined thunder, a giant covered in white thunder stood in the sky and the terrifying momentum shakes the whole audience for a moment.

"Thunder GiantHajrudin!"

There were Marine soldiers looking at the Thunder Giant, showing the hit of fear on their faces.

Dressrosas War was broadcast all over the world. In addition to the most dazzling Ross, Thunder Giant Hajrudin was the most eye-catching one. Its thunderstorm force could be said to sweep the whole scene, almost no one could match it, and it exerts Rumble-Rumble Fruits invincible ability thoroughly and vividly.

"This power is actually obtained by a pirate."

A headquarters Vice-Admiral on Battleship had a rather ugly face. He took a deep breath, held a long sword in his hand, jumped forward, and a sword fell on Hajrudin.


Hajrudins huge thunderclap shook and an arc burst out and instantly collided with the sword energy produced by the Vice-Admiral, annihilating the sword energy in an instant.

Then Hajrudin grasped the empty air in front of him and the thunder gathered in the sky and condensed into a white thunder axe. Then he disappeared from the sky. After a thunder arc flashed, he came directly to the front of the Headquarters Vice-Admiral and attacked him with his axe.


The white axe blade is intertwined with thunder and it contains the power of destruction.

The Headquarters Vice-Admirals face changed, although he is proficient in Observation Haki but it is too late for him to escape, he holds the sword in both his hands, using the Armament Haki to its maximum capacity.


The thunder arc flashed and the Headquarters Vice-Admirals hair instantly became burnt, and the whole person flew back to the Battleship below, and fell to the deck, barely keeping steady.

Hajrudins pupils glittered with thunder arcs and without any pause, he clasped the handle of the axe in both hands and slammed the axe down onto the Battleship, where the thunder poured down like a waterfall.
"Not good!"

"Block It!"

The faces of three or four Headquarters Vice-Admiral on several Battleships changed, and they all rushed over. Their sword energy was intertwined in the field, and the power of several people was able to block Hajrudins blow.

Todays Hajrudin has made the Rumble-Rumble Fruit powerful enough, and although his strength is not at the level of Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman, but hes not very far apart. His strength combined with thunder powers is terrifying!


A full three Headquarters Vice-Admiral surrounded Hajrudin and they did not dare to face him alone and joined forces. They fought with Hajrudin and caused the sky to shine with golden light and thunder to flash across it.

After two rounds of volley, the Battleships are already very close to the coast.

Ross and Akainu are far away, and both of them can almost see the expression on each others faces.

Rosss expression was always calm as he stood with his hands on his back. The Marine Justice clock behind Akainu was constantly shaking in the sea breeze, and a repressed momentum spread across the field.

"Do it!"

Just as Ross and Akainu stood opposite each other, six members of CP0, located inside the coastline, flashed under the light, and suddenly charged into the coast at the orders of CP0 Chief.

By this time the shelling was over, just as they were entering the battlefield.

The six members of CP0 are CP0Chief, the newly promoted CP0Vice Chief, and one sub-Captain, three ordinary members. Their overall combat effectiveness is even stronger than that of the Donquixote Family.