One Piece Talent System Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Battle
"The most annoying mouse that is sneaking from behind, get out of here!"

Just as the CP0 people rushed over, a roar echoed on the field, and the terrifying sand waves swept up and overwhelmed toward the CP0 member.
The giant of the sand, Road!

Almost at the moment when the sand was diffuse, a silver shadow glittered into countless blades, crossing the sand and shooting at everyone in the CP0, wrapped in horrible sharpness and hardness.

Metal Giant Stansen!

The two giants came out one after another, slowing down the offensive of CP0 members in an instant. Two ordinary members and one sub-Captain were dragged by them.

CP0 Chief did not want to entangle too much with the Sand Giant and Metal Giant. They knew the Ghost-Hand Pirate regiment very well. The two giants were extremely difficult to get past. They could not be killed in a short time, either in body or ability.

Whats more.

The purpose of the CP0 Chief is to recapture the heart of tenryubito Mjosgard.

Just as they crossed the Metal Giant and the Sand Giant, a depressed roar suddenly reverberated on the battlefield, they looked up only to see the fourth giant Goldberg rushing towards them.

"Dont even think about getting past me!"

"Kill him."

The CP0 Vice Chief did not stop but opened his mouth and ordered the CP0 Vice Chief who was following him indifferently. The CP0 Vice Chief responded by calmly charging into Goldberg.

According to their intelligence, only the three giants such as Hajrudin and Road are extremely difficult to deal with. The other two giants are just ordinary giants. Although they are much stronger than human beings, the CP0 members are not afraid of them, in front of their level of combat, they can defeat a giant in one stroke.


The CP0 Vice Chief jumped up and slammed his legs against Goldberg, slamming a hundred meters wide of Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), and then traversed it in a moment, going to the Goldberg.

But almost immediately after the chop fell, Goldbergs enormous palm slammed in front of him, and a strange glass barrier suddenly appeared, blocking the tempest kick.

Iron Wall GiantGoldberg!


The tempest kick of a hundred meters wide fell on the barrier and was completely erased, not even a trace could be found of it as it was stopped in an instant!


The CP0 Vice Chief was taken aback. He didnt expect Goldberg to have this kind of ability. He tried his best to kill the other party in an instant, but the result was that his attack was blocked by the other party!

Goldberg sees that the attack of the CP0 Vice Chief cant hold against his own barrier, surging with warfare, he controlled the barrier to protect his body and rushed towards the other side.

The barrier area that Barrier-Barrier Fruit can manufacture is limited, but this limitation will continue to increase its area as the ability of the devil fruit continues to develop.

For the giants, after eating Barrier-Barrier Fruit, the base area of the barrier is enormous. After covering the body surface, it is like steel armor!

CP0Vice Chief tried to break through Goldberg, but Goldberg was fearless after wearing a barrier armor, not only blocking him but also fighting other CP0 members.

In desperation, the CP0 Vice Chief can only join forces with his subordinates to suppress the three giants and prevent the three giants from causing greater damage on the rest of the battlefield.


CP0 Chief caught the rear situation of the Battle and his face under the mask was very indifferent and cold, he did not expect the Ghost Hand Pirates to have hidden this strength.
But it is impossible to reverse this situation with this alone!

There is Marine Admiral Akainu holding Ross on the front, no one behind Ross can stop him, Laffitte cant, Trafalgar Law cant. In front of his top fighting power, even if everyone joins hands, they will be killed.

Standing on Battleship, Akainu, who had not yet done anything, saw CP0 Chiefs action, and his eyes flashed. His face raised slightly as he looked down at Ross.

"You escaped from prison carelessly, and did some damage in Headquarters while I was away, because of this, did you lose your eyes? Ghost Hand Ross."

Akainu looked at Ross indifferently. If Ross and others chose to flee at the beginning, it would have been very difficult for them to fight any battle. But Ross chose the most foolish action that is to fight them. Now he is stuck in a stalemate. Even if he wants to flee, he will pay a price.

Just as CP0 Chief was about to rush to the front, a helpless voice suddenly sounded.

"Youre CP0 Chief, I cant help it. Ill be your opponent for the time being, but dont put too much weight on it."


Along with the moment when the sound fell, a fierce sound broke through the air, and he saw something that he didnt recognize shot at him at a very fast speed.

CP0Chiefs face changed slightly, subconsciously waving his arm to resist, using Armament Haki and Tekkai (Iron Body).


A loud bang sounded.

CP0 Chief was shocked by the strong impact and the whole man swayed back two steps. At this time, he also saw clearly what the thing that was shooting at him was, it was a coin!

He looked up and looked forward, and the face hidden under the mask became very ugly as he stared at the figure appearing in front.

"Wings Of Sky, Ficheux Erman you actually joined the pirates!"

"No way, I like to gamble and I lot a particular bet so I joined them, and being one of the crew members of a Yonk (Four Emperors) No, the Fifth Emperor did not seem like a demotion."

Ficheux Erman pinched two coins and flipped them back and forth between his fingers.

As the number one Pirate Hunter, the reputation of Ficheux Erman is not small in Marine and the government, CP0 Chief naturally recognizes him.

On the field.

Akainus face suddenly solidified in the moment Ficheux Erman appeared, while Ross, who had been calm, said in a slow way:
"If I remember it correctly, Doberman should be your subordinate, that is to say, everything about me, you should know the whole process clearly."

While speaking, Ross looked up at Akainu and said with a dull look, "Now, I want to ask if you have a little bit of Regret?"


Akainus fists were pinched tightly, showing a fiery red color. His whole face looked very depressed and gloomy, watching Ross, half of his arms gradually turned into magma.

Now he hates to scold Doberman, but what he wants to do right now is to kill Ross with magma bank on the spot!

By Now.

Ghost Hand Pirates Laffitte, Law, and others also made all the moves. With Vice-Admirals, Rear Admirals and other captains and soldiers of Marine Headquarters and members of CP0, the war has broken out in an all-round way.

"Unknowingly, you have gained tremendous combat power, but even so, today, this place will be your burial ground!"

Akainu slowly said.

Rosss side has more battle power in form of Fuceux Erman, which was beyond his expectations, but even then, this battle just turned from a one-sided battle to a fierce battle.

As a Marine, it is absolutely impossible for him to back down in the face of pirates!

Today it is necessary to defeat the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment!

As his voice fell, Akainus eyes shone with cold light and the whole man jumped up, his arm turned into a huge magma fist that fell head-on towards Ross.

The decisive battle broke out!