One Piece Talent System Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Ross Vs Akainu
"Inugami Guren(Dog Biting Crimson Lotus)!"

After being pushed back by Ross, the magma quickly converged and formed a body. Akainu waved his hand before Ross rushed over, and the magma surge turned into a fierce wicked dog shape, spinning and swallowing up to Ross as a whole.
Ross snorted and stepped forward without evasion. He swung the Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand and the power of distortion surged out, splitting the magma in half in an instant.

The residual power of distortions poured down and ran the rest of the magma on the ground, making a sizzling sound, unable to condense again.


Akainus eyes were cold and he clenched his fists and punched towards Ross violently. The magma suddenly turned into countless fists and poured down like the wind Rainstorm.

Rosss thoughts moved and the power of distortion came out, the space layers in front of him folded and bent, and Akainus magma fists fell to both sides, without even touching him.


Ross held the sword in his right hand and stabbed forward.

The Power of distortion surges above the sword edge, eventually turning into a glowing ball, bursting out from the tip of the sword and shooting directly at Akainu.

Akainu saw that his attack was blocked by Rosss uncanny ability and his face changed slightly. Faced with Rosss attack, he retracted his arms and folded them in front of him.


Glowing, the Distortion Void ball, the moment it touched Akainus arms, a terrible power of distortion erupts and sweeps away.

Akainu muttered and the whole man instantly collapsed into magma that spread in every direction and for a time no human form.

"Bakuretsu Kazan(Exploding Volcano)!"

Akainu, scattered in all directions, did not panic but gave a violent roar. The scattered magma shone with terrible fluctuations and suddenly rose to the sky.

During the overflowing magma surge, it seems to be a volcanic eruption scene, tilting down to Rosss head, to bury Ross under the magma!


Ross looked on indifferently and backhanded with a sword.


The horrible magma, under Rosss full-blown sword of Distortion, split instantly from the center and was stiffened by Rosss sword.

After cutting off the magma, Ross stepped forward and directly appeared in front of Akainu and attacked him with his sword.


Akainu was ready, pushing his hands forward, and the magma whistled as the whole man fell down.

Since Ross has already demonstrated this ability many times before, it has already been logged into Marines intelligence data and Akainu has already seen the intelligence report about Ross in advance, knowing the various capabilities of Ross, and has been careful.

Ross split the magma with his sword, while Akainu retreated ten meters away.

"With your current powers, it is impossible for you to easily defeat me who is a Logia user and you should be able to see that this battle wont last long for your teammates."

Akainu stood there with a slightly raised face, clearly standing at the bottom, but he looked at Ross with a kind of overlooking eye.

Rosss face remained unchanged and in response, he swooped down towards Akainu.

Distortion, light explosion!

A brilliant ray of light was fired from the Cursed Blade Murasames edge and pierced Akainus eyes at the same time.

"Its useless!"

Akainu roared and half of his head turned directly into magma, unaffected by light. His Observation Haki sensed Rosss movements and punched him.

Rosss blade split and the power of distortion collided with magma and eventually, the power of distortion gained the upper hand, pulling Akainu out again and leaving a bloodstain on Akainus shoulder.

However, this blood mark was only a minor injury so Akainu didnt care. He snorted, waved his hand sharply, and hit Ross with another huge magma fist.


Ross stepped forward to the right and suddenly crossed the space and appeared to the left of Akainu. The Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand splitted towards Akainu.

Akainus body was turned into magma and instantly condensed on the left side of Ross. When it was not yet completely formed, a magma fist had already come over.

Rosss eyes were bright and indifferent, and his left hand was shaken into a fist.


The two fists collided in the air and a huge momentum broke out. The waves surged in all directions. The magma continued to smash and splattered and Akainu was once again pushed back.

Ross took advantage of the situation to move forward and did not use the distortion sonic boom. Since Akainu has been prepared for the optical attack maethod then he must be also ready for the sonic attack method. In front of the top powers, it is not so easy to create a chance to counter-attack by using the same strategy.

Just like Whitebeard in the War of the best, if it had not been for his physical injury, he would not have exposed so many flaws, and his powers would have been even more terrifying.


The Sonic explosion is a small tool that can not be used right now, but Ross has other positive explosive power, and even if this is known in advance, the enemy would still be unable to resist it and will be affected.



As Ross stepped down, a horrible Haoshoku Haki skyrocketed and circled in all directions, sweeping the entire battlefield.
Whitebeard didnt use Haoshoku Haki in the War of the Best because the Whitebeard Pirates had too many people and they were mingled with the Marines. Even with a top-notch control, it was impossible to distinguish between the enemy and the friends.


Currently, Ghost Hand Pirates is a very small group of people, taking the elite route. For Ross, he has enough control to use Haoshoku Haki and avoid only a few people on his own side.


Haoshoku Haki swept the entire battlefield and hundreds of Marine soldiers movements were fixed in an instant, their eyes turned white and they began to fall to the ground like dominoes.

Even Marines Lieutenant officers were only able to stay awake, and the Vice-Admirals and the Rear Admirals were greatly affected and cold sweat ran down on their forehead.

"ThisHaoshoku Haki!"

The Marines who had not fallen to the ground watched the people around them fall down one after another and felt a tremor in their heart. They looked in Rosss direction and their eyes already showed a tinge of fear.

Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman, who had fallen slightly in their battle, also stabilized the situation under the effects of Haoshoku Haki, allowing Kizaru and CP0 Chief to put their efforts into action at the moment.

Akainu was the most affected.

Akainu, standing in front of Ross, was the first to feel the effects of Haoshoku Haki at the moment of its outbreak. Even though he knew Ross had Haoshoku Haki and was on the alert in advance, he could not immunize the effects of Haoshoku on himself.

In front of Haoshoku Haki, Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki are almost restricted and influenced at the same time.


Rosss Haoshoku Haki shocked the audience and he attacked Akainu with his sword.

Akainu was influenced by Haoshoku Haki, and he knew that the situation was not good. He did not hesitate to choose to avoid the coming attack. He would rather bear the aftershock of Ross power of distortion.


The fall of Rosss sword did not inspire the effects that Akainu had imagination. Instead, it was a false trick to pick it up high and put it down gently.

If his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki was not affected, he would not be deceived by this kind of trick. Under the influence of Haoshoku Haki, both the mind and the two-color Haki are affected at the same time, showing great flaws for a time!


At the next moment, Rosss figure flickered, catching up with Akainu in the retreat, he clenched his fist punched.

Akainu can no longer avoid it.

He was forced to raise his arms to stimulate magma surge while trying to rally Armament Haki as hard as he could to resist Rosss punch.

But he was originally inferior to Ross in terms of power and now it is hard to resist.


The punch fell and the magma splashed around.

Akainu barely resisted for a second, and the whole person flew backward toward the rear. The power of distortion hit his body, causing him to spurt out blood from his mouth which was burned and evaporated by magma.


He hit a reef on the coast, smashing it and splashing it.