One Piece Talent System Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Comprehensive Suppression
"Cough! Cough This is"

After breaking the reef, Akainu gathered his body again in a piece of magma. He had a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, his clothes were broken, and the whole person looked bad.
Kizaru and others were also surprised to see Akainu injured. If the Battle between him and Ross stayed at a standstill, they had a good chance of winning, but if Akainu could not stop Ross, the situation would be quite different.

It can be said.

If Ross and Akainus Battle remained in a deadlocked to the end. The only one who would be able to stand from the Ghost Hand Pirates in the end would be Ross and they will have two Admirals and the CP0 Chief to face him as they would be able to beat Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman.

But the Ghost Hand Pirates cannot afford the luxury of remaining in Deadlock in this Battle, no matter which side, it can not be so stagnant, especially Ross, to win this fight, he must beat Akainu as fast as possible!


After pushing Akainu, Ross barely stopped. He followed him with the Cursed Blade Murasame and continued to attack Akainu.

With the previous blow, the balance between him and Akainu is completely skewed, but even so, the whole Battle end game is still unknown, because Akainu still has the power to fight, he is a Marine Admiral and also a Logia user, his endurance and Tenacious are very strong.

Even if Whitebeard made a full-powered attack, he couldnt directly abolish Akainu.

"Blasting stars!"

While charging towards Akainu, Ross raises his foot and strikes the ground and the Gravity Distortion excites and covers a large area of the coastline.

Almost instantly, the whole earth burst apart inch by inch, flying up to the sky with seawater and gravel, and wrapping Akainu in it.

"This What is this?!"


Many Marines have also been shrouded in the attack, while fighting Akainu, Ross will not let go of this chance to kill a large number of Marines.

Seawater and gravel sediments rushed to the sky, engulfing a large number of Marines.

"Dai Funka(Big/Great Eruption)!"

Akainu was also wrapped in one of the sand and gravel, and then there was a depressed cry from the sand.


Magma burst out, shattering the sand and gravel apart and many Marines nearby were affected by the aftershocks. They were swallowed up by the magma almost instantaneously and they could not even scream before dying.

"It turns out that killing the Marines is also the justice of Marine."

Ross spoke calmly and suddenly took a step forward. The Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand fell sharply, wrapped in the power of distortion space.

Akainu was smashed by the blade and the dangerous situation triggered the unconscious elementalization transformation, Akainu fell down but the attack still left a terrible wound from the eyebrow to the chest.

"They sacrificed their lives to exterminate pirates!"

Akainu gloomy looked at Rosss face and did not waver at his words. He shouted angrily, raised his hands sharply and burst out with countless magma fists that shot at Ross.

Akainus words changed the faces of some Marines nearby, but in front of the enemy on the battlefield, their brain had little time to think, they could only listen to Chiefs orders and continue to rush towards Law and others.

"Good reason, then, pleaseSacrifice yourself for the extermination of a pirate."

Ross floated in midair, looking down at Akainu below, and raising his hand with cold eyes. A giant meteorite with a diameter of nearly 1000 meters, which has been composed of sand, rocks, and seawater, falls head-on to Akainu with Rosss command.
Akainu sneered and said with a cold voice:

"I cant die halfway as a Marine Admiral unless trash like you are wiped out on the sea Dai Funka(Big/Great Eruption)!"


Akainu slammed into the sky, his arm turned into an unprecedented giant magma fist, crashing into the horrible meteorite.

The terrifying collision sound shook the whole audience instantly, and the sea surged with violent waves. The island seemed to tremble for a moment and numerous Marines were unstable, and some were even directly wrapped up in the aftershocks, rolling without resistance.
This huge blow brought the whole battlefield to a standstill for a moment, and Law and Robin and others had to retreat to resist the aftermath of the outbreak.


The seawater on a giant meteorite nearly kilometers in diameter was eventually consumed by Akainus magma, and the sediment and rocks were swallowed up by magma, turning it into a terrifying magma ball.

Watching Akainu block the terrifying meteorite and create such a terrifying magma ball, many Marines spirits were lifted in excitement.


In the next moment, Ross, suspended in the air, splits his sword.


Under the astounding eyes of countless people, the vast ball of magma was split into two halves by a sword. The aftermath of the power of distortion swelled down, and Akainus body instantly exploded.

Although Ross didnt gather much strength in this attack, Akainu was at the end of his efforts to resist the meteorite. Even if he tried his best to stimulate Armament Haki to resist, he still couldnt stop it.


Once again, Akainus body gathered and this time his forehead was bloody, and there was bright red blood flowing from his mouth and nose. He coughed violently as if he had been seriously injured.

Seeing this scene, Kizaru and others changed their faces and tried to rush to support Akainu, but were blocked by the sneering Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman.


Kizaru just shot a smashing laser and couldnt make it anymore.

Ross raised his hand and grabbed it. The laser was pinched in his hand and condensed into a thumb-sized twilight ball, which he threw at Akainu.

Bang Long!
Akainu raised his hand and the magma splashed, blocking the golden laser.

Ross continues to rush towards Akainu, who has been injured twice, although not to the extent of serious injuries but such injuries will gradually affect his performance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Faced with the injured Akainu, Ross holds the Cursed Blade Murasame and attacked him continuously with his sword and collides head-on with Akainu, never giving Akainu any chance to avoid him or his attacks.

Akainus Kenbonshoku (Observation) is very strong, but Rosss Kenbonshoku (Observation) is also very strong, Akainus Armament Haki is tyrannical, and Rosss Armament Haki is not inferior to his!

In the constant collision, Akainu was completely suppressed in the downwind and he could only continue to fight while retreating continuously and the magma continued to explode.

"How could this be."

"Admiral Akainu is"

Many Marines looked at this scene with fear in their eyes.

This is not the kind of balance of power at the beginning of the fight, the means of each others confrontation, but now the Admiral is being completely suppressed by Ross!

On the other two battlefields, Kizaru was leveled a little because of his support for Akainu, while CP0 Chief gained the upper hand, but it was only the upper hand. He was not as strong as Ross and the situation wasnt in his complete control.

"If it goes on like this, it will be bad."

A Headquarters Vice-Admiral, who was entangled with Hajrudin, felt a chill in his heart. Even though Hajrudin was extremely difficult to deal with, he did not show any fear, but now his forehead was overflowing with sweat.

If Akainu cant stop Ross, the result of this Battle will be their defeat!