One Piece Talent System Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Absolute Defense
Akainu, who was getting beaten back and forth by Ross in the eyes of the public, was naturally very angry. His constant roaring and screaming stimulated the ability of magma fruits to its the limit, making the earth seem to be turned into rolling magma, but he was still unable to stop Rosss offensive.

Every time Akainu tried to overload the outbreak and restore the situation, Ross relentlessly returned to the outbreak and knocked it back.
Bang! Bang!

A sword is shining, mixed with the power of distortion and the magma is being splashed everywhere. At the same time, the coastline is being torn apart and the sea waves are getting stacked.

After dozens of fierce confrontations, Ross suddenly punched Akainus magma back and kicked it out and slammed his punch between Akainus chest and abdomen.


Akainu spewed out blood, and the whole person flew backward.

To withstand such a blow, even if his body is stronger than other people and even with his strong Armament Haki his element offsetting most of the damage, his viscera is still severely impacted, and it will be difficult for him to recover for a while.

"Yata no Kagami(Eight Span Mirror)!"

When he saw Akainu flying backward, Kizarus face changed, and after repelling Shiliew with a hard blow, a flash of light came from him as he came towards Ross.

"Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), Extreme!"

Almost immediately after the Kizaru attack fell, CP0 Chief suddenly roared and pushed Ficheux Erman back just for a moment and attacked Ross from behind.

"Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), Violence!"

As if they were of the same mind, when CP0 Chief attacked, the CP0 Vice Chief also made a concerted effort tt break through the giants blockade and hit Ross from his right side using Rankyaku (Tempest Kick),.

At the same time, the various Headquarters Vice-Admiral in Marine, also forcibly supported Akainu by and used their own long-ranged attacks on Ross.

"Dai Funka(Big/Great Eruption)!"

At this moment, Akainu is also forced to cohere his body. In the mad roar, a terrible blow erupts. Half of his body seems to turn into a fierce magma beast. His black and red body emits palpitating heat and roars at Ross.

In this short moment, the top combat powers on the field almost simultaneously launched a storm of attacks on Ross, and all attacks were concentrated on one point!

"Not good!"

"Thats terrible."

The faces of Shiliew of the Rain and Ficheux Erman and others have changed. Their strength is slightly inferior to that of Kizaru and CP0 Chief. It is too late for them to try to support Ross. They can only block Kizaru and CP0 Chief and ensure that they wont continue to issue a follow-up attack.

As for everyone elses face changes, Trafalgar Law used ROOM, trying to transfer Ross out of danger, but because of the areas attack wrapped in the influence of tyrannical Armament Haki, coupled with the Distortion of Space, led to a situation where he wasnt able to transfer Ross.

It is also very costly to make such a joint blow.

One of the Headquarters Vice-Admiral was directly hit by the Thunder of Hajrudin and his body was blackened as he fell to the ground, and the advantage that Kizaru and CP0 Chief had in their battle before was also put into the water.

This joint attack is also incredibly powerful, because this is a combination attack done by of many powerful people, even if it is not the strongest attack that they can do at their peak stat, but together, the momentum of this attack is more than any Admiral attack!

Even if it doesnt kill Ross on the spot, he would be seriously injured and unable to fight any longer!

As long as Ross is seriously injured, this Battle will be completely transformed into Marines victory. Even if Akainu cant take on the seriously injured Ross, he would be able to hold him in deadlock and depending upon Rosss injuries he may even be able to defeat him. That situation combined with other local advantages, everything will end.

Bang Long!

Under the indifferent gaze of Akainu and others, but with the change of Robins face color and the nervous and anxious gaze of Ghost Hand Pirates, the overwhelming attack finally converged at Rosss position and exploded.
The attack performed by this group of people is so powerful that it is hard to imagine.

The ray of light blasted, accompanied by the roar of the magma, the momentum of Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), and the attacks that the Headquarters Vice-Admiral desperately sent to rescue Akainu were all intertwined.

The area was covered almost instantaneously and there was a blast that covered hundreds of meters area. The entire coast and the earth seemed to have collapsed. It was like an earthquake, and the island was also shuddering!


The sea surged up into the sky, rolling and surging.
"Damn It!"


Trafalgar Law, Robin, and others almost put down the fight in their hands and looked at the center of the lingering aftermath.

Akainus half body recovered to its original state. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and looked at the center of the explosion with indifferent eyes. No one could resist such an attack. Even Hundred Beast Kaido would not remain intact after receiving such a strong attack. At most, he would recover quickly with his immortal body after being injured.

The aftermath gradually dissipated.

In that scene, a huge cave appeared in a regular circular shape, covering hundreds of meters of squares and the bottom of the cave was still vaguely flowing with magma.

"Is he dead?"

A Lieutenant Marine watched this scene and couldnt help mumbling.

But almost in the next moment, their eyes were all stagnated, staring at the center of the pit, their faces frozen, gradually showing an almost unbelievable look.


Ross was floating quietly in the middle of the sky, His eyes were calm with no change from their previous calmness and his expressions were the same, even his clothes did not have a trace of breakage.

His figure looked like a phantom as if that attack just passed through his body without doing any damage to him!

"This is impossible!"

Akainus face changed dramatically as he watched such an unbelievable scene. He released his Observation Haki to perceive the situation and he perceives true flesh and blood.

That is not a phantom, it is the body of Ross!

The expressions on Kizaru and CP0 Chief faces are also changed dramatically, showing a shock, How is Ross able to remain unscathed by that attack?
How did he do it?

There was complete silence.

"Nothing is impossible, you dont know enough about my strength and by the time you understand my strength, everything will be over."

Ross, holding the blood-red Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand, was suspended in the air, overlooking Akainu in the distance and saying calmly. At the moment when his voice fell, he stepped out, crossed the space abruptly, and came in front of Akainu.
Resisting the joint efforts of all the people is naturally the ability of the Space Distortion.

Since gaining the power of Space Distortion, Ross has used it for countless times. His mastery of this power has gradually become more sophisticated and he can even create an absolute field of space around him by distorting the space.

This move is not invincible.


Unless its an attack that breaks up space or an Armament Haki thats strong enough to destroy the power of distortion, or a space ability like piercing devil fruits, its impossible to shake the walls of this Distortion space.

Any attack will be lost due to the spaces Distortion.

This is a more perfect and powerful absolute defense than the Barrier-Barrier Fruit barrier!