One Piece Talent System Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Total Bounty
After blocking the sudden alliance of Akainu and others, Ross once again took a step out of Distortion space and came in front of Akainu, sweeping Cursed Blade Murasame in his hand.

In the face of Rosss attack, although it is not clear how Ross blocked such an attack, Akainu forced his mind to restrain those thoughts and resist Rosss attack.

His heart gradually sank to the bottom of the abyss.

Such a combination attack did not hurt Ross and it failed to reverse the situation, the fight is still the same and nothing has changed, he is still in the same situation as he was before, unless Kizaru and others can beat Shiliew of the Rain and Fuceux Erman faster and came to help him against Ross.


Ross swung his sword and cut Akainu from his waist.

Akainu elementalized himself in advance, and at the moment of his body was splitting, he waved toward Ross, and the magma surged rapidly, showing the head of the dog to Ross.

Rosss left hand clenched into a fist and swayed.


The fists intersected and Akainu froze for a second, and the whole person rolled backward.

Ross stepped out and suddenly caught up with Akainu. The power of distortion continued to erupt, suppressing Akainus actions, slamming into him like a blasting hammer and slamming his entire body into the collapsed land.

Kizarus face is already depressed and he flickers around, trying to join forces with Akainu to deal with Ross and Shiliew of the Rain, so as to fight them jointly and even join the CP0 Chief and win.

"Get out of here!"

Faced with the rushing Kizaru, Ross stared coldly and kicked out with a violent kick.

Its the fourth time he had fought against Kizaru, and Ross is a little tired of the fight between them, the Glint-Glint Fruit user can no longer bring up any strong warfare.


Kizaru collided with Rosss foot, and after a second of rigidity, the whole person still turned into a streamer and flew backward, unable to compete with Ross in the front.

Shiliew of the Rains face is cold as he charges into Kizaru.

As the person who is fighting against Kizaru, he had let Kizaru support Akainu several times now. This is a bit of embarrassment for his part. Although Kizarus fruit ability is too flexible and too difficult to deal with, he is also a top swordsman and the Number 2 character in Ghost Hand Pirates.


Shiliew of the Rain broke out with his strength, Kizaru resisted in a hurry, his forehead was swept by sword energy, and there was a bloodstain. The wrinkles on his face suddenly squeezed more.

"Youre not at all merciful to start with."

"Will you be merciful?"

Shiliew of the Rain snorted and continued to storm towards Kizaru.
With Kizarus blockade, Akainu was once again alone and he was timely drilled out of from the Underground and to stabilize the situation, he attacked Ross with a torrent of magma.


Even so, Ross hasnt been injured so far, but he has been injured several times in a row. After fighting Ross several times, he falls into a disadvantaged position.


Rosss eyes were cold. Instead of giving Kizaru and others a chance to support him this time, his eyes flashed with a cold light. He shouldered Akainus magma fist and slapped his elbow on Akainus chest.
Injury with injuries!

Because Rosss defense is watertight, he has suffered no injuries so far, Akainu neglected Rosss fierce means, and now with these sudden encounters, it is too late to change tactics.


His elbow wrapped in the power of distortion, Akainu flew out a hundred meters away, he felt his internal organs began to shift in his body and he almost spit out blood from his mouth, and the coughed out blood even contained the parts of his internal organs!

Having withstood such a blow, he has been completely subdued!
On the other side.

Ross, who resisted Akainus magma fist, had no shoulder pierced by his attack because of his Armament Hakis defense, plus with his Rock and Maximum Value of Physical Enhancement, he only received severe burns and burns.

But alarmingly, his apparently badly burned shoulder, his scorched skin, was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the flesh and new skin underneath were growing rapidly.

It only took a few seconds.

The large black skin has become a crusted dead skin, starting to peel off from the edge, revealing the fresh skin inside the white.

"This guys body"

Seeing this scene, Akainu gritted his teeth and his pupils contracted violently. Rosss body had such a terrifying recovery ability.

How many methods is this guy hiding?

This resilience, in his memory, seems to have been only possed by Hundred Beast Kaido, even Garp does not have such a strong self-healing ability.

"Sakazuki, its time to withdraw."

Kizaru saw Akainu taking a heavy attack and finally completely lost the battle intent. If Akainu is finished, then it will be his turn.

Although he has absolute confidence in his speed, Ross has a space-like ability, by which he can keep up with him and he does not want to be beaten by Ross.


Akainu was full of unwillingness, but it was also clear that this battle is done.

Completely defeated.

At this moment, Marines morale has also dropped to an all-new low point. Even the Headquarters Vice-Admiral have almost lost their fighting spirit, not to mention the remaining Marines.

Following Kizarus orders, a Headquarters Vice-Admiral gritted his teeth and screamed out for a retreat.

The siege and suppression done by Marines were defeated by the pirates and they were forced to retreat, which is undoubtedly a great shame for Marines. The only thing better is that there are Kizaru and Akainu on it, so the blame will not fall upon the head of Vice Admirals.

CP0 Chief saw that Marine chose to retreat, and he couldnt help but grit his teeth. There was a reluctant look in his eyes, but there was no way.

Marine chose to retreat, and he had to go, and he had to help Marine retreat. Otherwise, no matter which side Ross pursued, there would be heavy casualties on either side.

"Yata no Kagami(Eight Span Mirror)!"

Kizaru began to release a wide range of attacks, covering the Marine retreat.

Ross continued to storm towards Akainu, trying to kill Akainu on the spot. CP0 Vice Chief got rid of the giants and rushed to support them and Akainu teamed up with them and fought back.


The five battleships were destroyed and the last one was in tattered condition. Kizaru and others helped each other and reluctantly evacuated to the remaining Battleship to cover the evacuation of Battleship.

At this point, Marines are completely defeated!

Two Admiral, plus CP0 Chief, laid a joint attack on the Ghost Hand Pirates and failed!

On the sea.

Ross continues to pursue and seemingly never stooping.

When Battleship sailed hundreds of meters away on the distance sea under the power of CP0 Chief and others, Ross heard a sound in his ear as he was trying to chase them on the sea.

"Marine Headquarters, World Government, joint operations led by Admiral and CP0 Chief have been defeated, awarding 140 Talent Proficiency Points and 1 Free Talent Points."

When he heard this sound, Rosss action paused.

Stepping on Gepp (Moonwalk) and following Shiliew of the Rain, Ross stopped and squinted at the Battleship in the distance:

"Do we still pursue?"

"Forget it."

Looking at Battleship, which has sailed too far, Ross shook his head. Only he and Shiliew of the Rain could chase them across the sea. Even with Akainu being seriously injured, they had no advantage.

Shiliew nodded and followed Ross to return to the coast, he actually consumed a lot of stamina, and he was also subjected to a laser by Kizaru. The wound was not serious, but it also affected his battle state.

On the shore.

Road, the giant sand and others who could not chase the Marines across the sea, stood at the shore and watched from afar. They saw the Marines fighting and fleeing farther and farther, Ross and Shiliew of the Rain finally returned, and their tense spirit finally relaxed.

Each of their figures seems a bit beaten up, many people have some small injuries, including Ross, but no serious injuries.

Everyone looked at each other and no one spoke.

Rosss gaze gradually swept away from Shiliew of the Rain and others, and finally, a smile appeared on his face, dispelling all the depression under the sunlight.


"Ha ha ha ha"

I dont know who did it first, but everyone followed him by laughing, laughter echoing across the coast, so many aborigines people on the island looked at this way showing awe and admiration.

Although many people did not watch the complete fight scene but they saw the second half of the Battle, they saw Ross taking on the joint attacks of the Marines without being injured, they saw Ross pounding Akainu on the ground, they saw the Marines retreating in front of Ghost Hand Pirates.

"Destroying the terrifying powerhouses of Marine Headquarters This news is rare and not exaggerated. Even Marine Admiral was defeated by them. Its unbelievable.

"This is the Ghost Hand Pirates the Emperor of the New World, the Fifth Emperor!"

The people muttered in awe, looking at the people on the shore who were laughing.

A few days later.

As a result of the battle on the Island, the news spread throughout the world.

Even if the government and Marine tried their best to cover up with words to safeguard the dignity of Marine and the government, they could not hide the fact that the encirclement and suppression campaign had completely failed.

The siege and suppression of Marine Admirals were defeated!

If the former Ghost Hand Ross and Ghost Hand Pirate Regiment were only known as the Fifth Emperor of the New World and they did not enough power to safeguard that name.

Then after this battle, in the eyes of countless people, they are almost equal to the position of New Worlds Fifth Emperor, standing at the top of countless pirates!


Ghost Hand Pirates new bounties are also spread to the world.

Captain Ghost Hand Ross, Bounty of 1.7 Billion Berries!

The Killer Shiliew of the Rain, Bounty of 1.1 billion Berries!

Wings Of Sky FicheuxErman, Bounty of 1 Billion Berries!

Demon Sherrif Laffitte, Bounty of 380 Million Berries!

Surgeon of Death Trafalgar Law, Bounty of 270 million Berries!

Devil Child Nico Robin, Bounty of 200 million Berries!


The giant regiment, which was previously incomplete with bounty, was also released with new complete bounties.

Thunder Giant Hajrudins bounty reached 530 million Berries, Sand Giant got 300 million Berries, Metal Giant Stansen received 250 million Berries, Iron Wall Giant Goldberg got 220 million Berries, and the last Gerth received a 50 million Berries bounties.

The total bounty of the Giant Regiment has reached 1.36 billion Berries, and the total bounty of Ghost Hand Pirates is more than 6 billion!

"Maybe there is a slight lack of power distribution and their sphere of influence, but overall, there is nothing missing. "

Someone looked at the Ghost Hand Piratess bounty posters on the table and snorted, and took a deep breath to make a final conclusion.

"It is enough for them to be tied with the four other!"