One Piece Talent System Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Hidden

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Bastille did not understand what Ross meant.

Whether Ross felt that his rank was very high, or very low, he could not see it from Rosss expression.
Ross expression was as if he is looking at his prey, but this expression was very strange and laughable in Bastille eyes.


He is the captain of the West BlueT4 branch and not the Marine Captain of those branch divisions. His strength has already surpassed the pirates that have the bounty of more than 50 million Berries and he had defeated more than one of those pirates!

Such that before long, with his achievements and age, he will be able to transfer to Headquarters to serve a post or to a large base on the Grand Line and become a Vice-Admiral.

Ross dared to show him this kind of look?


And the Marine branch that he leads has already docked two Battleships on the shoreline. Even if Ross wants to escape, he will be bombed by close-range bombardments, including people and ship.

"It seems that you are not willing to surrender"

Bastilles aura changed from calm to fierce in an instant and he unknowingly revealed a ferocious expression on his face under the bull-head mask.

But there is no doubt of that when he held the handle of his Shark Cutter, the pressure of a strong expert was revealed and it made Capone Bege in the distance look dignified.

"Godfather, Victor and Leckie are already"

"The guns group have at least 114 casualties and the artillery team has at least 19 casualties."

"The loss is very heavy."

There were scattered members of the criminal organization as well as a large number of Marine forces who came over here and members of the criminal organization reported to Capone Bege.

Marines attitude towards the members of the criminal organization is very unfriendly, but due to the orders of their superiors, the criminal organization members such as Capone Bege were ignored.

"The loss is very serious, but it does not affect the overall situation."

Capone Bege said with a calm expression, as he had a cigar in his mouth while looking at Bastille and Ross who were confronting each other in the distance.

Although Bastille is proud, he doesnt look down on Ross. Any pirate that has the ability to throw West Blue into chaos, he needs to face them seriously.


His both hands gripped the handle of the Shark Cutter as he fiercely waved it towards Ross. A heavy momentum, bringing along a terrifying and invisible attack, swept obliquely towards Ross.

This enormous Shark Cutter can very easily shot out formless attacks by only relying brute force, not to mention that Bastilles own sword arts were also very extraordinary.


Such a powerful attack also has its weakness that is the speed which is too slow, Ross only needs to step slightly to one side to avoid the attack.


Rosss gaze was like a lion staring at its prey, calm and steady, as he stepped forward and rushed towards Bastille.

Bastille had read all the information on Ross and he knew that Ross could use Soru of Marines Rokushiki and has the ability to distort steel and even bullets, so when Ross rushed over, he didnt panic, and lifted his huge Shark Cutter and with a mighty force slammed it downwards towards Ross.


Because of the close distance, this attack was more difficult to dodge than the previous attack as it directly chops downwards towards Ross.
However, just as the sword fell, Ross body suddenly just like a piece of paper, swayed and dodged the attack.

Kami-e (Paper Drawing)!

After avoiding Bastilles sword with Kami-e (Paper Drawing), Ross raised his hand and punched at Bastilles stomach.

Even though Bastille was extremely tall, almost twice as big as Ross, he doesnt dare to face Rosss attack head-on. He did not hesitate and used Soru to avoid Rosss fist and at the same time attack with his sword at Ross back.

Ross looked calm as if everything was within his expectation, he leaped gently and turned over in the air and extended his hand and pressed it on Bastilles Shark Cutter.


Even though it was in contact for only an instant, the enormous Shark Cutter distorted and cracks appeared on it. One-third of the sword had distorted into a spiral shape.

Seeing that his Shark Cutter was damaged, Bastille immediately flew into rage. Both of his hands lifted the broken Shark Cutter high into the sky. Suddenly, he seemed to split into three and as he chopped down, three different attacks unexpectedly hacked down.

"Is this the combination of Kami-e (Paper Drawing) and sword arts"

Ross lightly snorted but did not choose to withdraw as he greeted one of the sword by clenching his fist and slamming it towards the attack.

Originally one-third of the Shark Cutter has been damaged, weakening Bastilles attack power, but Bastille still used this type of scattered attack expecting it to finish Ross but to Ross, this attack has already been weakened, so why wouldnt he dare to face it head on?


Ross directly evaded two of Bastille three attacks and punched towards the last attack.
The moment the formless attack touched Ross fist, it froze in the air and its form appeared, flickering.

The power of distortion and sword arts attack collided and a powerful explosion erupted out in midair, forming a violent whirlwind, blowing in all directions.


The intangible sword energy produced by Bastille attack twisted and exploded under the power of distortion. It turned into innumerable numbers of small sword energies, which splashed out in all directions, leaving slight cracks on the ground and the walls.

At the same time, with the help of attacks momentum, Ross suddenly stepped forward and grabbed the front part of Bastilles Shark Cutter.

Kch! Kch!

Even though Bastille retracted the sword without any hesitation, his Shark Cutter was still struck by Rosss palm. In an instant, the entire front part of the sword completely distorted and was squeezed into a iron ball covered in irregular cracks.
The middle part of the Shark Cutter was also greatly affected. Distortions and cracks appeared on the entire sword and edge of the sword, leaving only the third of its part at back still intact.

"Rear Admiral Bastilles Shark Cutter!"

"That is the Paramecia Distortion Fruit ability in the intelligence?"

The numerous Marines in the surrounding saw that Bastilles weapon was almost completely destroyed by Ross and they revealed a look of surprise.
Some Marine Captains had cold sweats on their foreheads. They didnt expect Ross to be even more powerful than the Rear Admiral Bastille. If Bastille lost to Ross, the following consequences would be unimaginable!

"Snipers! Aim at Ghost Hand Ross!"

"The officers above Lieutenant Commander come with me to help Rear Admiral Bastille!"

Several Marine Captains of the T4 base looked at the situation and made a quick decision to support Bastille by joining forces with him so that they can suppress Ghost Hand Ross together.

Bastille thought he was enough to suppress Ross, but he didnt expect Ross to be so powerful. Even he was helpless against him. The decision made by the Marine Captains in the distance was correct. Although he would lose face, he was still a Marine.

For a Marine, they dont care for process and only care about the result.

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