One Piece Talent System Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Kaidos Actions
Marine Headquarters.

In a temporary room.
Doberman just received a real-time report from the front line and then returned to his room. At this moment, he sat there, without a word, and the whole room was silent.

Kizaru and Akainu joined forces with CP0 and carried out a comprehensive encirclement of the Ghost Hand Pirates. And even with that kind of line up, they failed, and this time the other party didnt flee. It is a complete defeat of the Marines and the governments joint army!

The Ghost Hand Pirates has grown from a small pirate group to the Fifth Emperor who can stand firm in New World!

Dobermans hands were shaking.

His hands were on the table, his fists clenched tightly and because of that, his hands trembled slightly. If he had not been injured in the previous battle, he would surely have gone to the front line in this campaign of encirclement and suppression.

"Such campaigns of encirclement and suppression has failed"

Even two Admirals joining forces with CP0 Chief and their members failed, so how can they get the Ghost Hand Pirates now? Assigning the three Admiral to chase them is almost impossible as Fleet Admiral Sengoku cant afford the responsibility if something unexpected happens.

Marine cant go out to deal with a Yonk (Four Emperors), and its equally impossible to send a huge force to New World to deal with the Ghost Hand Pirates because the uncertainty is too great.

Doberman clenched his fists.


He thought that this is not desperate. New World has Yonk (Four Emperors) in addition to the Ghost Hand Pirates!

"Yes, there is Yonk (Four Emperors), the guy who has provoked Hundred Beast Kaido, and Kaido will find him sooner or later. At that time, there is a chance to kill the Ghost Hand Pirates"

Doberman looked up suddenly, his eyes shining again.

Impel Down has a lot of big named pirates that are being held in because of this reason. Because they overdraft their stamina in their fight and then they are taken by Marines. Marines dont care about the process, they only care about the result.

If the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Beast Pirates fought than Marines only needs to send an Admiral out to observe, there is a great chance to become a fisherman and capture Ross who will be weaker after his fight.

It doesnt matter if Kaido has an immortal body and they cant kill him or imprison him, but its enough if he can exterminate Ross and the Ghost Hand Pirate regiment.


Doberman took a deep breath and relaxed his fists slightly. He regained his calm, with a cold shimmer in his eyes.

At this time, a Marine Captain suddenly came in from the outside.


"Vice Admiral Doberman, this is a document sent to you by Dr. Vegapunk of the Science Force"

The Marine Captain came in and handed over a sealed document to Doberman.

Doberman narrowed his eyes slightly and motioned the Captain to retreat. He slowly tore open the envelope and took out the document from it, he looked at it carefully and his expression immediately became cloudy and uncertain.

New World.

Somewhere on the snow-capped island, there is a hole.

Hundred Beast Kaido sat cross-legged, with two long black beards fluttering and shaking, and in front of him was a set of bounty posters, the top of which was a bounty of 1.7 billion Berries, which was Rosss bounty poster!
Kaido touched the back of his head.

"Very capable, that kid Marines caught him and he just came out, he destroyed the Marine Headquarters and fought with Marines again. Marines arent really getting any better at all."

Hearing the low and dissatisfied voice of Kaido, the subordinates of some of the Beast Pirates next to him glanced at each other and swallowed their saliva. Someone took out Rosss bounty order, saying:

"But Kaido Sama, we cant underestimate this Ghost Hand Ross, destroying the Marine Fortress in front of the Fleet Admiral and leading the Ghost Hand Pirates to win against Marine Admirals"

Kaidos drooping eyelids suddenly opened and stared at the pirate who spoke.


Kaido stood up, his huge body standing in the cave, and a terrible momentum exploded in the cave, causing everyone around him to sit on the ground in horror.

"Underestimate him So what?!"

Kaidos voice exploded here like thunder, making peoples eardrum Buzz! "Who do you think I am! Did you ask me if I agree or not before you become an Emperor in the New World?!"

The voice dropped.

Kaido picked up the wine gourd and poured it into his mouth. He said in a cool voice after drinking, "Go, call Jack and others back, we are going to teach a kid that he cant be an Emperor in the New World!"

At sea.

The Giant Pirate Ship of the giant family is sailing on the sea.

After the battle with Marine and the defeat of the Marines, the people took a little rest on the island, loaded and unloaded some food and fresh water, then boarded the ship and left the island and sailed the New World.

"Whoop, the wind has changed."

On the deck, Laffitte was measuring the wind direction and current. After noticing the change of the wind direction, he turned his mahogany stick and shouted at the rear: "Put up the side sail and get wind in the west!"

As Laffittes voice fell, a bunch of strange-looking toys rushed out, unfastened the rope of the sail, and began to hang the sail according to Laffittes instructions.

These toys naturally come from sugar.

After catching the sugar from Dressrosa, she has been detained on the ship. These toys were attacked by Ghost Hand Pirates. After being caught by Laffitte and others, they changed sugar into toys to act as free handyman and sailor on the boat.
In the presence of Laffitte and Law and so many terrifying people, how dare sugar not obey. One of them is plain weird, the other wants to slice her up for research, and even give her biochemical modification.


Because Ross mentioned the usefulness of sugars ability, Laffitte and others are just making the best use of it. In addition to intimidating her and using her abilities, she is locked in a separate small room.

"Ghost Ghost Hand"
In the sugar room, Ross did not know when to go in, but in the room, Sugar was shrinking in the corner of the bed, pulling the quilt, and looking at Ross while trembling.

For her, Ross can be described as the most terrible existence in the Ghost Hand Pirates. Doflamingo was defeated by Ross, not to mention, he escaped from the Impel Down, destroyed the Marine Headquarters, and defeated Marine Admiral!

"Call me Captain."

Ross calmly opened his mouth and stared at Sugar, and thought thoughtfully.

Sugars ability is very useful, but it also has a corresponding danger. After all, one will become a toy when they are touched and will be forgotten by others. This is a very terrifying ability.


It was precisely because this ability was too dangerous that Laffitte hypnotized Sugar so that she dared not walk out of the small room or disobey the people on board.

"Ship, Captain"

Sugar huddled there in fear, trembling, wondering what Ross was going to do with her.