One Piece Talent System Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Bracele
She had previously learned from Laffitte and others that Ross had ordered her not to be killed and they kept her on board, but then Ross went into the Impel Down, and this matter had no further context and they did not know how to deal with her, so Laffitte and others put her under house arrest.

And now.
Ross is back.

How would he deal with her, or how would the fate play her, they are all tied to Ross. If he thinks she is too dangerous, he is likely to handle her in one sentence.

It is also possible for him to throw her to Trafalgar Law for some terrifying transformation tests. In short, Sugars heart is filled with fear at any point.

"Your abilities are a little too dangerous, and you used to be a DoflamingoFamily member. If you dont obey Well, it would be a pity to kill you."

Ross put his hand on his chin and thought.

In fact, he has many ways, whether it is Laffittes deep hypnosis, or after Law has mastered the soul exchange surgery, where he would be directly able to exchange Sugars soul for a reliable person and there would be no problem.

"No, dont kill me"

Sugar was scared by Rosss out loud thoughts, and she looked like she was about to cry and said with fear in her voice, "I will be very obedient!"

Although Laffitte and others did not intentionally frighten and torture her during the period on board, they made her timider, and at the moment it seemed that she was going to be scared unconscious.

Ross stared at her calmly for a moment and said, "Theres only one way to live. Thats obedience. If you start with the crew and behave well, you may be promoted to a cadre in the future."

" um!"

Sugar nodded.

After eating Hobi Hobi no Mi, in addition to the body being fixed at the same age and no longer growing up, the mind is also become fixed at this age in some aspects, which may be the side effect of Hobi Hobi no Mi.

"Then, you can move freely on board, but you must wear this glove."

Ross nodded and took out a very thin glove from his pocket, the end of which was connected with two metallic colored rings.

Thats the characteristic Seastone explosion wristband.

With his current level of Observation Haki, hes not afraid of other people to sneak attacks even when he is sleeping, he can remain vigilant and he is not worried about whatever tricks Sugar has up her slives, but other people are different, in the event that Sugar turned someone into a toy, they will all suddenly lose their memories of that person and it will be very troublesome.

"Its ugly."

Sugar looked at the pair of gloves and couldnt help but say but as soon as she looked at Rosss eyes, she became so scared that she quickly took the gloves and put them on.

The slightly delicate Seastone explosive wristband fits perfectly on her slender wrist and cannot be pulled directly off the front of her palm.

When the Seastone wristband was placed on the wrist, her body suddenly became a little soft, but still kept normal.

"It seems that there is no problem."

Ross used Observation Haki to capture the action of the toys outside and noticed that the toys did not show signs of turning back to human beings, so he slightly nodded.
Seastones limitations on the human body vary from person to person. This Seastone wristband is a small-scale trait that can limit Sugars hands without making her powers totally ineffective.

Sugar wearing a pair of small gloves sprouted a lot more than before, and Ross thought it should be Misconception after her `danger had been eliminated.


Sugar senses the changes and knows that the wristband is Seastone, but the wristband is idiosyncratic, and it takes a lot of effort to take it off after wearing it.

And after she put it on, she didnt have the strength to take it out.
"This wristband should not be taken down casually, and dont let your toys take it out for you. If you take it, it will be like this."

Ross took a slightly larger wristband from his pocket, and when he closed it again, the entire wristband exploded and it was filled with smoke.


Sugar was shocked, her eyes shone with terror, and she looked at Ross with a look that said he was a devil.

Rosss eyes flashed with a glimmer of satisfaction and he turned to walk outside the door, saying:
"Come on, follow me out."

Sugar looked at the wristband she was wearing, muttered twice, and finally sighed and went out honestly.


Making this kind of thing!

They are all bad guys, go and die, die, die! Go to hell!

She kept cursing in her heart, but there was nothing she could do about it. The wristband was set up just right, so she couldnt resist at all.

Its impossible to stealthily turn anyone into a toy, she can only obey orders honestly.

In the hall.

Because this is a giant ship, the hall is huge. Several giants and Trafalgar Law, Nico Robin, and others are gathered in the hall.

"Captain has been in for a long time, he wont be turned into a toy, would he?" Goldberg, who knew Sugars ability, scratched his scalp and showed a worried expression.

Gerth knocked on Goldbergs head and said, "Do you think Captain will be as stupid as you?!"

Ficheux Erman leaned on the corner of the huge sofa and smiled and said: "If he becomes a toy, we would have lost our memory of him. Now you should worry about how Captain would torture the child. Maybe she would be thrown out?"

"To correct you, shes not a child. Shes not much younger than you." Law sat on the other side, carrying the devil blade in his arms, and opened his mouth to Ficheux Erman.

"Oh, I forgot."

Ficheux Erman tapped his forehead.
Robin sat on the shoulder of Gerth, the giant ship doctor, tilting her head slightly. "But anyway, shes still a child physically."


As soon as this sentence came out, Ficheux Erman and others suddenly felt a little weird and the conversation seemed to be offset in a strange direction.

Just then Laffitte came in from outside and said, "The wind is all right, and the toys havent changed back. It seems that the wristband experiment was successful."
"How could it fail?"

Trafalgar Law spoke in silence. The wristband was made by him and Laffitte, using his abilities to cooperate with Laffittes fantastic ideas and techniques.

The inside is Seastone, and the outside is an explosive core similar to a slave collar, but the weight has been reduced a lot, the power has also been reduced a lot, focusing more on the limitations of Seastone.

The first one was the slightly larger wristband that Ross blew up. At that time, he, Robin and Laffitte all put on their experiments to make accurate measurements.

"Whoop, anyway, that ability is too dangerous. If she is allowed to move freely onboard the ship, no one can rest assured without this special prop."

Laffitte laugh.