One Piece Talent System Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Which Of The Four
Just as everyone gathered in the hall, Ross walked out of the inner cabin.

Behind Ross, Sugar, wearing a compact glove and wristband, came out with her head drooping, looking weak.
"Whats the matter? Is Seastones weight too big?"

Robin couldnt help but ask as she saw the pitiful look of Sugar.

Ross reached for Sugars hair and said, "No, it shouldnt be Seastones problem. Come on, laugh!"

Ross told Sugar as he talked to Robin.


Sugar was inspired in an instant, and the whole person became much more energetic.

Robin: ""

She eventually came over with black lines on her head and took Sugar away from Ross. In fact, Sugar was able to remain safe on the ship because she protected her from time to time.

Other things aside, Sugar on the outside is just a little girl, but because of Hobi Hobi no Mis ability, Robin hasnt been in much contact with her. Now she wears a safe wristband, and all her worries and precautions can be put down.


Sugar was picked up by Robin, her eyes widened and she immediately becomes spoiled.

Robin liked her like this and could not help but smile and touch her head: "Since youve been brought out by Captain, youre now the crew member of this ship. Dont be afraid."

Ross: ""

Looking at Robin in silence, Ross asked, "Is it too late for me to shut her back now?"

Robin stared at Ross with a smile and shook her head. "Yes."


Now Robin is against him?!

Rosss eyes were slightly wide and he glanced at Sugar. As a result, Sugar was shocked and buried her head in Robins arms. The picture had an inexplicable familiarity.


Anyway, its a loli, not a puppy, who depends on Robin. He doesnt mind if she depend on him at night.

With this in mind, passing Robin, Ross casually said, "If you want a child so much, I can give you one."

Robin: "???"

This sentence is naturally said with a distorted voice and others werent able to hear it but Sugar heard it and her body instantly stiffened and hot air came out of her head.
Even if her body is that of a little girl, her mind is mature and she understands a lot of things.

But then again

Ross glanced at Sugar, if he used Seastone to completely suppress Sugars ability, would she change from Loli to being similar to Robin in an instant? But then the clothes will certainly burst in an instant.

He does have the opportunity to experiment.

"Well, as you can see now, Sugar will temporarily become a trial crew member. By the way, dont touch her wristband without authorization."
Shiliew of the Rain wasnt interested in her. He sat in a corner and continued to wipe the second generations demon blade with cotton balls. Law was not very interested either. He just looked up slightly.

Ficheux Erman glanced at Sugar and laughed, "Trial crew? That is to say, you still need to go through Captains "tuning" to get right? Its a wicked hobby, Captain."


Ross shot a sharp look at Ficheux Erman but he was too lazy to pay any more attention to him.

At this time.
Sugar is also observing newcomers such as Shiliew of the Rain. First of all, Shiliew of the Rain is definitely an absolutely dangerous person. He may be a knife in the face of the other party. As for Ficheux Erman, he looks better, but it doesnt seem to be a person who respects the old and loves the young.

Sure enough, she can only be close to Robin on this ship.

"Now lets talk about what happened next."

Ross restrained his expression, and his eyes became calm. Everyone in the room saw Rosss appearance, and they all turned serious.

Shiliew of the Rain put down the second generation demon blade. Looking at Ross, Law sat up straight, and the other lazy people all converge. Robin also put Sugar down.

"This is the Ghost Hand Pirates."

Sugar looked on as the lazy people with various chat and jokes became a concentrated entity, Laffitte and other people-centered on Ross and she shrinks her head standing on the side of Robins legs.

The situation among the crew and captain seems to be a partnership, but its just an appearance, which exists within the scope of Rosss permission. In fact, all life and death depend on Ross alone.

The dominance and cohesion of this pirate group are vividly reflected in an instant.

"We have stored enough food and fresh water on the previous island to last the ship for the upcoming three islands. The next island will be Dressrosa. That is to say, after crossing three islands, the ship would need to stop at Dressrosa to load supplies and freshwater and then we sail towardsYonk (Four Emperors) territory!"

Ross opens slowly, stating the next route.

Him going to Dressrosa also has other means, one is to load fresh water and other supplies and the other is to try to find Heal-Heal Fruit. If he cant find it, it wouldnt matter and it would not take much of his time.

But with Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit in combination with Heal-Heal Fruit, this ship will become the worlds top medical institution and no one would be able to match the medical capabilities of this ship.

After that.

Crossing Dressrosa, they will sail to the sea of the Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Although New World still has a lot of islands outside the jurisdiction of Yonk (Four Emperors), those islands are either unsuitable for domination because of their poor environment or mobile islands like Zou, which are hard to find.
And that type of island is even worthless even if it is found. Even if they are attacked by force, the locals will not accept domination, let alone become subordinatesforces. Instead, they will waste their strength in the process of attacking.

And so.

The seas ruled by Yonk (Four Emperors) are the most suitable seas to take in the New World, and they are basically divided up by them.

Some of these territories are caught in the middle of two Yonk (Four Emperors), and there are even islands in the center of the three Yonk (Four Emperors), which is the fuse of conflict between the Yonks (Four Emperors).
The conflicts between Four Emperors are often due to the fact that both sides want to compete for territory. The fight starts with a common crew member, to a confrontation between cadres, which eventually evolves into a full-scale war.


New World is much better now than when the Four Emperors were first established.

Many of these similar islands have been attributed separately between them, unlike the first few years where there was almost a continuous battle and the whole New World was in the midst of war.

But thats why Ross, as the fifth ruler of the New World, has a hard time gaining a place corresponding to his status. He is bound to fight with Four Emperors!

In silence.

Shiliew of the Rain spoke slowly to Ross and said, "Which od the Four Emperors are we moving against?"

For current Ghost Hand Pirates, they have the power to fight against any Yonk (Four Emperors), but to defeat a Yonk (Four Emperors), it is not that easy.

Every Yonk (Four Emperors) has established its own status in countless killings and wars, and in addition to Yonk (Four Emperors), they have powerful subordinates!