One Piece Talent System Chapter 244

Chapter 244 True Damage
At the same time, Ross also felt that his Kenbonshoku (Observation) has been enhanced all the way, its coverage has become wider and wider, and the details that can be perceived have become stronger.

In his perception, a little spray is incomparably clear, and everyone seems to move much slower as if time is slowed down.

This is not a slowdown in time, but a special effect of his keenness and explosive growth of Kenbonshoku (Observation).

In this state, even Kizarus movements will be slowed down by many times and can be clearly captured by him, no longer as vague as before.

"Spirit Heart."

Ross was inspired and entered the state of Spirit Heart. In this state, Observation Haki was further developed. He stared at the sea in front of him, and time seems to freeze at this moment.

Ross, who inspired the Observation Haki to the limit, tries to break through the shackles of its surface to see the scene that belongs to the future.


As Ross Kenbonshokus Observation limit increased, he failed to see a picture of the future. Instead, things were moving more and more slowly, as if the whole world has become stationary.

"This state"

Ross felt something was wrong and tried to get out of this state, but it was difficult to do. It took him some time to get out of this state completely and when he got out he found out that his back wet with cold sweat.

There is a problem with too much sensitivity and perception. If the world becomes too slow, it will feel like the days are passing by when only seconds have passed in real-time. Fortunately, Rosss spirit is strong enough to bear it.

"Future Prediction, it really is not so easy to get."

Ross once again called out the Talent System Interface and at the end of the trunk of the Observation Haki, there was another small branch, the name of the branch is Future Prediction!

The color of this branch is green, showing that it is ready to be activated.

To activate Future Prediction, he needs 2 Free Talent Points.

"A big trap."

The corners of Rosss mouth twitched slightly. He had a hard time in even acquiring 1 Free Talent Point, after much hesitation, he still did not activate it.

Activating Distortion space cost 5 Free Talent Points. The Time Distortion must be at least 5 points, or even 7 points. He must save Free Talent Points as much as possible.

As for Future Prediction

Since it is possible to practice the ability and activate it, then he will try to practice and activate it!

For the remaining 50 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross did not hesitate, and all of them were placed on Armament Haki. After the golden light flashed, Armament Haki also reached the Maximum Value.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100
Distortion Fruit: 700

Soru of Marines Rokushiki: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) by Marines Rokushiki: 0

Marines Rokushikis Gepp (Moonwalk):0

Observation Haki: 200 (Maximum Value)
Armament Haki: 200 (Maximum Value)

Haoshoku Haki: 0

After Armament Haki reached Maximum Value, like Kenbonshoku (Observation), it also has a small branch with the name markedTrue Damage.

Activating it also requires 2 Free Talent Points.

"True Damage, what is this, an attack that cant be blocked? No, it should be harm that will not be immune."
There was a flash of thought in Rosss eyes.

In the War Of The Best, Marco received many laser attacks from Kizaru and all of his wounds would recover in a flash, some of Kizarus attacks must contain Haki, but none of them were effective.

But, Garp punched Marco and Marco was unable to offset that damage with his ability.

Armament Haki can attack a Logia user, but the damage is still partially offset by the elementalization. Armament Haki could also hurt Luffys rubber body but most of the impact will be offset by the properties of rubber.

The limit of Kenbonshoku (Observation) is Future Prediction. The limit of Armament Haki maybe this ability. No matter what ability, there is no concept of offset damage!


Its just a guess on Rosss part, and hes not sure if its true, because he doesnt have it yet and doesnt plan on using his Free Talent Points to activate it.

"I dont know how strong I am today, how am I compared to Kaido."

Ross shook his fist and felt the power in his body as his heart rose and fell like an ocean.


After nearly half destroyed by the war, the whole country has taken on a new look after half a year of reconstruction. As king Riku chose to rebuild the palace at last and live on the ruined kings high ground, the reconstruction of the country was very fast.

"Its completely rebuilt."

Walking beside Ross, Robin looked at Dressrosas environment and smiled, she could see the reconstruction of the country destroyed by the war. Naturally, there was some happiness in her heart.

Laffitte and others were sent by Ross to Greenbitt to look for Heal-Heal Fruit. Hajrudin and others were responsible for loading food and fresh water on board. As for Robin and Sugar, they were taken by Ross.

Sugar silently followed Robin.

It was a return trip for her, but nothing like it had ever been, as a special member of the Donquixote Family, she had always been hidden away in the Underground factory, rarely making it to the surface.

"That is, Ghost Hand Ross!"

"And Nico Robin!"
The people who walked in the street, noticing Ross and Robin, were first surprised, then they showed different expressions, some were slightly timid, while others were happy.

For them.

Ross saved the country.

No matter how much the World Government tries to mask the truth and smeared Rosss reputation around the World, on this island they cant.

Because everything happened under the eyes of people, it was clearly seen by everyone.


Sugar walks by with her head down. She doesnt want to be recognized. There were too many people who got turned into toys by her. There must be a lot of them on this street.

She was wondering what she would do if someone cursed her or tried to avenge her death. Wearing the wristband, she couldnt do anything.


Walking beside Ross and Robin, she was gradually shocked to find that no one around could see her and they only saw Ross and Robin.

Ross strolled down the street and said with a mild look on his face, "You are my crew after all. I cant let you get yelled at all the way."

Ross never thought of himself as a messiah or as a savior of this country, he only wanted to deal with Doflamingo, and he couldnt think of himself that way.

Not biased towards justice, nor inclined towards evil, occupying eternal neutrality in chaos.

For him.

His crew will always come first no matter what.