One Piece Talent System Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Difficult Road Ahead

There was a sudden commotion from the crowd, and the royal guard led the way in the rear, escorting the crowned King Riku and others.
And King Riku and others havent arrived yet, and a little pink-haired girl arrived in front of him.

"Please, are you Mr. Ross?"

"Asked the little pink girl, with big, lovely eyes, addressing Ross with a childish voice. It was Princess Rebecca of Dressrosa, King Rikus granddaughter.

Ross looks down at Rebecca, who is only ten years old now, and some of his memories come out and he cant help smiling.

Robin on one side became quite fond of Rebecca, and said: "if there is no other person with the same name here, then it should be our Captain."

"Thank you very much."

Rebecca bit her lip and bowed towards Ross, thanking him with a childish and pure voice. If it werent for Ross, she wouldnt know that the one-legged toy soldier protecting her was her father Kyros.

"You know, a princess shouldnt bow to others."

Ross faintly smiled, It doesnt matter if youre a Pirate or a Princess. In his opinion, this kind of girl is a cute creature, different from the ordinary people around her.

It was at this time that King Rikus voice came from behind.

"No, Rebecca should thank you."

Surrounded by soldiers, King Riku came through the crowd. As the King of the land and an elderly man, his face and manner were calm and unrevealing.

He looked at Ross with the most solemn expression, and said, "Allow me to express to you, on behalf of all the people of Dressrosa, our utmost gratitude."

Many years ago.

He was framed by Doflamingo, stripped of his status as king, and reduced to a sinner in Dressrosa, all of which seems like hell to him as a king.

But more than half a year ago, Ross came to Dressrosa, breaking the light of the surface and revealing all the darkness to the public and fought and defeated the devil so that the country can enjoy the sunshine again, which is a great grace towards him and the people of Dressrosa.

"Your majesty "

All the people nearby were surprised to see King Riku slowly bowing to Ross. A guard tried to stop him, but his outstretched hand stopped in midair.


King Riku wasnt able to bow before he was stopped.

"Please, King Riku, were pirates." Robin stops King Riku from saluting and speaks softly to King Riku.

After the Dressrosa incident, it became a place where the Worlds attention converged. Not only did the Revolutionary Army secretly protect it, but also all the major forces were secretly staring at it. The World Government could not easily impose Buster Call on it to destroy the country.

To do so would be to create a bigger mess than the Dressrosa incident.

If King Riku bowed to a pirate, it would give the World Government a chance to make a great fuss about Dressrosa, even if they couldnt do anything to it.

"Nico Robin"

King Riku was stopped and turned to look at Robin and became a little silent.

Ross slowly opened his mouth and Distorted his voice and said King Riku so only he could hear. "This is not a place to talk. It just so happens that I want to talk to you. I dont know if your palace is rebuilt."
With that, Ross took Sugars little hand and walked through the crowd on one side with Robin, disappearing in an instant.

Kings Plateau.

Dressrosas palace was finally being built and is still under reconstruction. The temporary palace is on the former Kings Plateau, where King Riku and other royal families live.

Robin and Ross, standing in the garden of the Kings Plateau, looking out at the view of the garden.
"If word got out about the bow you took towards a pirate, thered be a lot of fuss because you are still part of the World Government."

"World Government"

King Riku sighed. "After all this, how can I trust the World Government again?"

In fact, he wanted to quit the World Government, but the real royal family in charge of Dressrosa was the Donquixote Family eight hundred years ago, and it was only when the Donquixote Family moved to the Holy Land Mariejois that King Rikus ancestors took over the throne.

Therefore, Dressrosa is one of the original orthodox countries to join the World Government. Even if he is the king, he has no right to withdraw from the World Government.

Robin sighed.

However, she had a clear understanding of Dressrosas history before and after and understood King Rikus situation. No matter how dissatisfied he was with the World Government, he could do nothing.

Ross looked at the Sunflower Garden in Kings Plateau and said: "If there is a huge regime that can oppose the World Government, what choice will you make, King Riku."


King Riku was startled.

As one of the Five Emperors, it is obviously not possible for Ross to say such unreasonable words, but for there to be a regime that can opposite the World Government, which has not been opposed in 800 years!

Even the Four Emperors wouldnt oppose the regime of the World Government. The only reason that the World Government didnt want to fight them is that it would cause too much impact and loss and they had just let the Yonk (Four Emperors) let go, otherwise, not a single one of Yonk (Four Emperors) has the power to fight against the government and win.

To establish a regime that is opposed to the government, it is not enough to plant flags on some islands. In addition to having enough power to contend with the government, countries far more than the islands in the New World should choose to join.


Its just a joke.

This is a much more difficult goal to achieve than becoming a pirate king. Even if Ross is already one of the five emperors, it is almost impossible for him to establish a faction that opposes the government even with King Rikus help.
"If there is a new government that is fair and just, I am willing to join."

King Riku slowly opened his mouth. There was no one here but himself and Ross and Robin, so he didnt mind saying something that would turn the World Government against him.

Rosss faintly smiled.

This is the beginning and this is the first country that had joined him, although there is still a long journey ahead.
Defeating all Yonk (Four Emperors), going to the apex of Yonk (Four Emperors), become the Pirate King and even this is not enough, he must have at least three forces powerful enough to rival Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates. Only then would he have the capital to fight against the World Government.

On the site, even if all the sites of the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates are brought together and the whole New World is included, it will barely meet the regime standard.


All of these are goals that are too far away right now. The biggest problem hes facing now is Yonk (Four Emperors). How to beat Yonk (Four Emperors) and take their place is what Ross is currently considering.

It is extremely ridiculous for the Emperor to be empty and powerful without any territory.

In the eyes of countless forces in the whole sea, including King Riku standing here, they all know very well that the Ghost Hand Pirates will inevitably collide with other Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Will it be a reshuffle, or splitting the sphere of influence into five pieces, or will there eventually be someone annihilated, restoring the former Yonk (Four Emperors) pattern?

No one knows.

The only thing to know for sure is that the sea will never settle down!

In the coming battle of the five sovereigns, the entire New World will be affected, and the second half of the Grand Line may become a battlefield!