One Piece Talent System Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Heal Heal Frui
While Ross was enjoying the scenery with Robin in the garden on Kings Plateau, a figure appeared in front of him in a dark arc.

The figure was wearing a high-top ceremonial hat and holding a mahogany cane, he was Laffitte.
"Captain Ross."

Laffitte bowed slightly to Ross, holding a mahogany stick in one hand, his other hand turned into the void and a fine Devil Fruit appeared in his hand.

"The fruit you were looking for."

A few people went to Grinbit to find Heal-Heal Fruit, and the results were that it was easier to find than they had thought. They first encountered Dwarves Race, and the Dwarves Race didnt even need hypnosis. Laffitte literally said a few words which included Rosss name and the Dwarves Race began to launch a full scale invasion on their own island to help Laffitte find the Devil Fruit.

Under a large-scale search, Grinbit was quickly turned over and they eventually found the Heal-Heal Fruit hidden in vines in a hole.

"Well, it went better than I thought."

Ross smiled as he took the delicate-looking Heal-Heal Fruit from Laffitte.

Surgeon-Surgeon Fruits medical strength does not need to be mentioned, Heal-Heal Fruit being able to cure all internal injuries is not just empty talk, its ultimate ability can even restore all wounds!

Even if the internal organs are damaged or even missing, under the ability of Heal-Heal Fruit, they can be restored, the only drawback is that the ultimate ability has to be used at the cost of ones life.

"Lucky day were having today."

Robin stood by and looked at the exquisite Heal-Heal Fruit with a smile.

Now they have the Heal-Heal Fruit with them and there is also the Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit. As long as they are not fatally injured and die on spot, there is a cure for almost everything. It is two-layered insurance.

"This is very good."

"And with our next step is to fight a Yonk (Four Emperors). It is also an early preparation."

Ross slowly opened his mouth, took a closer look at Heal-Heal Fruit, put it in his pocket, and motioned for Laffitte to return to the ship.

Laffitte lifted up his ceremonial hat, smiled and flashed, disappearing from the Kings Plateau and headed for the coast.

"Lets go."

Ross also walked forward, and he reached out to Void.


The space in front of him is suddenly folded and distorted, forming a Distortion channel. Ross takes Sugar by the waist with one hand and Law bin with the other, and steps forward.

With this step, the three figures suddenly crossed hundreds of meters from the Kings Plateau and appeared on a roof in Dressrosa.

The limit of space that Ross can fold currently is about a kilometer, which means he can fold space in any direction he chooses and get away.

Whiz! Whiz!
He can also use this ability several times in a row, just like flash steps.

When the final step falls, on a ship anchored on the shore, Void suddenly bends and Ross is seen taking one step and landing on the deck.


Road, who had been watching the ship, became alarmed at the strange movement, but seeing that it was Ross, he dropped his guard down.

Ross nodded towards Road and put down Sugar before asking Road:
"Where is Gerth?"

"Loading freshwater and fish over there."

Road pointed to the side of the ship.

For the Heal-Heal Fruit, the most suitable user is naturally Gerth. As a giant, she is large enough and has a strong vitality, her life expectancy is far longer than the average human.

Gerth can heal other giants using the Heal-Heal Fruit and she may be the only one who can stand the consumption to heal the other giants. For the time being, treating ordinary humans such as Laffitte and others, the effect is likely to increase greatly, and the consumption may be reduced by several times. So that even with using the ultimate ability, life expectancy will only be reduced by a little bit.
After Ross nodded, he headed in the direction pointed by Road, the Giants are bigger so they are easy to find and Ross was able to see her at a glance.


As he stepped down, the whole man flashed onto Gerths shoulder.


Gerth did a double-take, turned her head and looked over her shoulder and found Ross sitting there with a smile on his face.

Ross stood on her shoulder and took out the Heal-Heal Fruit and put it at her red lips. Heal-Heal Fruit was like millet and it fell into Gerths mouth.


Although the Devil Fruit is tiny compared to her size but like a human eating a grain of sand, it still doesnt taste good.

Gerth felt bitter in her mouth and couldnt help but say: "Captain, what did you throw?"

"Devil Fruit."

Ross flew up and came to the front of Gerth, responding to her.

Gerth had guessed the Devil Fruit possibility. Ross couldnt have shot anything else in her mouth.

After the bitterness passed, she noticed a force coming out of her body.

It was a very gentle force that flowed to every part of her body and she felt the warm comfort of that area. It flowed to her feet and wrists, and all the small bruises and her tiredness vanished.

"This is"

Gerth put down the bucket in surprise and looked at her hands.
If none of her fellow giants had Devil Fruit then she also wouldnt want one, but now that her fellow giants had eaten the devil fruit, she also had a very strong desire for Devil Fruit, because everyone else was much more powerful than she was.

"Heal-Heal Fruit, you need to figure out the specific properties and effects of this devil fruit by yourself, just know that the scope of this fruit is not limited to treatment, but also eliminate fatigue, supplement stamina, and various other extraordinary effects."

Ross looked at Gerth and smiled.

Although Heal-Heal Fruit is not a Battle oriented devil fruit, its role is unquestionable in a fight. Imagine Aokiji and Akainu fighting for ten days and ten nights in order to compete for the position of the Fleet Admiral. Finally, Akainu was slightly better.
In this process, If Aokiji received a dandelion that can restore some of his Stamina and heal his injuries, the results of the entire Battle will be directly reversed!

"You have Devil Fruit now, Gerth."

Hajrudin came to the ship with a large barrel and smiled at Gerth, they were joined by Goldberg and others.

The Devil Fruit users are the majority population of this ship. Gerth had never had the Devil Fruit ability and now she had also got it.

This is the end.

The Giant Corps finally has five devil fruit users giants!

"You carry on, and let Gerth think about her own strength." Ross spoke to Hajrudin and the others, and flew to the ship.

When he came to the ships deck, Shiliew of the Rain seemed to have just returned.

"Did you give it to her? Heal-Heal Fruit"

He had a cigar in his mouth and looked at Gerths direction. His eyelids hang down and said, "This is fine."

When he heard Shiliew of the Rain, Ross wondered: "Whats wrong? Did you wanted the Heal-Heal Fruit?!"

There are very few non devil fruit users on board today, and Shiliew of the Rain is one of them, but Shiliew of the Rain is a character who has nothing to do with healing!

"Its nothing."

Shiliew of the Rain shook his head and looked faintly: "I was just thinking about the situation when I met the enemy. Would it be more interesting to cure him after attacking him, and cure him again before killing him with one blow"


Ross glanced at Shiliew of the Rain with a blank expression and turned toward his cabin.

Not even going to ask. Lets just forget that I heard that.