One Piece Talent System Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Everyone Preparing
"Future Prediction"

In the ships practice room, Ross holds a piece of Seastone in each hand to make himself weak and to suppress the power of distortion and avoids the bullets being fired around him.
To stimulate Observation Haki to the limit alone is not to touch the ability of Future Prediction, but it is to plunge ones consciousness into an infinite extension of time.

To practice Future Prediction, a more specific approach is needed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Robin conjured up a dozen arms, each holding a handgun and she kept firing them at Ross.

Your body becomes weak while holding the Seastones so its not easy to avoid a bullet even if your Kenbonshoku (Observation) is fully aroused. From time to time, it will be hit by the bullets.


With Rosss current physical strength, the bullet will only leave a simple white mark on him even without him using the Armament Haki to defend himself.

If it wasnt clear how strong Ross was and that the regular bullets were at best toys to him than Robin wouldnt have accompanied him to this "dangerous" training.

Bang! Bang!

Robin shot randomly with so many guns and it became even more difficult for Ross to predict the paths of the bullets even with his Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Ross had to keep the Spirit Heart state active all the time to avoid the bullets.

Its hard to avoid all bullets as his body got more and more bruised, it is difficult to avoid all bullets even with using Kenbonshoku (Observation) to perceive their paths.

In this state, if he wants to avoid all bullets perfectly, he must have the ability of Future Prediction, to see the flight trajectory of all bullets in advance and to stand in the position that avoids all the bullets in advance or put himself in a position that can pass through the bullet net.

Poof bursts! Poof bursts!

In a series of elusion, Rosss forehead soaked with sweat and he was ultimate hit by two bullets in his chest and stomach and could no longer hold the two Seastones.

The two Seastones fell to the ground, and Ross sat on the ground and gasped.

"All right?"

Robin came over and looked at Ross. She saw a slight white dot on his chest and stomach and her eyes flashed slightly.

Although Ross stamina is mostly drained but under the strong resilience brought by the Tenacious Talent Maximum Value, the white point that was shot by the bullet disappeared in a few seconds.

"Its all right."

"Seems to have got the hang of it."

Ross calmed his breath and slowly opened his eyes with a thoughtful look in them and his mind was constantly reminiscing about the practice process.

This practice is still slightly dangerous. For example, if he is hit in the eyes, the problem will be very big. However, with Rosss current resilience and his recovery speed, even if his eyeballs are hurt, they can be recovered without a problem.

"Dont ask me to do this again."
Robin looked at Ross and opened her mouth with a deadpan expression. Even though she knew that Ross would not be hurt, she still felt uncomfortable shooting guns at him.

Ross recovered back from his thoughts and saw Robins appearance. He couldnt help but raise his lips and said: "How can I quit halfway and you promised that you would help me train."

"You didnt say it was this kind of training."

Robin stared at Ross with a blank expression.

Ross gathered the middle finger and the first finger and made a gun posture with his hand. He moved the hand made gun towards Robin and said, "You cant go back on your promise. Come, lets continue. If you dont shoot me, I will shoot you. "

Robin stood up and glanced at Ross before walking out of the training room, ignoring Rosss threat.


After resting for a few hours, Robin came back to help Ross with his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki training.
The ship has already left the Dressrosa at this time, heading deeper into the New World, and just after Ross completed another workout session and feels that he is closer to activating the Future Prediction ability, the intelligence from Kaku and others was delivered.

"The Beast Pirates made a big move?"

In the bathroom, Ross wiped the water off his face with a towel, his eyes flashing as he listened to the news from Robin nearby.

"The details?"

"We cant find out. We only know that the Beast Pirates have completed mobilized their forces and left the island they were anchored upon. We cant find out what their target and purpose is."

Robin said slowly.

No one dares to follow the ships of a Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirate group. It is possible to detect that the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates has gathered all of their combat forces and left the center of their territory. Which is already enough to alarm the intelligence of all parties.

"He could be coming against us."

Ross thought for a moment and made a judgment.

Kaido might not have paid attention if Ross had been weak enough to challenge the Beast Pirates, but now that he has been proclaimed as the Fifth Emperor of the sea, its a different story for Kaido.

"What should we do, should we bypass the established route?"

Robin came over and put the bathrobe on Rosss body and asked.

Their originally proposed route is very close to the territory of the BIGMOM Pirates and it is also very close to one of the territories of the Beast Pirates. Their destination is an island on the border of the two sides.

Now that the Beast Pirates party is on the move. If they want to avoid them, they have to bypass their original route and take the route between the territories of Whitebeard and Akagami (Red Hair), so Kaido will have to run into either Akagami (Red Hair) or Whitebeards Territory.


"Stay on course."
Ross pulled on his bathrobe and stepped out of the bathroom, he straightened his hair and said with a glint in his eye, "Since Kaido wants to fight, lets fight!"

Since confrontation with other Yonk (Four Emperors) is only a matter of time, it is better to start now.

If he can defeat the Beast Pirates than it would be better. If he cant beat him, Ross doesnt think Kaido can do the same either.

The Ghost Hand Pirates combat power is now fully formed, they are strong enough to rival any pirate group. There is no possibility of being a one-sided fight and being crushed and killed.
"Then we are ready for war."

Robin said faintly.

Currently, she is not the scared little girl who escaped from OHaras, and Devil Child that has been hiding under the pursuit of Marine.

She has experienced many battle many times and she has trained with Ross many times too. Even if she doesnt like to fight, she can now utilize the hardened Armament Haki, she is also proficient in Observation Haki and she has developed her Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) and she can now create doppelgngers with her powers.

Her mentality and strength have been promoted by a lot since the time when they all got chased by Aokiji and had to flee.

"Let everyone know."

Ross said quietly.

Robin nodded and exists the room and passed the message to the rest of the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"Hundred Beast Kaido?"

Shiliew of the Rain pulled out the second generation ghost blade and looked at the sharp blade, his face showing a calm and heart-wrenching smile.

"The Beast Pirates, isnt it?"

Ficheux Erman sighed as another headache came to him, he sighed again and said: "Since its a fight they want than a fight they will get!"

"Ho, ho, ho, the world is going to be shocked again."

Laffitte wiped his black ceremonial hat and made a creepy laugh.

"Kaido? I finally got to this step."

Trafalgar Law put the demon blade on his shoulders, his eyes flashing with sharpness.

"I heard that the Beast Pirates are very strong."

The giant of the sand, Road said slowly.

Hajrudin, with a calm face, clenched his fist in front of him and said: "Any enemy can be beaton in front of the Giants Corps!"

"Lets fight for the glory of Elfbuff and Captain!"

Everyone in the Giant Corps is filled with fighting sprit. As pure warriors, there is absolutely no fear in their hearts. Even if the other party is the Beast Pirates, it is the same!

Ghost Hand Pirates.

All staff prepare for war!