One Piece Talent System Chapter 248

Chapter 248 All Parties Focus
World Government.

The highest level office.
Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) are either sitting or standing, their expressions are full of seriousness, they just received an intelligence report from New World, about the movements of the Beast Pirates.

"Kaido is acting."

"Should we set out a Marine Admiral?"

"The Ghost Hand Pirates have already penetrated deep into the New World, and deploying an Admiral is too big of a move and may cause unnecessary trouble."

The five people are one person and one sentence.

The Yonk (Four Emperors) who regards New World as their own territory does not allow powerhouses at the level of Marine Admirals to enter their territorial waters at random. This is tantamount to infringing on their faces.

If the Ghost Hand Pirates fights with the Beast Pirates, other Yonk (Four Emperors) may not intervene, but if a Marine Admiral is dispatched, other Yonk (Four Emperors) will definitely interfere.

"In my opinion, it is better to let CP0 secretly follow them."

"Not a bad idea."


Within the New World, it is almost impossible to send more Marine Admiral level forces to fight a war with Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates as the consequences would be extremely serious.

Moreover, the Ghost Hand Pirates are in their heyday, It would be difficult for even three Marine Admiral classs combat power to knock them down, so it is not meaningful to send more people.

And if the CP0 secretly travels and follow them and once the Ghost Hand Pirates and the Beast Pirates lose people on both sides, it would be a great opportunity to fish in troubled water.


They will kill.

These are the things that CP0 is best at.

Under the command of Gorsei (Five Elder Stars), CP0 Chief led the elite assassins of CP0 and quickly set off from the Holy Land Mariejois. This time, there was no big fanfare and they all dressed up and went to the New World.

At the same time.

Hundred Beast Kaidos action news is also rapidly spread in the Underground World and falls into the ears of countless forces. Although Yonk (Four Emperors) pirates cant compete with the government, they are the emperor of the New World. Once they act, it will trigger a huge moment.

"Kaido is acting."

"Its not a separate action. This time he brought he entire fire power. Is he going to attack someone?"

"Looks like the Emperor War is starting."

Someone, speaking slowly and with a deep eye, had suspected Kaido might be going after the Ghost Hand Pirates.
Emperor War!

This was almost always happening in the era when Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates were first formed, but now the time is the Great Age of Pirates, seventeenth year, this type of war hasnt happened in a long time.

The Ghost Hand Pirates appeared and finally broke the balance of the New World which let the entire New World enter the chaotic pattern again!

"Kaido is moving."
In the Akagami (Red Hair) territory, Shanks holds a sword and sits on a reef on the shore.

Lucky Roo took a bite of meat and said, "Do you want to act? Boss."


Akagami (Red Hair) shook his head and said with a deep light in his eyes: "Let them fight."

"The presence of Ghost Hand Pirates has broken down the balance. This war is bound to break out. It is inevitable. This is the wave of the times and cannot be stopped."
Beckman stood on the shore and looked at the sea where the waves were rising. He took a cigarette and said:

"The sea, which has been calm for several years, is about to swell again."

Whitebeard territory.

"Kaido has gone in search of a ghost."

"After all, he lost his man and was provoked by Ghost Hand Ross, it is quite normal for him to move against them" Marco said to Jozu, then turned to look at Whitebeard, saying:

"Father, who do you think will win?"

Whitebeard folded his hands on his chest and sat on the deck of Moby Dick. He said: "Gulalala, the Ghost Hand boy hasnt come to fight me yet and yet Kaido moved"

When he heard Whitebeard, Marco couldnt help but smile. He said: "The last time someone provoked you was three years ago and in the end, he was punched out of the Island by you."

"But that Kaido is strong. He isnt like some washed out Marine. The Ghost Hand Pirates has encountered a hard scorpion this time."

BIGMOM territory.


Yonk (Four Emperors) BIGMOM is sitting in the Whole Cake Island, stuffing a snack into her mouth and saying, "Well, it seems that he was really provoked by that Ghost Hand Boy."

When it comes to the Ghost Hand Pirates, BIGMOMs expression is not a happy one. The Totto Land she built to accommodates countless species in the world, but there is no giant here.

She always wanted to take the giants under her control, but because of her old past, the relationship between the giants and her was bad.

The character of the Giants is rather unyielding, and even if she is strong, it is impossible for them to yield to her, they would rather die first.

Now, on Rosss ship, there are five giants which formed a Giant Corps, and they have all become devil fruit users, which makes her extremely unhappy.

The power that she wants with her whole heart and she did not get it, instead, it is thrown into the bosom of others and became the battle force of others.
"Even if the Kaido guy doesnt do it, I will kill that Ghost boy sooner or later. To encroach on the power that I want, I will never allow it!" BIGMOM said, and there was a hint of madness in her eyes.

Katakuri, the Head of the Four Sweet Commanders stood beside BIGMOM, his eyes open and indifferent: "No need to be so angry, Mother, they may not be able to survive in Kaidos hands."

"That is also true."

BIGMOMs expression slowly calmed down and she put a piece of bread into her mouth.

The ordinary people are still in the dark, but the major forces have already received the news and the entire New World is showing a brewing undercurrent.

After seven days, Ross and others finally arrived at their destination island.

Duka Island!

In the ruins of Duka Island, which was originally a bustling kingdom and was later destroyed in the war. The civilization had disappeared and it looked like this belongs to ancient times, it now belongs to some barbarians.

The barbarians combat power is very strong, but because their number is small and their behavior is too brutal plus with the many powerful beasts on the island, so the island is not favorite by Yonk (Four Emperors) and this became the island located outside the territory of Yonk (Four Emperors).

"If we go further, we will enter the Totto Land sea area and the Hundred Beast sea area."

"We will rest here today."

Ross walked down from the ship and looked at the island, which was covered by the forest and he could see a lot of remains covered by tree vines.

From here on, it is the territory of Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates. Kaido is now in motion, but he doesnt know where he is, so Ross has to prepare for the war every step of the way.

"There seems to have a long history on this island."

Robin boarded the island and headed towards a vine-covered area in the forest and pulled a stone with the words carved from the vines and carefully observed it.

"Well, there may be a Poneglyph here."

Ross followed her and said to Laffitte and others at the rear: "Dont be too dispersed, try to be on the area along the coast. If someone from the Beast Pirates appears, let me know immediately."

"Yes, Captain." Laffitte echoed.