One Piece Talent System Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Cold Frui
"An ancient civilization destroyed by war "

Robin walked through the forest, plucking the vines from time to time to see the remains of the pieces buried in the mud, each with a long history, at least hundreds of years ago.
What she wanted to see most is the Poneglyph stone, but this kind of thing is not so easy to find, at the least, she had to explore this island and it may even be buried in Underground.


In the middle of the search, a sudden roar came from the bushes, and a great silverback ape sprang out of the bushes and charged at her with a roar.

Robin crossed her arms and utilized Armament Haki: Hardened, but she was still pushed back by the huge impact force and only managed to stop after five or six steps.

"It is indeed a dangerous place."

As Ross stands to one side, he realizes that the silverback ape is still trying to deliver a blow to Robin and he delivers one with the power of distortion.


Perceiving the danger, the silverback ape hurled a huge fist at Ross with a roar. Two disproportionate fists collided with each other and the silverback ape was hit with such force that its massive body flew backward, breaking three thick trees in a row before it came to a Halt.

It vomited blood from its mouth and its huge eyes revealed humanized fear. The ape fled into the depths of the forest and disappeared.

"Not dead."

Ross took back his fist and surprise flashed in his eyes.

He didnt use all his strength just now, but he still used about a third of his power. With his current strength, even a third of his power is extremely terrible and even with that, the giant ape survived.

There are many incomprehensible creatures in this world. For example, Luffy needs to unleash Gear Forth to defeat the so-called giant beast in his two years of practice.

It seems that this is just a similar existence.

"No wonder that Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates are not interested in this island."

Robin withdrew her gaze. She was not afraid of any danger in Rosss company, but the great silverback ape was a little more powerful.


Today, Ross is sitting in one of the top positions of the sea in terms of power, if not the strongest, then he certainly is almost there, so some giant beasts are nothing to him.

The two continued to move deeper into the forest.

In the continuous inspection of the relics, Robin gradually found some clues, and after checking some temporary carved words, her eyes glistened:

"This island was destroyed by the World Government"

"Buster Call? A few hundred years ago?"

Ross asked as he walked beside Robin.
Robin shook her head and said: "There should be no Buster Call at that time, but it should also be some sort of order to destroy the island. Look at these traces. The time of destruction should be about 600 years ago."

Ross calmly said: "This is not the first time that we have seen the evidence of World Government destroying the island to cover up their secrets."


Robin didnt speak. The situation of this island reminded her of her hometown, OHara. She was not in a good mood and continued to walk towards the jungle in silence.

Going forward, Ross perceives something and his eyes flashing slightly, saying: "Someoneno, it should be the so-called barbarian."
In front.

In the depths of the jungle, they saw a group of people wearing rough linen cloths around their waist with naked upper bodies were besieging a huge tiger with a body size of seven or eight meters.

The tiger was so powerful that it could tear a tree half a meter in diameter with one stroke, but it was still beaten by the barbarians, covered in blood and routed.


Barbarians who can survive on this dangerous island are also equipped with certain strength.

In the midst of the siege, one of the great savages gave a great roar, and with the terrible force of his stone spear, he sprang to his feet and fell upon the tigers head, piercing it.

The tiger gave a roar and fell to the ground, struggling for a few moments before becoming motionless.

"Armament Haki."

Ross and Robin appeared on the treetops not far away, and their eyes glanced toward them.

Similar to the Sky Island whose people are naturally proficient in Observation Haki, the barbarians on this island seem to be naturally proficient in Armament Haki, which is also the source of their strength, otherwise, they wouldnt be able to compete with those beasts.


And just as the savages were beginning to gather up their prey, Ross gave a cry of surprise at what he saw, in one of the savages shabby knapsacks, a strange fruit, all blue, with a strange pattern.

Devil Fruit!

It was only one look and Ross was 90 percent sure that it was a Devil Fruit.

Originally Ross was not interested in these barbarians, but they got a Devil Fruit out of nowhere, which made him narrow his eyes a little.

"Blue Devil Fruit"

There was a flicker of surprise in Robins eye, she used her ability to make a pair of eyes at close range, and carefully observed the Devil Fruit, thinking a little:

"It looks a bit like Logias Ice-Ice Fruit, but thats Aokijis ability, and it looks like Paramecia, it might be the Cold-Cold Fruit."

"Cold-Cold fruit?"

Ross had a thoughtful look in his eyes.
Oven, the fourth son of the BIGMOM Pirates has the fruit ability called Hot-Hot Fruit, which is Paramecia, using which he can make himself hot and can exert the power of low-class magma.

Not surprisingly, this Cold-Cold fruit should also be a low-end version of Ice-Ice Fruit, a Paramecia that gives your body a very cold temperature.

"The ability of this fruit is not weak."

After thinking a little, Ross made a decision to take it.
The Hot-Hot Fruit can heat the sea and make the seawater boil. The Cold-Cold fruit must also have the power to freeze the sea. Although it is difficult to compare with Aokijis Ice-Ice Fruit, its development limit is not necessarily weak.

Moreover, the power of the frozen sea is not something weak in this world.


Almost as soon as Ross and Robin were observing the Devil Fruit, the barbarian who seemed to be the leader, suddenly raised his head, showing a vigilant expression.

After bellowing a few confusing phrases, he turned towards the direction of Ross and Robin and looked towards their position. Although Ross had used Light Distortion and sound distortion to be invisible, the other party still seemed to find them out.

"It seems that they can also use Observation Haki."

Rosss face remained unchanged, the fact that they had been secretly observing it for so long means that this group of savages had very average knowledge of Kenbonshoku Haki. Its quite different from their Armament Haki.