One Piece Talent System Chapter 25

Chapter 25 West Blue Trembled

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In the distance,
Capone Bege felt that it was not looking good as he directed his subordinates to clean up the mess while watching the fight between Bastille and Ross.

"Even a Rear Admiral of T4 base cant deal with Ghost Hand Ross? This group of Marines are too useless"

Especially when he looked at the Marine snipers trying to snipe Ross from far away, he couldnt help but bit the cigar in his mouth hard as his eyes became even more gloomy.

Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots sounded. Finding an opening, two snipers aimed at Ross and fired. And as expected, the instant the bullets touched Ross body, their direction got reversed.

Seastone bullets are extremely hard to manufacture and extremely expensive, so it is naturally impossible for the Marines of West Blue to gather these bullets in large quantities.



The bullet reversed their course and shot towards the two Marine Lieutenant Commanders who had attacked Ross. Holes appeared on their bodies, knocking them down directly.

"Dont shoot!"

"Bullets are useless against this guy!" Bastille saw the situation and hurriedly gave the order to the Marines.

And at this time, Ross moved.

Under the siege of more than ten marine officers, Ross had no hesitation or intention to stop as he threw a punch directly converting three steel swords into scrap iron balls, followed by two Lieutenant Colonel who flew backward with a bang sound, not knowing whether they are alive or dead.

Bang! Bang!

Rosss speed was too fast compared to those Lieutenant Commander and Commander, even if they could also use Soru. Compared to Ross, their speed was a lot worse. They couldnt resist Rosss attack and they all got beaten down with blood and broken bones flying out.

Even Marine Captain who could react to his speed were helpless against him. The swords in their hands would turn into a scrap iron the moment they attacked and even their arms and bodies werent safe as they would be directly twisted into a dough twist if they were touched by Ross.

"Damn!" Bastille cursed angrily.

If Bastille, carrying the half-broken Shark Cutter, was not constantly attacking Ross, then the several Captains colonels would have long ago gotten defeated because their huge-crowd tactics did not have any effect on Ross.

The power of Distortion Fruit can forcibly distort all the things touched by the users body. Although it is impossible for it to attack at a long range, in close combat, its powers are very similar to Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi).

Unless someone hold a weapon made out of Seastone or have the strength that reached a level where they can use Armament Haki to resist the power of Distortion Fruit. Otherwise, they will be defeated and killed when they encounter it!

Blood and broken bones splashed out in all directions.

Ross stepped on the rubble and rotten meat and fought against Bastille and other Marines. His expression remained unchanged from beginning to end. He was still so calm. There was no frown on his face seeing the blood or bones around him. This calmness was palpitating and frightening to Marines.

"This guy"
"Devil He is a Devil!"

The Several Marine Captains besieging Ross had fear spreading in their hearts.

Crazy and lunatics guys are nothing new for these battle-hardened Marines, but someone like Ross who held the absolute indifference to life and death is the most terrifying person they have ever encountered.

A calm madman is the most dangerous.

"Its time to withdraw."
Not far away, when Capone Bege saw the situation, his heart sank gradually and he finally could not hold back and gave orders to his remaining subordinates to withdraw.

Almost at the time he gave his orders and was about to take off with his men, several Marine Captains who were struggling to support Bastille in holding back Ross finally collapsed.


After a few more hits, Ross finally turned Bastille shark blade into a scrape of iron and the weapon became completely useless.

Bastille lost his weapon and couldnt attack Ross any longer. Several Marine Captains who were barely breathing were killed by Ross on the spot!

Bastille looked at the broken bones and bodies of his subordinates before looking at Ross who was slowly walking towards him, he clenched his teeth and became angry and panicked.

"Rear Admiral Bastille !"

"Open fire!"

In the distance, many Marines panicked and opened fired on Ross, but all the shots fired towards Ross became useless, without exception, in front of his distortion power.

Rosss right-hand clenched into a fist as he slammed it towards Bastille.

"Tekkai (Iron Body)!"

Bastille did not hesitate to show Marines Rokushikis Tekkai (Iron Body), trying to defend against Rosss attack but under Rosss fist, his defense which could withstand bullets was broken!

His muscles which are comparable to the hardness of steel were distorted and his inside gave a kaccha sound under the influence of the power of distortion.


Ross stepped on the defeated Bastille. Although he couldnt see his expression under the mask, he thought it would be a panic and fear.

"A Marine Rear Admirals head, I dont know if I can make some High-level Marines feel a little regret? No, maybe it will only make them angry."

Ross suddenly smiled and put a little force into his feet.

Like a rotten watermelon, the flesh and bones burst open in all directions.

All the remaining Marines who tried to shoot and come forward to support Bastille stopped and looked at the hellish scene, their hearts stopped beating and their breathing stopped.

Their bodies petrified, their muscles are stiff and their brain seems to be unable to think. Whether it is turning around and running away or fighting desperately, they could not decide on any action. This is the state where after suffering from deepest fear, their brain seemed to have stopped.
"But this is just the beginning."

Ross slowly retracted his foot and his face returned to his usual calm expression.

The fight was over and there was not a drop of blood on him and his clothes.

Although his clothes were slightly damaged and tattered, they were still clean which is very different from the bloody hell around him.
After killing Bastille, Rosss ear rang with a clear and familiar system sound.

"West BlueT4 branch base Marines and Rear Admiral Bastille have been completely defeated and the award obtained is, 80 Talent Proficiency points and 1 Free Talent Point."

The reward is not low.

Ross slightly smiled and turned his head and looked in Capone Beges direction who was trying to escape. "Now, there is only one last thing left"

With one step, he had already crossed over dozens of meters and with another step he crossed the same distance.

After continuing running for two streets in succession, Ross took one step and leaped in mid-air, lightly falling in front of Capone Bege, who was fleeing.

Looking at the extremely ugly visage of Capone Bege, Rosss calmly said.

"Game Over."

Two days later.

The latest news, along with newspaper spread throughout West Blue.

"Ghost Hand Pirates, Captain Ghost Hand Ross, in the Kingdom of Smale, recklessly fought Capone Family criminal organization, and killed the criminal organizations godfather Capone Bege with utter disregard to order, causing great damage to the peace of the Kingdom of Smale."

"West BlueT4 branch base, base chief Bastille led Marine to attack the White Blade Pirate Group and in the process of killing White Blade pirate group they were ambushed by Ghost Hand Ross and were unfortunately killed, all accompanied soldiers and officials died."

"Ghost Hand Ross is a cruel and sinister monster. Marine Headquarters will send a Headquarter Rear Admiral to take care of Ghost Hand Ross!"

Other than that.

Ghost Hand Rosss bounty has been upgraded by the Marine to 64 million Berries, surpassing the original West Blues highest bounty of Double Sword Dillo, Captain of the Double Sword Pirate group, making his bounty highest in the West Blue.

The news spread fast and the West Blue trembled!