One Piece Talent System Chapter 251

Chapter 251 So It Begans
"Quick! Look, its the ships from the Beast Pirate regiment!"

A special hot air balloon is floating in the sky, looking in the direction of the Duka Island and the sea surrounding it.
There are three people on the hot air balloon, One of the three men on board, with a telescope in hand, looked nervous and excited as the ship headed towards the Ghost Hand Pirates.

"Big news! This is the exclusive big news!"

Morgan put down the telescope, and the excitement in his eyes was unstoppable. He said, "Get us a little closer, this distance will be very vague."

"No! Morgan, any more close and we will be discovered by them!"

The two men stood at the back of Morgan and heard Morgans orders. They all wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads and repeatedly dissuaded him.

It would be nothing id the Beast Pirates and The Ghost Hand Pirates ignored them after discovering them but if not then it will spell a disaster for them.

After all, they are two of the five emperors!

"Its the same thing, just a little closer, just a little bit."

Morgan indulged a bit, he had a good relationship with BIGMOM and had a little bit of contact with Kaido but he has only seen the Ghost Hand Pirates once.

His two subordinates bite their teeth, and finally control the hot air balloon to get slightly closer, and by this time, the Beast Pirate ship was already to the Duka Island!

The clouds are densely covered.

On the shore of the Duka Island, Ross stands on a reef with a calm look, allowing the seawater and tumbling waves to slap on the reef.

Behind him, Shiliew of the Rain and others are all showing their fighting spirits.

At last.

As the Beast Pirates ships approach, Ross and others were able to see the tall figure at the front of the deck of the main ship in the center.

He stood there, his face heavy with muscles, and without speaking, but already with a terrible dignity and power which gradually came upon them as the ship drew near.

Yonk (Four Emperors)!

Hyakujuu No Kaido (Hundred Beast Kaido)!

On the other three ships, the High-Level cadres of the Beast Pirates stood at the forefront of the deck. They were also the three major disasters of the famous New World. They were not inferior to Shiliew of the Rain in terms of strength.

"Kaido Sama, it seems that the Ghost Hand Pirates are gathering on the shore."

A member of the Beast Pirates stood next to Kaido and after observing the situation on the coast, he reported it to Kaido.

His face did not show any fear, even though the Ghost Hand Pirates name shock the world, but they belong to the Beast Pirates, why would they fear an upstart newcomer who doesnt know his limits?

Even if it is the Whitebeard Pirates, Kaido alone has fought them out more than once!
Kaido didnt respond to his men. At this moment, his eyes converge and land on Ross on the shore, and Ross is also looking towards Kaido from the distance.

Kaido is an old emperor of the New World, while Ross represents the peak of the New era. The conflict between Kaido and Ross represents the collision between the old Emperor and the New Fifth Emperor!

The fleet approached the coast and began to slow down.

Hundred Beast Kaido stared at Ross and was somewhat surprised by his imposing manner in front of him and he also noticed that Ross wasnt showing any fear being in his presence. He slowly said:

"Ghost kid, what you said in the Icefield island, you should have not forgotten."
"I remember."

Ross said in a calm voice, looking at Hundred Beast Kaido calmly and said, "I just wanted to see if the Beast Pirates truly cannot be offended."

When he heard Ross, Kaido was not angry. Instead, he slightly grinned and showed a rough smile. A horrible momentum suddenly burst out of him and pressed towards Ross.

Haoshoku Haki!

For Kaido, what he hates most is nonsense. Since Ross has provoked the Beast Pirates, then it is as simple as ending it with a war!
Under Kaidos Haoshoku Haki, the clouds in the sky seem to have been towed and rolled up in a frenzy. For a time, it seems that the sky is going to crack, and it is rolling over.


Ross, with his steady, piercing eyes, stared at Hundred Beast Kaido, and at about the same time, his Haoshoku Haki was also inspired and collided with Kaidos Haki.


Two Emperor-level Haoshoku Haki suddenly collided in the sea, and for a moment, it seemed to explode with countless black bolts of lightning, intertwined in the Void.

Although the two people did not physically strike each other but just the collision of their Haoshoku Haki has brought about an earth-shaking power, the violent waves kept rolling in the sea and some also lifted towards the sky!


In the next moment, Ross made a bold move, he took a step forward in the void and then he caused the rolling waves solidified in front of him and then violently rolled back.

The Gravity Distortion inspired and shrouded the entire surface of the sea in front of it. For a time, the whole sea was roaring wildly and the waves in front of the Beast Pirates were flying in the sky up to hundreds of meters high.

"What happened?"

"Ohh, this is not good!"

The numerous members of the Beast Pirates become unstable in an instant. As the hull of their ship flies into the sky, their faces are filled with horror as soon the sea will lay its claim over their life.

And almost at this moment, Hundred Beast Kaidos face sank and his figure suddenly flashed, breaking the waves and giving rise to an overwhelming force that charged towards Ross.

Ross is the one who started first, so hes not going to be polite anymore!

The huge body, inspired by the horrible Armament Haki which is condensed on his fist, this punch, whether it is the amount of power or the level of Armament Haki, exceeds all the characters that Ross has seen so far.

Faced with Kaidos punch, Ross did not show the slightest fear, he gave up the control of the sea and the power of distortion gathered on his fist in preparation to greet Kaido.

Under the intense gaze of countless people, Hundred Beast Kaido and Rosss fists collided with each other on the coast.


The disproportionate size of the fist, at the moment of its touch, does not cause any side to fly backward but makes the nearby Void seem to be frozen for an instant.


Under the shock of countless eyes, the air centered on the spot where Ross and Kaidos fists struck, like a drop of water falling into a calm lake, rippling in all directions.

The reef just below them was almost blown to pieces in the aftermath of a single attack, and the ripples rippled on the shore like a blow from a great sword, shattering the whole shoreline!

The waves are rolling.

Some members of the Beast Pirates regiment stepped in to land the ship back out to sea, but by this time most of their attention was focused on Ross and Hundred Beast Kaido.

"Kaido Samas attack was blocked"

"Sure enough, hes not just a guy with a name."

Many of the Beast Pirates members saw this scene, and at the same time they were shocked and they also took a deep breath. Since Ross can block Kaido, it would be a tough fight.