One Piece Talent System Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Showdown
Zi Zi!

Rosss struggle with Kaido continues and this one is not based on the stamina and power of distortion, but also the power of Haoshoku Haki.

On the other side.

Shiliew of the Rain with a cigar in his mouth and his blade in his hand looks at Ross and Kaido for a second, then he moves towards the Beast Pirates Ships.

"Captain has already started, then I should start too."

He has been unable to hold back his bloodlust and now that Ross and Kaido have begun the fight, there is no need to wait and be patient.


Almost in a single moment, Shiliew of the Rain suddenly came to the air, and the second generation ghost blade was slowly pulled out by him. The sword edge full of evil spirit suddenly solidified into a cold.

This icy wind spread from Shiliew of the Rains hand and extended all the way to the tip of the sword.

"Negative fifty degrees."

Shiliew of the Rain slowly spit out a word and then the blade in his hand suddenly smashed out with blueish sword energy and went towards the Beast Pirate ship.

The Cold-Cold fruit was finally taken by Shiliew of the Rain, and after eating it, within a few days, he combined the power of this fruit into his sword arts.

Kch! Kch!

The sea surface was swept by the sword energy and under the horror-stricken eyes of thousands of people, it condensed into ice inch by inch. The huge sea current suspended in the air that day was also swept by sword energy of Shiliew of the Rain and condensed into a huge ice ball thousands of Meters in diameter.

"Ice sword arts?"

One of the members of the Beast Pirates looked at the huge frozen ice ball in the sky and his eyes flashed for a moment, then he suddenly charged into Shiliew of the Rains sword energy and broke the sword energy, he held the surface of the ice ball with his arms.


With blue veins overflowing on his forehead, he gave a sudden roar and the huge hockey ice ball was pushed by him and hit Shiliew of the Rain and others on the shore.

When Shiliew of the Rain saw this, he raised his eyebrows and said, "I made a mistake. Instead, I helped them "

He spoke quietly while holding the second generation ghost blade and suddenly attacked the huge ice ball, the huge ice ball with a diameter of thousands of meters was cut from the middle and spillted up in two equal parts and dropped on the two sides of the coast.

"Are you one of the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates?"

After cutting open the huge ice ball, Shiliew of the Rain looked at the man opposite to him and asked, "I dont know which one you are?"

"Why dont you guess."

The man didnt answer. After answering the question with another question, the man suddenly charged towards Shiliew of the Rain.

As one of the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates, the other partys strength is extremely tyrannical, which seemed to be neck and neck with Shiliew of the Rain. However, they were on equal ground in terms of strength because Shiliew did not fully grasp the ability of the Cold-Cold Fruit.

If Shiliew can completely control the ability of the Cold-Cold Fruit and develops it to a certain extent and combined with his own sword arts, his combat power can fully reach the level of a Marine Admiral!

"Hey, you guys over there, Ill show you something nice."

Seeing Shiliew fighting with one of the Three Disaster, Ficheux Erman didnt wanted to be outdone, and he clasped six coins in his hands and sandwiched them between his fingers.

He crossed his hands in front of him and swept them towards the ship of the Beast Pirates.

Sii! Sii!

Six coins flew out in the air in an instant, and with the help of Speed Fruit, they lashed at the Beast Pirates ships at a terrible speed.

The cadres of the Beast Pirates failed to react on time. In the rush, they could only block four coins. Two of them hit the bow of the ship and the bomb of the ships deck was exploded and the others fell into the crowd!

"Son of a bitch!

Someone from the Beast Pirates Regiment roared, looked angrily at Ficheux Erman, and suddenly rushed out of the ship, heading straight for Ficheux Erman at amazing speed.

"Damn you!"

He looked at Ficheux Erman with a murderous and cold.

Undaunted, Ficheux Erman lurched back from the attack to avoid it and at the same time, he reached for the revolver guns around his waist and started shooting them.

Here, Ficheux Erman and Shiliew of the Rain and two of the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates have started fighting and the other members of the Beast Pirates finally flicked and jumped ashore.

The war broke out completely!

"It has started"

In the air far from the battlefield, Morgan, who is on a hot air balloon, is looking at the battlefield from afar. He said: "I dont know if it will bring an end to a legend, or will the Ghost Hand Pirates will be annihilated and become history."

The two subordinates behind him were nervous and excited.

No matter what the outcome of this war is, it will certainly shake the world, and it is even possible for this war to completely rewrite the situation of Yonk (Four Emperors) and lead the times to an unpredictable future!


In the violent collision between Ross and Kaido, the final blow was exhausted and both retreated.

There was no land behind Kaido and he fell into the raging waves, while Ross rolled over from the reef and landed on the coast.

In this collision, almost no distinction can be made.


Kaido is known as the strongest creature in the sea, land and air. It is not a big thing for him to fall into the sea. He came out of the sea in an instant. He spread his hands and came out of the sea wather step by step and reached the coast.

"Your strength is good, ghost boy"


At the moment when his voice fell, Kaido stepped out suddenly. He charged towards Ross with his huge body at a very fast speed. When he punched, the shocks created by the power behind the punch swayed the entire coast.


"If you only got this much then you arent worth more than a mosquito!"


The fists of the two men collided again, once again inspiring a terrible power which got blasting in all directions, it seems that the entire island is shaking and no one dares to stay near them.

"He is Strong and fast "

At the same time as Kaido threw his second punch, a glint entered Rosss eyes as he began to judge Kaidos power.

Kaido, whose physical strength has reached an appalling level, is not very strong in pure attack, certainly not as strong as Whitebeard was at his peak state, otherwise, Whitebeard would have lost his title as the worlds greatest.


This so-called not strong attack combined with the defense of his immortal body, its power is still enough to pulverize a mountain and break an entire small island!

Kaidos defense and resilience does not need to be measured and judged. It must be the worlds number one. As for his speed and attack, it is no less than Aokiji or Akainu and other Marine Admirals.


Since Kaido is a strong physical attacker, his Armament Haki and Observation Haki are more refined and strong than any Marine Admiral. Rosss Kenshoken (Observation) Haki has reached the Maximum value and his Armament Haki is close to reaching that value, so Kaido will be weaker than him in this respect.

But he still has an extremely terrifying presence!

His Battle power is stronger than everyone Ross had encountered so far!

Ross had a rough idea of Kaido in his mind, but his mind was not in any chaos and he was quite excited. He wanted to know what his strength was now!


Instead of suppressing the excitement, Ross took a deep breath and let it boil, bringing out all the power of distortion and fighting Kaido with it.