One Piece Talent System Chapter 254

Chapter 254 1 Day And 1 Nigh
"It doesnt hurt."

Kaidos body jerked, and the earth instantly burst apart as he suddenly jumped up. His huge hand grasped into a fist and he slammed into the air.
Rosss figure flashed and he appeared on Kaidos back again by using Distortion space.


Kaido responds in advance by stiffening his attack with a wave of his arm, reaching out with his right hand and grabbing Rosss body.

As Kaidos Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki are top even among the Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates, Kaido naturally got adapt to Rosss space movement, although he still cant handle it completely but he doesnt take much time to react.


With one kick, Ross distorts Kaidos hand so that it cant be pulled together. Then he comes up front and punches Kaido in the head.

When Kaido saw it, he simply didnt evade and let the attack hit him. When Ross attacked, his palms slammed from the left and right, like a fly.


Ross punched Kaidos nose and the terrifying power of distortion broke Kaidos Armament Haki, causing his nose to be hit hard and blood to burst out.

At the same time, Rosss body also appeared in the middle of Kaidos palms. Even in the final moments of him getting out of there by using Distortion space, he was still affected by the attack.

Kaidos attack is not as strong as the original attack of Akainu, Kizaru, and CP0 Chief, but because his Armament Haki is more powerful and Kizaru and Akainu, it reaches the top level. Even though it cant break the space, it can directly fight with the power of distortion and bring the distortion to a level again.

In this regard.

Ross is not very surprised.

If the space class ability can be used to defeat Kaido, then two Admirals would have teamed up to suppress Kaido and then they would casually use Bluenos Door-Door Fruit to open the door and close the door with air, cutting Kaidos body in half but thats not possible.

This would obviously be not so easy.

Although Kaido cant break the space, he can directly fight against the power of distortion with his top-level Armament Haki, so that the Distortion Space is re-smoothed and the playing ground become levelled where the space abilities do not hold much of an advantage over him.


Appearing not far away, Ross stretches his body, crackling all over his bones, and looks at Kaido with flat eyes.

"Your attacks are the same, it doesnt hurt."

Kaido is not as aggressive in his attacks. Although he is pretty scary with his ultimate Armament Haki, Ross is also pretty much equipped with the high-level Armament Haki, plus the fact that it takes a certain amount of strength to get past the Wall of Distortion, plus his Tenacious talent and Rock talents are most useful in this scenario.

Kaido also noticed Rosss strength at this time.

Ross has a similar speed to Akagami (Red Hair) but also has a much stronger body than Akagami (Red Hair). His attacks are also extremely powerful. His Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki are at the top level and his Haoshoku Haki is also not weaker than his.

Ross has the advantage in speed and slightly better attack power.
And his advantage is that he has the strength of an immortal body, which can withstand Rosss attack completely, even if he is hit by a blow on his weaker spots and he gets a nosebleed, he can instantaneously heal from it.

"I havent had such a Battle in a long time."

Kaido doesnt think about winning or losing anymore, but instead, hes got a rare burst of energy as he charged towards Ross and continuing to punch Ross.

It doesnt matter who wins or loses.

The most important thing is to have a good fight with Ross, thats enough!
"Me too Its been a long time since Ive had such a tough opponent."

Ross watched the oncoming Hundred Beast Kaido, and as he punched him, he slowly opened his mouth to reply and continued his fight with Kaido.

With the Distortion of space and the direct confrontation with Kaido, the Battle between the two of them lasted from morning to evening, and they entered the depths of the island from the coast. There was still no victory or loss, or even no advantage or disadvantage.

Some surviving barbarians on the island were shivering in the distance.

Even the Leader among them had no resistance to the power of Ross and Hundred Beast Kaido and fear and horror were plastered on his face as he shivered.
"This little power is too weak!"

Hundred Beast Kaido resisted Rosss punch, his head turned a little to the left, then he jerked his head and punched Ross.

Ross snorted and utilized distortion space. With a sudden twist, Ross avoids Kaidos fist, to the right of it, and slams down with a backhand.

"Your speed is too slow."


Kaido waved his arm and blocked Rosss blow.

Ross clenched his fists and the power of distortion condensed on top of his fists as he rushed towards Kaido and launched violent rainstorm-like attacks and continues to punch him again and again.

Kaido roared, confronting Ross face-to-face and punching him with the same ferocity and speed causing the whole earth to cause violent tremors. It was as if the entire island was shattering.

After dozens of consecutive punches, Ross gives a loud gulp and flees, catching Kaido on a break and kicking him hard in the chest.


Kaido suddenly flew upside down, smashing through the forest and flying back for nearly a hundred meters before coming to a stop.

There was a trace of blood on his mouth, and a blue-purple footprint appeared on his chest, but as time passed, the footprint quickly became shallower and shallower until it disappeared completely.

"Ah cant die."

Kaido stood up again, wiped the blood from his mouth, spat out a mouthful of blood-tinged spit, and touched the back of his head as if he were still at the battle. He slammed his legs and ran across the ground, and the whole person rushed into the ropes again.

It was difficult for Ross to make a fatal attack on Kaido, even if he made an heavy attack and hit Kaido on the head with a heavy hammer, he would at best stun Kaido briefly.

In turn.
It is almost impossible for Kaido to seriously hurt Ross.

With Rosss current defense, unless Kaido caught him off-guard and hit him in the back with an all-out attack, it would only be possible for him to cause Ross to spit out blood but not hurt him badly.

Coupled with the resilience of Tenacious Talent, he is no worse than the current Kaido, so Kaido cant do anything to Ross.

The battle between the two was almost a stamina contest.
Simple talking about stamina, Ross is still inferior to Kaido, but Battle is not like running a marathon. Ross punches Kaido on the chest and damages him. It takes Stamina to recover this damage.

One day and one night passed.

The fight between the two does not see any results.

As for the coastline, Out of the Beast Pirates and the Ghost Hand Pirates, only three Disasters and Shiliew of the Rain are able to fight and everyone else has a short pause because of stamina consumption.

In this kind of intensive Battle, Laffitte, Law, and others do not have the stamina that can last them a day or night, not to mention the injuries they received in the fight.

Shiliew of the Rain and others are better, but after a day and night of fighting, they are also taking a temporary rest.

After the two sides retired to a certain distance, they were watching the fight between Ross and Kaido. Their fight was going on for a full day and night now, but instead of becoming weaker, the battle between Ross and Kaido became more and more intense.

"That Ghost Hand Ross was able to take on Lord Kaido at this level "

"After all, the opponent is the acknowledged Fifth Emperor."

Someone screamed: "But, except for the Whitebeard, no one is the Kaido Samas opponent. Keep your eyes on that Shiliew of the Rain and others, dont let them interfere with Kaidos fight."

"Yes, keep your eyes upon the Ghost Hand Pirates."

One of the Three Disasters sat cross-legged and slowly said.

They had a fierce battle with the Ghost Hand Pirates for a day. The final outcome was that the Beast Pirates lost more than a dozen people and dozens of people were injured, and there wasnt anyone dead at the other party.

They will continue to fight, the Ghost Hand Pirates will certainly have casualties, but they are also bound to suffer heavy casualties.

Then there is Kaido, there is absolutely no need for them to worry about him.

As long as Kaido defeats Ross, the Ghost Hand Pirates will surely collapse!