One Piece Talent System Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Terrifying Kaido
"Ho ho ho! I havent seen Captain fight so hard in a long time."

Laffitte stands at the top of a tree, looking out over the open battlefield between Ross and Kaido, deep in the island.
"His enemy is Kaido after all."

Law took a sip of water and replied in silence.

Ficheux Erman shrugged and said: "It looks like were not going to be able to finish this fight in two or three days. The Beast Pirates guys arent going to wait two or three days."

"So what?"

Shiliew of the Rain wiped the second generation Ghost Blade with a cloth and said: "They are just extra heads on a chopping board."

In this battle, Shiliew of the Rain had a claw mark on his chest. The wound was not deep, and it did not affect his battle proficiency. It was simply wrapped up.

Laffittes clothes were broken but he did not receive any serious injuries, and the others were mostly fine except for Metal Giant, who had a laceration on his chest and abdomen.

Metal Giants wound was also caused by the fact that he had rushed to the rescue Robin after she came under siege during the fight. The wound has been stitched up and with Gerths Heal-Heal Fruit ability, It is already close to healing withing this half-day.

At the moment.

Its night on the island.

In the darkness, Ross and Hundred Beast Kaido were still engaged in fierce confrontation. In the face of the most top power in the sea, night and day had little influence on them. Observation Haki was almost used to perceive and move in the fight, with a low visual dependence.

"Distortion, Restraint!"

In the darkness, after he and Kaido twist and land, a burst of power of distortion pours into the earth with a step, and the sand and stones surge wildly, twisting towards Kaidos legs and binding them.

And in the next moment, Ross rushed toward Kaido.

"Boring little trick."

Kaido is arrogant but he has the strength to be arrogant, he pulled his legs and the distortion area of about ten meters around him was blown up and he punched Ross and crashed into the air with Ross.

The two fists interlocked and Rosss face remained unchanged. He stepped in the void and the whole man leaped toward the head of Kaido.

"Ground vine strangle!

Bang Long!

With the explosion of the power of distortion, the earth surges crazily around thousands of meters, and huge blocks of sand and stones burst into the air and fly towards Kaido.

There is a power of distortion in the sand, which may not hurt Kaido, but the impact of these sand blocks is enough to make Kaidos feet squat.


Faced with numerous sandstones that were hitting him in all directions, Kaido howled and instantly blasted the sandstones.
But at this moment, Ross rushed out of the darkness and hit Kaido on his chest.

Kaido had no time to counterattack and was forced to cross his arms and block the coming attack in front of him. Under the Ross attack, his body swayed slightly and he stepped back toward the rear.


A huge sandstone with a diameter of hundreds of meters came and slammed into Kaidos left shoulder.

Kaido did not get hit, but his entire body tilted to the right, revealing an opening. Without hesitation, Ross pulled his sword out of its sheath and plunged it into Kaidos back.

The power of distortion is condensed on the blade.

Kaido utilized his Armament Haki to resist the attack and Rosss blade created sparks when it came in contact with Kaidos body and it did cause some damage.

"Huh? !"

Kaido bellowed and tried to grab him with his sword.
Without the slightest hesitation, Ross pulled his sword back decisively. With one step back, he was already tens of meters away.


The wound on Kaidos lower back overflowed with the blood but it quickly became crusted and detached at the speed visible to the naked eye, eventually healing completely.

As one of Yonk (Four Emperors), he has lost many times because he has singled out other Yonk (Four Emperors) Pirates and Marines. He has suffered many sword injuries and has been pierced by Akagami (Red Hair). Even Akagami (Red Hair) couldnt kill him.

"Is that all there is? Is there anything better? !"

"Show me something more interesting!"

Being stabbed by Ross, Kaido didnt get angry but instead licked his mouth, showing a heart-rending expression with a horrible smile, and he suddenly charged into Ross again.

Ding ding!

Ross is shaking from left and right, holding the Cursed Blade Murasame, constantly resisting Kaidos attack.

The Distortion space needs to fully stimulate the power of distortion. It consumes a lot of stamina. Ross does not use distortion space on all of his attacks on Kaido as it will only waste his stamina.

Fighting Kaido is not the same as fighting Akagami (Red Hair).

If youre dealing with Kaido, its no big deal in terms of the Armament Haki, physique, and resilience of Ross, but if hes dealing with Akagami (Red Hair), he would have to be very careful, because he would be dealing with a swordsman, a single mistake and a single hit, thats all it would take to end his life.


Kaidos fist kept falling, and finally, with a Bang, he broke Rosss power of distortion and knocked him back a few meters.

"Its my turn."

Rosss feet stepped on the ground that created cracks for dozens of meters, but his face remained the same and he calmly raised his head to look at Kaido.
His confrontation with Kaido till now consists of him using the power of distortion on Kaido and caused him any amount of damage that he could and then Kaido will burst out with his power and Ross would conserve his strength while defending himself.

It was better for him to have this kind of rotational fight.

If Kaido continuously bursts out with all his power then this fight would have concluded a long time ago as no one knows what terrible physical power exists within Kaidos vast body.

As Ross stepped out, he suddenly reached Kaidos legs, where the blade of his sword struck him with sharp precision.

Kaido didnt have the slightest fear of this attack as his Observation Haki had already caught Rosss movements. He immediately attached a black-painted Armament Haki to his legs and kicked Ross.


Sparks are splashing.

The tip of Rosss sword cut through the Armament Haki, leaving a bloody mark on Kaidos leg, but it couldnt penetrate his tough muscle and hurt his hamstring.

Since Ross was the first to take the shot, Kaido caught him in action and kicked him sideways, slowing him down by a beat and weakening him by a beat.


After piercing Kaidos leg skin and leaving a wound, Ross didnt pause. His figure flickered as he avoided Kaidos huge palm. He came to Kaidos back, holding the hilt of his sword with both hands. With a sudden burst of power of distortion, he steps forward.

"Distortion, Spatial Cut!"